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SUNDAY  •  NOVEMBER 14, 2021
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"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival."
~ Audre Lorde
weekend wrap-up

Making plans to have a good week: 

📺 Spending some 'me time' with our comfort shows. Laugh out loud to old episodes of Schitt's Creek or find healing in How to Get Away with Murder. Anything helps when you're going through it, but especially these shows.

🥧 Meal prepping more pies. This time, we're not stopping at pumpkin and apple. Bring to the holiday table some mouthwatering
pies from around the world, like the Moroccan bisteeya and Filipino buko pie.

🎁 NOT adding on our to-do's: guess the gift. Holiday shopping is stressful enough without the element of surprise. So leave it to
the stars and personality types to figure it out for you. Hint: useful gifts only for Capricorns/ISTJs.

📔 Bookmarking for the morning to make big moves. Maybe it's close enough to the end of the year or maybe we're just over 2021. Either way,
a chic planner is sure to get you organized and hopeful for 2022. #letsgo

🛋️ Ready for Monday by recharging – ourselves and our devices. Our couches have quickly become our best friend through quarantine times and WFH. Settle into yours with
*genius* charging end tables, so you never have to get up.

🛁 Wrapping up the weekend with a mustard bath, which is definitely a thing.
Learn all its surprising benefits from detoxifying to falling asleep faster, then grab mustard powder bath salt for yourself.
bedtime bookmarks

Worthy reads to save for this week 📖:

If unbothered queen Taylor Swift Hasn't Considered Exes' Experiences with Rerecorded Songs, then Jake Gyllenhaal should have known all too well 😂🧣 | INSIDER

If Research Finds Cats Track Their Owners’ Movements (what?!), let's have a sigh of relief that it's not our bosses | THE GUARDIAN

If a rose were to go by any other name, it would be Olivia ... or not because That Viral List of Top Baby Names Is BS | SLATE

If You Feel Judged for Putting Up Holiday Decorations Early, You’re Not Alone. Btw blasting 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' while we're at it | APARTMENT THERAPY

If no, you will not 'commit to ending finsta,' you're in good company. In Celebration of Adele’s Finsta | WIRED

If everyday is like Sunday, this piece may hit a little differently. Lockdown's Over and I Still Don't Feel Like Doing Anything. What's Wrong with Me? (*psst* nothing, we promise) | VICE
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👋📝 reminder from hq

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Referrals (new and previous) must be received by December 31st, 2021. Currently, you have no referrals/entries 🎟️
sounds for sweet dreams
Gracie Abrams ~ Hard To Sleep

🎶 Listen to more on our Spotify playlist 📻
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This week we want to know: What's your signature side dish to bring to Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving? 🤤 For one of us, it's a classic cornbread stuffing (fyi the secret ingredient is using homemade broth). The other, simple yet decadent potato chips with creme fraiche and caviar. Anything goes, so message us and we'll feature some of the responses! Recipe links are welcomed 💌
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Wake up on the right side of the bed.
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