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Welcome to Summer Sundays! Our weekly edition to stay cool and calm all season with the best reads + recs ☁️
"A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living."

~ Virginia Woolf
ready to wind down

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

🧯 Beating burnout besides quiet quitting. Believe it or not, you actually do have time to a take a break (and maybe even have it all). Here's how to pursue a goal without letting it take over your life.

🍿 Coming up content. Netflix is getting its groove back by the looks of
its September lineup. Tune in for the much anticipated Blonde with Ana de Armas as well as Do Revenge starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke.

🛋️ Sitting in style. Confession: Fall is our favorite season, so it couldn't come sooner. Set up your reading nook in the meantime with
a *statement* chair for those cozy nights ahead. #cantwait

🎁 Gifting memories. As we're making our way to normalcy from the pandemic, maximize the quality time you've missed out on with
experience gifts for your loved ones. Hint: craft, drink, and laugh.

👙 Soaking in the last of summer. The official pool season ends next week, but there's no stopping from splashing around until the sun's down.
Pump your own inflatable pool or book a resort day pass all year round.

P.S. In honor of National Dog Day,
just a bunch of cute dog pics to make you smile 🐶
bedtime stories

Round up of reads to bookmark for bedtime:

For when iced coffee, knit sweaters, and sarcasm are part of your love language. How Love Languages Became a Cultural Phenomenon |

JLo may feel differently, but we're thriving in Virgo's practical and go-getting tendencies. So who better to know What Makes the Perfect Birthday Outfit? | REFINERY29

Breaking through the big screen and boardrooms, Partner Track's Arden Cho Almost Took the LSAT — Now She Plays A Lawyer On TV | BUSTLE

From ripped seams to broken hearts to our very own boredom, enter The Joy of Mending Things 🧵 | BBC

Inside the Lucrative World of Pet Influencers because tbh no way we can scroll past those puppy dog eyes, literally | MIC

Gen Z already left this chat 😂, but we'll take the win for fellow Millennials anyway — Turns Out the Side Part Was Never Really Dead | BYRDIE
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for the nightstand

Personally picked to polish your sleep routine:
 LISTEN 🎧  Archetypes Podcast on Spotify
For the surprise debut of Meghan Markle's podcast that dismantles the labels holding women back. The first episode features the Serena Williams on double standards and motherhood.

 BEAUTY 🧴  "Moisture Sandwich"
To take on 'slugging' with a new (but promising) buzzy skincare trend. Learn how to perfectly layer your skincare products for hydrated, happier skin.

 SLEEP 🛏️  Pillow Headboard
For a comfy headboard alternative that — wait for it — doubles as a backrest (!!). Netflix in peace without neck pains and work from home without worrying about your back.
sleep soundslisten on Spotify
Lorde ~ Oceanic Feeling
summer specialfor your entertainment

Tiny finger foods to pass around at the last pool potluck of the summer 🍤🍡
via Brit + Co
under the coverscommunity corner
What's your favorite quote, saying, or advice? Thanks all for sharing these words of wisdom. Here are a few of our favorite responses ❤️:

✨ "My favourite piece of advice comes from a colleague who had this on their desk: 'If a jar of Nutella can’t please everyone, neither can you!'" ~ Mary M.

✨ "'Clear is Kind' - Brene Brown. This quote always reminds me that clearly communicating my expectations, my needs, my wants, etc. is kind to the person I am communicating with." ~ Kelli P.

✨ "My go-to workout quote (found on a tea bag tag haha) is the following: 'The first and greatest commandment is: Don’t let them scare you.' I read it before meetings, when asking for a promotion, etc. It’s taught me to not let ‘them’ scare me and it’s invaluable." ~ Allison L.

✨ "Fuck yes or no." ~ Kara M.

This week we want to know: Which character role or energy do you embody? 🦸🏽‍♀️
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder this week to: 
Spend more time living in the moment.
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