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SUNDAY  •  MARCH 8, 2020
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"One of the first steps to happiness is deciding that you want to be happy and knowing what that means."
~ Julia Roberts
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🛍️ Spending money. A little retail therapy is even better on this International Women's Day by supporting beauty and lifestyle brands that give back to organizations supporting women, such as Outdoor Voices, Hygge and West, and

💸 Making money. Celebrate yourself
by investing in yourself (literally) along with a financial portfolio and ways to reclaim your time. #knowyourworth #earnyourworth

🥑 Meal prepping like a pro. No fret over eating frozen thanks to
a chef's Trader Joe's shopping list that transforms a boring dish like scrambled eggs into a gourmet, weekday brunch simply by adding shrimp and avocado.

🛏️ Decluttering our stress. The Sunday Scaries are not only in our head, but all around us (yikes).
These are things in your bedroom to toss because they're secretly stressing you out, including your charging station and matching bed linens.
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 CULTURE  For when we're tapping into our girl power ~ Today is meant to celebrate women's achievements, but around the world is also an opportunity to stand up against inequality. "Although IWD is not an official holiday in the US, people still participate with political protests and corporate events, while celebrities and businesses might use the day to launch or celebrate female-focused projects. For example, this year, Netflix announced it'd be partnering with UN Women for the launch of Because She Watched, a collection of series, documentaries, and films that celebrate the power of telling women's stories. In 2019, the US Women's Soccer Team sued US Soccer for gender discrimination on IWD."

 HEALTH  For when not touching your face is easier said than done ~ Regardless of coronavirus, it's good practice for hygiene, anti-aging, and self-control. "The first step to breaking or altering a habit is to develop a strong awareness of when and why you engage in this behavior. For something like nail-biting or face-touching, it can be an impulsive thing done out of boredom, anxiety or a sensory need. Most people touch their faces mindlessly. They rub their eyes or grab their lips when they’re confused. They bite their fingernails when they’re nervous. The central feature of these actions is that they occur below the level of our conscious mind and evolve from the most primitive part of our biology known as the limbic system. Try to become hyperaware of your habits and identify your triggers in order to insert a hard stop between the motivation and the action."

 WELLNESS  For when chores are self-care ~ Skip the lazy Sundays. Doing the dishes can be meditative — profound, even. "The dishes typically are the less-than-romantic truth of a meal — the props left on the stage after a play has ended. They signal the pace, the intricacy, and turmoil of the meal, and the results of its performance. They can be pleasant or horrid, but the actors have moved on, and you have the cleanup. And you will think something of it. You might feel you have better things to do, or you might imagine you are the best person for such a task, or you might wonder where to begin. Doing the dishes will tell you things. And if someone should join you, it will tell you things about them as well. It is a particular one-act play, with no audience but your own thoughts and some silverware."

 SLEEP  For when you're having a bad day ~ Not to be over dramatic or anything, but losing an hour is THE WORST every Daylight Savings Time in March. Understand its effects on our body and start adjusting sooner than later. "Throughout the first week of Daylight Saving Time, put extra care into your bedtime routine: keep your lights dim, read a book, and make sure to allow some time to unwind before bed. What about battling fatigue the morning after springing forward? Let the light in. Getting direct sunlight or using a light therapy device in the morning helps to stop the production of melatonin and fight fatigue. Fatigue is especially hard to defeat during Daylight Saving Time, but by refining your sleep hygiene for the season, you can give yourself an edge over the sunlight any day."
sounds for sweet dreams
The Marías ~ Hold It Together
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Last week we asked what's the best thing you've ever bought for yourself? Tbh our shopping cart is full thanks to all the great responses. Here are a few of our favorites:

🥰 "A new workout set from Nike! Expensive for me at the time but oh so worth it, still wear it, still love it. And it fueled my workout journey." ~ Cheyenne W.

🥰 "A backup camera installation on my car. It’s saved me more times than I’d like to admit." ~ Lauren K.

🥰 "A night guard! Immediately fixed all of my jaw pain and clicking. Worth every penny knowing my anxiety-driven tooth grinding is under control." ~ Margot M.

This week we want to know: How well do you sleep at night? (1 - Horribly/Not at all, 10 - Great!)

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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