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"There's something so special about a woman who dominates in a man's world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer."

~ Rihanna
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Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 HEALTH 🧠  Happy Hump Day! We're about one week and several headaches away from Turkey Day. If the stress of planning gatherings or wrapping up work actually triggers migraines, these remedies will lead you to relief. #hanginthere

 WATCH 📺  Tiger King is back, baby. Tune in for the drama, twists, and turns since last season, then follow up with a helping of true crime docs that are just as wild. We can personally vouch for McMillions on that.

 RECIPES 🍨  Roll up your sleeves and save yourself from some kitchen chaos. Make-ahead desserts mean baking right now and freezing for later, including chocolate coffee ice cream cake and a variety of pumpkin cheesecakes.

 WELLNESS 🍷  Pouring ourselves one. Relax this Wellness Wednesday with a glass of cab sav and ASMR all in one. Soothing wine ASMR brings out the best of both worlds. #cheers

 JUST FOR FUN  Ms. FluffleStiltskin the cat is now included in this narrative 🐈🍵
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bedtime stories

via Glamour
"I have friends. To me, a friend is a person with whom you can get together after work or on the weekend and complain about your life. My friends are not friends with each other, because mostly I met them individually and nurtured our friendships by inviting them to one-on-one coffees or drinks where we took turns describing our anxiety disorders until the check came. My friends do not get into hilarious high jinks and throw elaborate dinner parties. We mostly send each other screenshots of funny things from the internet. I feel good about my social life if once every financial quarter I get together with two friends and together we demolish a single store-bought tub of hummus. I have never made a place mat for a friend ... " READ THE REST

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Grace Carter ~ Dark Matter

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Weekly Wednesday asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 🎁 "Seen Katie A's request for gift guides and wanted to recommend both theSkimm and Girls' Night In newsletters. Amazing recs, even for those budget conscious people like myself." ~ D'Anna L.
    🎁 "RAN here because Joanna Gaines' gift guide is out! Thought the relax & restore bundle box would be perfect for this group :)" ~ Ava S.
    📝 "Hello! Our team at Kintsugi, a National Science Foundation-supported mental health startup is conducting a brief online survey on voice, anxiety and depression. If you happen to have a couple minutes, your input would be much appreciated! We offer $5 Amazon Gift Cards as a small token of our appreciation. Thank you in advance! 🙏" ~ Samuel L.

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