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sleep mantra
"The tans will fade but the memories will last forever."

~ Unknown
tonight's pick-me-ups

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 COZY FINDS 🕯️  Happy First Day of Fall! What better way to ring in the new season than with the coziest thing of all – candles, lots of them. These candle subscription boxes will make sure you're covered throughout.

 READ 📚  As 'me' time moves indoors, prep your book stack to keep you company. Start with your star sign for a book rec. Libras, deep dive into Sally Rooney's latest Beautiful World, Where Are You to deepen your friendships.

 SHOP 🥧  Putting the cherry on top. Clearly Fall is our favorite season, and pies are a big reason why. Dress yours up in pie plates sure to delight at upcoming gatherings. One word: ruffles 😍

 SLEEP 😴  Sleeping soundly ... which may or may not involve your partner. Try these things if sharing a bed is completely ruining your sleep (but know it's perfectly okay to want your own bed too). #Zzz

 JUST FOR FUN  Move aside, GBBO, there's another Martha and Snoop collab in the works 🎃🎂
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bedtime stories

via Fast Company
"My summer job as a teenager was taking care of plants at a nursery. A hot summer day spent pruning roses isn’t pleasant—there’s a lot of sweat and blood involved. But there’s a very real sense of accomplishment when you’re done. You turn around and see the hundreds of plants you just cleaned up, and you know without a doubt that you’ve done something. It’s a tangible sense of progress. Humanity, I believe, is wired to crave that kind of accomplishment. Desk jobs don’t deliver it. Which is why my coworker is building a LEGO rocket in his home office ... " READ THE REST

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  • 📺 "I don't know if this was already mentioned but I've been watching Only Murders In The Building and recommend it" ~ Kristen F.

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Stretch out summer as long as you can.
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