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sleep mantra
"I work on instinct. It's my best adviser."
~ Princess Diana
tonight's pick-me-ups

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 WELLNESS 😤  Screaming. Like most breathwork, being intentional about your breathing has therapeutic benefits. But starting your day with a scream can kick it up a notch for a stronger emotional release.

 TECH 💻  Zoom isn't going anywhere even with returns to the office and in this new age of hybrid work. Cue our time to upload a gorgeous new background that's like a virtual makeover for your space.

 ADD TO CART 🛒  Taking care of it. No need to stress over everyday inconveniences because for almost every expensive problem, there's a cheaper solution for it (HUGE fans of reusable storage bags btw).

 SLEEP 👂  Feeling tingly. What better way to sleep these days than to the sweet sounds of crinkling and brushing. This YouTube playlist is just the thing for your sleepy, sensory enjoyment. #Zzz

 JUST FOR FUN  Pool's closed for the season, but we can move the party elsewhere 🏊🏽‍♀️
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bedtime stories

via The Everygirl
"We happily spend Friday nights on the couch when new seasons of our favorite shows are released, like quarantine-favorite Never Have I Ever. Netflix’s top 10 has been dominated by the Twilight series since the movies returned to the streaming service in July. And we can’t help but get excited when the latest YA book adaptation is announced. So what is it about these shows and films that keep us pressing play? There’s the romance, of course, but if all we wanted was romance, we’d be just as happy watching romances starring people of any age. There’s something different about teen rom-coms — and it’s about being a teenager ... " READ THE REST

More to scroll 📖:
sounds for sweet dreams
Jasmine Thompson ~ after goodbye

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Last thing to unwind and get cozy before bed:
via Food52
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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