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sleep mantra
"I think I deserve something beautiful."

~ Elizabeth Gilbert
tonight's pick-me-ups

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

 WELLNESS ⏲️  Giving ourselves a minute. That's all you need to take a deep breath and reset or build new habits that can change your life. Start by making your bed every morning, layering on the SPF, and visualizing how things can go right.

 BEAUTY 💇🏽‍♀️  Since we've become besties with hand sanitizer over the past year, let's meet its sister product – hair sanitizer! Similar to dry shampoo, but hair sanitizer actually rids bacteria to act as a quick fix between washes.

 LIFESTYLE 🦃  Counting down to turkey time. Every year, we look forward to honoring Thanksgiving traditions beside our families. But when it comes to Friendsgiving, anything goes so get inspired by ombre color palettes and balloon centerpieces (yay!).

 SLEEP 🛏️  Swipe no more and consider cuffing season covered, even without a significant other. Cuddle up to husband pillows that have it all from velvet covers that feel like a soft hug down to convenient cup holders. #need

 JUST FOR FUN  "All negative energy will be returned to sender" 😂🦂
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bedtime stories

via Vogue
"There is something better than reading alone, I’ve discovered, and it’s reading side by side with friends who don’t judge you for wanting to hit 'pause' on socialization and disappear into a book. In ninth grade, I struck up a tenuous friendship with two of the other kids who’d also come in from different middle schools. One, a rangy athletic type with a host of popular older siblings, quickly found her place in the upper echelons of the high-school caste system and promptly forgot me; the other, a quiet comedy nerd and fellow bookworm named Jazmine, is still my best friend to this day. Our history is long and complex, made up of old SNL clips and hastily chugged, illicitly obtained Smirnoff Ices and endless subway rides from the Bronx to Manhattan, but I knew we had reached a point of no return, friendship-wise, when we began to read together ... " READ THE REST

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sounds for sweet dreams
Still Woozy ~ Kenny

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Last thing to unwind and get cozy before bed:

*Mini* pecan pies because there's plenty of room on the table next to pumpkin and apple
via Kylee Cooks
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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