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sleep mantra
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"Let's be clear. I'm a strong woman."
~ Bethenny Frankel
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🏘️ Working from anywhere. Thanks to remote work, we may never go back to the office. So if you're thinking of moving, here are some tips to make sure you cover all your bases — like finding a furry friendly place!

📺 Streaming happiness. Take time to de-stress tonight with good old-fashioned comfort TV.
Watch feel-good favorites, like Taco Chronicles or Sex and the City, for a little boost of seratonin.

🍇 Toasting to that. Gift or give wine delivered *straight to your door* with
one of these subscription services. Tips: try by the glass with VineBox or get your delivery asap with Saucey.

🎙️ Talking trash. Discover the facts behind all the crazy and overwhelming health advice out there with
Maintenance Phase, a podcast that debunks the junk science behind health fads and wellness scams.

Cozy retail therapy for your zodiac sign 🌌
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when even self-help books could use a self-help guide ~ Kudos for investing in yourself, but it can be daunting on where to start. See how to make the most of the materials out there: "My biggest gripe with self-help books and this whole content sphere in general, is the name itself. They don’t provide help as much as they just dole out advice. The thing is, help comes from a place of compassion, while advice usually comes from a pedestal. It’s at the intersection of these blurred lines that the life gurus of the Internet sit. You know the type I’m talking about. The ones whose second-person motivational quotes and videos fill up our feeds. The ones who sell us an idyllic version of ourselves ... The self-improvement world is a tricky one. Most self-help gurus and coaches start off with the right intentions but they get easily sucked into the commodification of their message. I’ve found the best way to approach this realm is to treat it like a buffet. Be picky and take only what you need in the right quantity."

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when we gather around for Friendsgiving ~ This holiday season, we may not be able to visit our blood relatives. So let's extend the gratitude to the family we choose: "The fact that the pandemic could mean it’s not safe to gather with relatives is a reason to do our own thing, and figure out what home means to us when we build it ourselves. Plenty of people are finding the positive side of not going home for the holidays, so if you, too, have felt yourself looking forward to not having to deal with some aspects of it, you’re not alone, and you’re not a bad person. Despite everything that’s been taken from us this year, and the very real losses that many of us are experiencing, there is one thing that I personally feel we’ve been gifted: the ability to find, build, or strengthen our bonds with our chosen family. Whether that means learning to love your roommates and making your shared home feel cozier, or focusing on activities that you want to do with your significant other, this could be an opportunity to forge a new path for what the holidays look like — to decide they don’t have to fit into one mold."

 CULTURE  For when we're dancing to provocative pop ~ From 'Like a Virgin' to 'WAP,' female artists have been taking the pop world by storm with their desires: "Pop music and sex are locked in a timeless torrid clinch. In the title track from her latest album, Positions, US star Ariana Grande teases an age-old dichotomy, flitting in the promo clip between a glamorous POTUS role and a compliant partner-pleaser; on another single, '34 + 35,' she sings a sugary tune with explicit intent. The mainstream fracas surrounding Cardi B’s insistently raunchy smash 'WAP' with Megan Thee Stallion isn’t a new sensation, either; 'WAP' may be breathlessly direct, but it also continues a long legacy of risqué and risk-taking female pop artists, and the heated reactions – empowerment, ownership, exploitation – ignited by their expressions ... In modern pop culture, there should be space for multiple queens – and female solidarity and staying power turn out to be the most provocative moves."

 TRENDING  For when it's soothing to know what happens next ~ Fyi tarot card readings are all the rage on TikTok right now, and we don't mind its reassurance either: "The video was from Teresa Brenneman, a professional intuitive, human design consultant, and tarot reader. The first card she pulled was the Nine of Cups. 'You do not give yourself enough credit,' Brenneman told me, and all the other TikTokers watching. 'You've had many successes and you've created abundance from yourself,' she continued, before pulling three more cards: a King of Wands ('I'm hearing that you're meant to be an entrepreneur'); a Two of Pentacles ('Your obsession with control is really going to be challenged'); and an Ace of Pentacles ('Your guides are urging you to learn how to become adaptable'). The 60-second reading made me feel calm and validated (I don't give myself enough credit!), so I let the video replay while I dug into the comment section. The other viewers seemed to be fans of Brenneman's video, as well, reacting with 'I claim this' and 'I needed this' and 'This speaks to me so much!' messages."
sounds for sweet dreams
Goth Babe ~ As She Dreams

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community board

Spreading joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 🛍️ "Anyone have good gift recs? I'm ready to spend some money 🤣 My friends are mostly teachers and nurses btw" ~ Jen W.

last stop to dreamland

Baked sweet potatoes with miso and sesame because we so deserve to be extra this Thanksgiving
via Vice
Ingredients: sweet potatoes, unsalted butter, white miso, wasabi, toasted black sesame seeds, and scallions

Directions: poke the potatoes, bake, mix the butter with miso, spread, sprinkle with sesame and scallion, then go win a Thanksgiving photo contest
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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Heal at your own pace.

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