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Welcome to Summer Sundays! Our weekly edition to stay cool and calm all season with the best reads + recs ☁️
"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."

~ L.M. Montgomery
ready to wind down

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

📅 Setting up for success. Summer may be a time to slow down, but slow progress is still progress. These tips help you set up 3-month goals to make real change this season. Hint: bite-sized is best.

🧊 Meal prepping minus the heat. Since it's already hot enough outside,
opt for *cold* breakfast recipes that are also helpful on busy mornings. Btw fruit & granola popsicles are like smoothie bowls to go.

📺 Tuning in this week for the return of Only Murders in the Building AND Stranger Things 4.
Cue up the watch list in-between with even more to watch, including Mr. Malcolm's List to remedy Bridgerton withdrawal.

🧹 Sweeping and streaming. What could spark more joy than a tidy space on a Sunday afternoon?
Just podcasts about tidying up that help you relax plus actually get you motivated to clean (we're not joking).

💔 Taking a deep breath. After the shocking and devastating news of Roe v. Wade's reversal, know that however you're feeling right now is valid.
Turn to some ways to cope and take action if you are able.

And on that note,
Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen said it best 🎤
bedtime stories

Round up of reads to bookmark for bedtime:

Embrace your inner Samantha Jones because Side Character Energy Has Arrived — Here’s What That Means | BUSTLE

This Hot Vax Summer 2.0, we're finding (platonic) love in a hopeless place. Aka how a writer
Met All [Her] Friends on a Dating App | SHONDALAND

Face Taping Wrinkles Is Trending – But Does It Actually Work? Spoiler alert: no, so take another friendly reminder to wear your sunscreen everyday | BYRDIE

One smiley face is worth at least 160 characters.
Here’s What It Means If You Can’t Stop Sending People Emojis, According to Experts 🙃 | ELITE DAILY

How Can People Fall Asleep to True Crime Shows and Podcasts? Well, point taken: "A lot of the children’s stories we tell kids at bedtime are monster stories." | BUZZFEED NEWS

Happy birthday, Cancer! 🎂 With the current chaos going on in the world, your season comes to
Chill Us All Out Just in Time For Summer | POPSUGAR
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for the nightstand

Personally picked to polish your sleep routine:
 READ 📖  One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle
To make any beach trip feel like you're right on the Amalfi Coast. The In Five Years' author's latest explores moving on after loss and forging a new path.

 IMPULSE BUY 💧  Bedside Water Carafe
To swap the nighttime glass of water for something a little more pretty and practical if your love language is home decor (because same).

 HOBBIES 🌌  7 Ways to Stargaze, No Matter Where You Live
To save yourself the lecture on turning your phone off before bed and set your eyes on a new adventure. P.S. these tips work even in light-laden cities.
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under the coverscommunity corner
Courtesy of reader Katherine W., "What color is a tennis ball? This question has triggered many debates and philosophical conversations!" Btw we asked this at a dinner party and sparked a whole new black/blue versus white/gold dress discussion 😂🎾
This week we want to know: What is something you've done that has improved your quality of life? For one of us, it's starting a morning matcha making routine. The other, taking a walk outside everyday. Anything goes, so message us and we'll feature some of the responses! 💌
💌 last note from hq

We're baaack 👋 Thanks everyone for your patience as we spent the last couple of weeks figuring out our next steps forward. This summer may look slightly different in your inbox, but we hoped you enjoyed this first issue of our weekly edition. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime (although note we're a bit behind on our emails 😅).

Much appreciated ❤️,
The Snoozeletter Team
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder this week to: 
Build your summer soundtrack.

This issue is dedicated to our reader Lauren R. Thank you for sharing! 🙌💕
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