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sleep mantra
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"Part of our human nature is finding new ways of being."
~ Bozoma Saint John
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🛋️ Creating calm. No need to sacrifice your living space sanctuary for an at-home office. Simply add soft surfaces to reduce noise and let go of wanting a perfectly tidy house to help keep sane and productive.

📺 Warming up with a cozy blanket and
a great new TV show. Snuggle up for more nights in with shows like Selena: The Series, Bridgerton, and Euphoria that are sure to keep you occupied through the cold days of Winter.

❤️ Styling up for the holidays. Bold red lip, meet bold red sweater.
This staple piece is a great way to bring the spirit to your wardrobes. Try pairing it with corduroy pants to keep it modern and functional.

🍪 Craving cookies.
Here's a round-up of quarantine cookies from the best bakers around that also make great holiday gifts. Fyi we're drooling over Joanne Chang’s Chubby Rocco Cookies packed with gooey chocolate and crunchy pretzels. #omgyum

Forget about your zodiac sign because your Top Genres show who you really are 🎶
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when you bring your personality to work ~ Experts weigh in on how Myers-Briggs personality traits translate to remote work: "The best way to maximize our output in a WFH environment is to better know our personalities — and those of our dispersed colleagues. 'The MBTI is deceptively simple, but it’s also an extremely useful way to see how team members are inherently different, and how you can work together more successfully. It’s a means to boost productivity in people, increasing their engagement and making them generally happier in their work.' In other words, the MBTI might just be the key to turning your remote team into a smooth autonomous unit. Once you know your team members’ types, the thinking goes, you can better assign them to projects which match their preferences, proficiency, and proclivities. You can also communicate more effectively if you have a better idea of how people process information."

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when friendship is your business ~ From BFFs to business partners, many best friends are turning their friendships into working relationships: "They’re starting successful podcasts about friendship, then writing best sellers based on those podcasts. They’re leading workshops on creativity and collaboration, and even propelling each other into political stardom. Pre-Covid, these twosomes were also popping up at conferences — primarily women’s gatherings — to talk about building friendships, but also building careers. If there’s anything this year has made clear, it’s that friendship, especially in challenging times, is a never-ending project, a work in progress. For a lucky few, friendship is also shaping up to be a profitable business."

 SELF  For when you have to fake it ~ We've all had our fair share of truly terrible gifts. Fortunately, we can react graciously to the presents we don't like: "Yes, it’s the thought that counts but sometimes, the thought is pretty bad, or lacking entirely. Gifts are my love language, so I’m not going to tell you that receiving a disappointing gift is no big deal, or that you’re shallow for being upset. It’s totally understandable to feel bummed about a gift that didn’t live up to your expectations. A few things that are helpful to consider, if you’re feeling let down by a present and also don’t want to be the asshole: Not everyone values gift giving, a reality that can be really hard to accept if you put a ton of time/money/energy into creating the perfect gift and expect others to do the same. But before you take any action, consider that you might be going above and beyond because it’s important to you, but that the other person did enough by most standards."

 WELLNESS  For when happiness can be measured ~ If you want to improve any aspect of your life, start with assessing progress towards your goal: "Perhaps people assess their happiness based on their current mood — or maybe they lie when asked about their happiness ... Self-assessments correlate highly with happiness assessments by others. In other words, what you report about your happiness is usually very close to how others perceive your happiness. Further, well-constructed surveys tend to be stable over time and might correlate strongly with other measures of well-being, such as optimism and self-esteem. And in a rare instance of honesty on the internet, scholars have even validated the accuracy of certain virtual happiness surveys. The key is to remember that happiness self-tests are a source of information to understand ourselves better, work on positive changes, and manage our unique personalities."
sounds for sweet dreams
Celeste ~ I'm Here

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  • 🍰 "Since the Snoozeletter loves The Great British Baking Show as much as I do, just a friendly reminder that their new holiday special episodes are out :)" ~ Lindsay C.

last stop to dreamland

Instead of making a New Year's resolution in a month, set a goal you want to achieve in December. You'll be one step ahead in the new year and will more likely follow through with it.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder that: 
The way you speak to yourself matters.

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