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sleep mantra
"What the future holds is up to us to decide."

~ Bilquis, American Gods
tonight's pick-me-ups

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 WELLNESS 💅🏼  Taking up after-work routines that will make you better at your job (wait, what?). The key is actually transitioning out of work mode and curating an evening routine that sets you up for success. #yesplease

 READS 📚  Getting lost directions in a good book. Who needs a vacation when you can Choose Your Own Adventure for grown-ups (!!). Embark on an interactive romance in a Jane Austen adventure or humorously relive your 20s in Choose Your Own Disaster 😂.

 MENTAL HEALTH ❤️  Real talk: the world continues to be a lot to deal with. Understandably, managing relationships on top of it can feel impossible. These tips may help navigate what you're going through while maintaining your support system.

 HOME 🛏️  When we asked what's on your nightstand a few weeks ago, we didn't consider what is your nightstand ... until we found these game-changing nightstand alternatives that are as chic as they are functional.

 JUST FOR FUN  When you give a Sagittarius a slice of pizza 🌌🍕
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bedtime stories

via HuffPost
"Sugarfina and other upscale brands tend to offer chic packaging with visual impact, whether it’s by using trendy designs, customization for personalized gifts or overall luxury vibes. In many ways, they feel meant for gifting. 'I think if you were to take the candy out of the packaging, you’re talking about gummies and dragées and those kinds of things, which would be fairly similar to what you’re getting at the grocery checkout counter,' said Beth Kimmerle, a confectionery expert and author of Candy: The Sweet History. 'But even if the candy might be super similar to a Jelly Belly, they package it in a way that’s very gift-able, and I think right there, that’s what you’re paying for' ... " READ THE REST

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Andy Grammer ~ Damn It Feels Good To Be Me

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Eat dessert for dinner.
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