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sleep mantra
via Pinterest
"As long as I know that I give my best every time, I can sleep well knowing that."
~ Ciara
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

💯 Feeling good as hell. Do your hair toss and live your best life all the time. Try getting more fresh air, incorporating CBD for stress-relief, and tips to feel healthier and happier everyday.

🧀 Tricking up the cheeseboard. Fyi brie goes well with candy corn as does Manchego with peanut butter cups. Unwrap your favorite candies for these other deliciously spooky pairings.

🧊 Skin-icing. In other words, grab an ice mold to prep for
the latest skincare trend. Beauty influencer Tina Craig demonstrates how gliding frozen coconut milk or chamomile tea can soothe and smooth.

💆‍♀️ Treating ourselves.
Self-care gifts for me, myself, and I definitely count in the season of giving. Hint: pamper off the stress with a scalp therapy kit and get comfy in super soft joggers.

Your dream job awaits in your Midheaven zodiac sign 🌌
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 SELF  For when it's our home office and we'll cry if we want to ~ With Zoom as the standard for remote work now, our faces are stuck in that little box and on display for everyone to see: "Crying at work isn’t new, but now it’s online. Many workers have endured the ordeal of crying at work. One survey of 700 people found that 41% of women have cried at work, while only 9% of men admitted the same. In a separate survey of 13,000 workers around the world, 10 percent of respondents (6% of men, 14% of women) admitted to crying in the bathroom at work. But for those now working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic, gone are the usual hideaways for getting to cry in peace: restroom stalls, partially private cubicles, and meeting rooms with the door closed. 'I’ve cried in my workplace before, but it’s been in my bathroom stall or the privacy of my office. This one was different. Even though I was isolated in my home office around my family, I felt like there was more to see. I felt definitely much more vulnerable.'"

 RELATIONSHIPS  For when shacking up is in the forecast ~ Even a pandemic can't get in the way of cuffing season, so here's how to navigate through it: "As for how cuffing season is changing this year due to the pandemic, well, the isolation that many people feel, especially if sheltering in place alone, can make you want to share your shelter... and a whole lot more. Some advice for cuffing season this year? While there's nothing wrong with a temporary fling (as long as you're doing so with safety precautions in mind, of course), don't let your loneliness and isolation lead you to make sub-par choices for yourself. Make sure that you keep your standards as high as they would be if we were not in a pandemic — especially if you're looking for a relationship that lasts longer than a season. Even if you anticipate getting that dreaded question, 'are you dating anyone?' at your Zoom Thanksgiving dinner, I repeat: Do not let the pressure get to you."

 I VOTED  For when we run the polls ~ Do you remember the first time you voted? These 15 women share their first time voting stories and damn, is it empowering: "I’m an Alaska resident, but my first time voting, in 2016 after turning 18, I was away at college in Massachusetts and voted absentee. I had such a hard time finding a stamp. Alaska is one of the states where you need postage to send it back. There wasn’t a post office near me, so I ended up going to a Staples for stamps. Then I was like, ‘Where does this go now?’ I pulled up the United States Postal Service box finder on my phone and ended up finding a mailbox on a side of campus I had never been before. It was really important for me to have a voice in that election, especially being from a smaller state like Alaska. We get discounted a lot on the national stage. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, it’s only three electoral votes.’ But I genuinely feel like my vote matters in Alaska. I get a big say in those three."   

 SELF  For when 'I'm speaking' is a game-changer ~ Whether you want to be more mindful or definitely know someone who should, look into this piece on how to stop interrupting and change the world: "This we can stop. We can stop all forms of interruption. We can decide right now to be masters of our attention, to commit to the flourishing of our minds, of our hearts, of our very nature. This attention, this promise not to interrupt, this act of breathing free, is prodigious. It changes things. Even the big things. It bestows sanity. It shapes and reveals and shapes again who we are. It offers ease in the face of uncertainty. It can stop things like hatred and start things like love. It rescues our meetings from vacuity, creates fabulous places to work, brings humanity to leadership and leadership to humanity. It launches the dreams we have for ourselves, yes, but also the dreams for our world. We all have them. Even the most cynical of us. "
sounds for sweet dreams
Anna Of The North ~ Believe (Cover)

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community board

Spreading joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 🧼 "I DIYed costumes for my pups and I'm showing them off with a walk around my neighborhood! They're chihuahua mixes that I made one into a bar of soap and the other into a loofah." ~ Amanda C.

last stop to dreamland

Homemade Starburst candy (made a little healthier so we can noms on a few more 😉)
via Pretty Pies
Ingredients: coconut butter, coconut oil, water, maple syrup, salt, and fruit juices like orange, lemon, or strawberry

Directions: blend ingredients in a food processor until smooth, pour into molds, freeze, and trick-o-treat yourself
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Root for yourself.

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