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SUNDAY  •  MAY 22, 2022
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"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
~ Audrey Hepburn
weekend wrap-up

Making plans to have a good week: 

🥰 Spending some 'me time' enjoying the little things. Fyi self-love isn't one big grand gesture whenever you're feeling down. Find ways to practice self-love in a small way every day, mentally and physically.

🔥 Meal prepping on the grill. Summer is synonymous with BBQ szn, but you can fire up the grill
for more than just hamburgers. Make room for coconut lime chicken thighs to charred corn and zucchini salad. #noms

🧵 Adding on our to-do's: start a new hobby, warm-weather edition because embroidering is even more fun under the sun along with
other outside activities, like photography and rollerskating around town.

🌌 Ready for Monday by letting our inner free spirit fly. Gemini season is a time to release your energy and put some spark back into your social life.
Here are the do's and don'ts to navigate and make the most of this celestial month.

👙 Impulse buying an inflatable pool. Sure we could deal with the headache of pool passes or take matters into our own hands.
Set up these options easily whether you want something personal, heart-shaped, and/or hot.

🛏️ Wrapping up the weekend without the sweaty slumber. Speaking of keeping cool,
save these tips to actually sleep in the heat when peak Summer arrives. Start by keeping the door open and thank us later. #Zzz
bedtime bookmarks

Worthy reads to save for this week 📖:

If a news-breaking scandal doesn't set you back, then why not throw an art show in custody? Anna Delvey Is Ready for Her Comeback | THE CUT

If love is in the air, it might be here to stay. The Case for a Hard Launch Summer | BUSTLE

If you also have sooo many questions after the Made for Love season finale, one might be wtf are Flavor Balls made of?? And Why Do Tech Bros Have Such a Weird Relationship to Food? | EATER

If someone should have their own Barbie doll, it would be famed designer Vera Wang ... and of course Vera Wang Designed Her Own Vera Wang Barbie Doll | MARIE CLAIRE

If the changing of the seasons is giving you more Summertime Sadness than gladness, consider whether This Is Reverse Seasonal Depression (which unfortunately yes, is a thing) | PUREWOW

If self-care is cozying up with good book and a cup of chamomile, then cheers to International Tea Day with A Love Letter to Tea | SHONDALAND
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👋📝 a note from hq

Quick programming note for all of our readers that The Snoozeletter Team will be out-of-office during the week of May 29th for the Memorial Day holiday. Newsletters will go out the remainder of this week, then we'll see you back in your inbox on Sunday, June 5th! 💌
sounds for sweet dreams
Tove Lo ~ Good 4 U (cover)

🎶 Listen to more on our Spotify playlist 📻
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Courtesy of reader Tracy L., last time we asked if a movie or show was made about your life right now, what would be the title? Here are a few of our favorite responses 🍿:

🎬 "No working title, but my dream job was to host a travel show and eat my way through the world." ~ Ali W.

🎬 "I'm graduating, so something like Surviving and Thriving when I start my new job 😅" ~ Claire Y.

🎬 "Mine would be Finally Caught Covid and probably a dark comedy at that. Stay safe because its not over yet!"

Thanks to reader Katherine W., this week we want to know: "What color is a tennis ball? This question has triggered many debates and philosophical conversations!" 🎾

☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Switch up your skincare routine.
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