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sleep mantra
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"Like Elle Woods, I do not like to be underestimated."
~ Reese Witherspoon
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🙌 Building up new habits. For some of us, new year's resolutions are long gone dreams. But a new month means there are plenty of opportunities invest in our well-being. Starting easy habits like tidying up can help to feel more put together.

🎨 Breaking out the colored pencils.
Art and other creative outlets can make a world of difference for your mental health, immune system, and problem-solving abilities. Setting aside just 10 to 15 minutes of your day for a little art break can be a big mood boost.

🎙️ Tuning in. In case you (kind of) needed a break from true crime stories,
the new Villains podcast is a delicious take on the dark side from real to fictional, including Killing Eve's Villanelle to "Queen of the Mob" Virginia Hill.

🍕 Mastering Pizza Fridays. Having leftover pizza is always a wonderful surprise, but the reheating process can quickly crush all the excitement — nobody wants limp pizza or burnt cheese. Microwave, skillet, or oven?
Win every time with your tool of choice.
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

 CAREER  For when your boss gets on your nerves ~ It can happen. Someone with low emotional intelligence can make work life unnecessarily difficult, but there are ways for dealing with it. "People differ in their ability to make sense of ambivalent or ambiguous real-world situations, and most of the people problems we encounter at work fit into this bucket. Regardless of your own EQ, if you work for someone who is not naturally adept at interpreting your own emotions and intentions, it is key that you help them understand you. Use explicit communication, put things in writing, set out clearly what you think and want, and ensure that your message is understood, without assuming that any subtleties may be captured."

 CULTURE  For when baking is all the rage ~ A new cookbook has emerged for all your rage baking needs, but not with out a bit of hot water first. "Before the new essay collection Rage Baking was released, Tangerine Jones writes, she had been 'the top hit for Rage Baking for years.' Jones explicitly ties the movement she built around Rage Baking to racial injustice, noting that cooking and baking has historically been one of the few creative outlets afforded to black Americans. 'I’m a Black woman born and partly raised in the South. Kitchens are sacred, powerful spaces to me ... I’ve been taught that they hold the heart of a home and, collectively, the pulse of a community. For me, kitchens are a place for alchemy and renewal.'"

 LIFESTYLE  For when French Vanilla just isn't cutting it tonight ~ Thanks to Goop (unsurprisingly), we now have the vagina candle! This is how Gwyneth Paltrow conceptualized the geranium-citrusy-cedar smell. "Paltrow revealed that the unique scent came about when she was collaborating with Douglas Little, the perfumer behind the Heretic Parfum label. 'One day, we were smelling different fragrances, and I was joking around, and I smelled something and I said this, as a joke,' The Politician star said, referencing the candle's now-iconic name. 'But then, I was like wouldn’t that be cool if somebody actually had the guts to do that. What a punk rock feminist statement to have that on your table.'"

 WELLNESS  For when the answer to better sleep is right in front of you ~ And by right in front of you, we mean your nighttime skincare routine. "Even though the multi-step process is more luxury than necessity, the sensation of layering on different beauty products in a slow but methodical way felt incredibly peaceful. I often still had those Big Scary Thoughts running through my head at night, but they didn’t come rushing in quite so abruptly when I lay my head down to sleep. Committing to a nighttime routine was also a way to show myself that I deserved that period of intentional relaxation — even if it was just 30 minutes to an hour of self-indulgence. When I put in the time at night, I also woke up feeling more cared for and less frantic."
sounds for sweet dreams
Lianna La Havas ~ Bittersweet
last stop to dreamland

Your favorite snack into walking tacos. Ingredients: bag of crunchy snacks (highly recommend Popchips), Greek yogurt, salsa, shredded lettuce, jalapeno rings, meat of choice, and shredded cheese. Directions: cut bag, pile on the toppings, noms on the move.
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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