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sleep mantra
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"We all have that long to-do list."
~ Stacy Brown-Philpot
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🛁 Practicing to make better. Finding a self-care routine you can stick to can be challenging, especially in quarantine. Defining what self-care means to you and doing activities that you already enjoy are great first steps.

🎙️ Blasting to the past. Take a trip down pop culture lane with
Twenty Twenty: A Pop Culture Podcast. This podcast reminisces about some of the biggest cultural moments and trends of the year 2000 and how they compare to today.

🎁 Making the thought count. Gift cards are a fantastic option whether you're a last minute shopper, looking to stay on budget, or want to give flexibility.
Snag one from awesome brands like Food52, Winc, or Girlfriend Collective.

🍫 Sipping on something good. Create a sweet treat for the holidays
with these Insta-worthy hot chocolate charcuterie board ideas. There's nothing better than donuts, cookies, and hot cocoa – except a whole festive platter full of them!

P.S. "
Not being honest and upfront about your feelings = trash" 💔
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when two is better than one ~ Leave it to Pantone to shake things up with *two* top picks for color of the upcoming year: "17-5104 Ultimate Gray, a calming shade that brings to mind stable concrete foundations and serene pebbled beaches — and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a bright yellow that evokes warm sunshine, the invigorating bite of a tart lemon and cheerful spirits. The institute’s decision to name two seemingly unrelated shades as the collective color of 2021 is a response to the unprecedented year that led up to this moment. Described by the institute as 'a marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting,' Ultimate Gray and Illuminating’s sunny yellow each serve a specific purpose. 'Each of them has their own emotional aspect, the gray being the one that’s more supportive and solid, the practical foundation that we need, and the yellow is about hopefulness and sunshine and good cheer.'"

 LIFESTYLE  For when being non-traditional is the new norm ~ Non-traditional holiday celebrations are just another thing 2020 is throwing at us, but some have been embracing them for years: "'An inclusive and affirming holiday tradition that’s just for me is that every year, I write a letter to myself, where I reflect on the ups and downs, chronicle the highlights, and write down some goals I have for the next year. For instance, I’m sure last year I wrote about hoping to finally release a debut album, and this year I’ll finally get to say, hey, I did that! (Bye, impostor syndrome!). But the letters can also be smaller things, like reflecting on the songs I’ve written this year and the people and situations they grew from, or recounting memories from fun weekend trips out of town. They’re not exactly resolutions, but they help me to take a moment to pause and check in with myself.' — Jae R."

 FOOD  For when baking sourdough is more than a hobby ~ This year has been tough on a lot of relationships, including our one with food: "As the world fell apart this year, it seemed absurd in the tensest moments that no degree of social and economic upheaval could shake our unrelenting need to eat ... Despite the isolation and repetitiveness of our pandemic meals, food provided a consistent source of pleasure amid the chaos — a morning coffee, warm bread, a crisp salad, carbonara, a creamy dessert; comfort can even be found in a single microwaved hot dog. After all, what else did we have this year? ... [Venessa Wong] reached out to colleagues at BuzzFeed News to hear how their relationship with food changed this year — in these tough times, many of us, overall, remained lucky."

 FUN  For when it's the year of pajamas ~ Few things have brought us more comfort to our makeshift offices than cozy cotton bottoms: "Pajamas are one stop past athleisure, our 2020 WFH uniform. They are not so much a symbol of abandoning the charade of responsible adulthood as surrendering to our confinement. They’re sartorial comfort food ... Hard times call for soft clothing. 'We are having a pajama moment,' says Lorna Hall, director of fashion intelligence for WGSN, the global trend forecaster, adding: 'We’re wanting to invest more in the home and what we wear there. If we’re in all day, the value of what we wear changes, and their significance.' And, so, the rise of 'luxury pajamas,' for those people who are fortunate enough to afford them and work from home, fortunate being a relative term in a year when everything is relative. We are all in the sisterhood of the non-traveling pants."
sounds for sweet dreams
Nightcars ~ Chloe

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  • 💌 "Hope this is OK to post. I love newsletters including yours and wanted to share The Sunday Soother that I ready every week too. It's all about living an intentional life and practical spirituality." ~ Paige B.

last stop to dreamland

If you ever have to cancel an event with friends, make sure to offer to reschedule. It will keep them from making unfortunate assumptions about your commitment to the relationship.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Not waste your energy on people who don't match yours.

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