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Welcome to Summer Sundays! Our weekly edition to stay cool and calm all season with the best reads + recs ☁️
"Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing."

~ Florence Welch
ready to wind down

Recs for your rest and relaxation:

💻 Lightening up the load. The Monday struggle is real, so make your life easier tomorrow with a few work hacks. Btw the Pomodoro Technique is tried and true to get things done and take your break.

🛋️ Dancing to our own disco. During pandemic lockdowns, our homes became our livelihoods and tbh that hasn't really changed since. Embrace more maximalism through
groovy disco ball accessories to boho chic everything.

🧩 Working hard, playing harder. Whether you're commuting or bored during your next meeting,
Google games has plenty of distractions. Turn existing masterpieces into your own via the digital art coloring book or link colleagues into a jigsaw puzzle party.

🧳 Setting our sights in September. Pumpkin spice may be back in our lives, but summer is far from over.
Make travel plans for next month in these places for fewer crowds, cheaper flights, and better weather. #deal

🌞 Savoring the sunny days. That said, summer is already halfway over.
Set yourself up for fun with friends, significant other, or just yourself. Here's looking at our half-read beach reads stack 😂

P.S. Who did it better:
Martha Stewart or Fancy Feast? 🍽️🐈
bedtime stories

Round up of reads to bookmark for bedtime:

Painting your nails red if you want a promotion sounds silly, but just might be on to something. Can a Manifestation Manicure Help You Achieve the Life You Want? 💅 |

After hours down the rabbit hole on the 'Prince of Pegging,' you bet we're sharing the findings to our work wives tomorrow. Re: The Surprising Benefits of Gossip | BBC

It goes without saying why we will never be satisfied with Scamilton, but this is Why Bridgerton Fans Turned Against the Bridgerton Musical | SLATE

Jennette McCurdy's memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died is making headlines and making many of us even wonder, Should You Cut ‘Toxic’ People Out of Your Life? | THE ATLANTIC

The contouring craze now seems like simpler times. But Is Plastic Surgery Booming or Are We Just Finally Talking About It? | POPSUGAR

Long live the Queen of the (Tennis) Court. How Serena Williams Decided to Retire Is a Career Lesson For Us All On How to Move On 🎾 | HUFFPOST
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for the nightstand

Personally picked to polish your sleep routine:
 WATCH 📺  Bad Sisters on Apple TV+
For a dark comedy and murder mystery in one about sisters who investigate the death of their brother-in-law. Created by Sharon Horgan and premiering August 19th.

 WELLNESS 📔  Anxiety Journal Prompts
To ease the Sunday Scaries. Write out your feelings to prompts that pinpoint how you're feeling, such as what are your anxiety triggers? Or what if everything goes right?

 HEALTH 🧘🏻‍♀️  'Yummy' Stretches to Do Before Bed
To soothe the strain of sitting or standing all workday. These stretches are designed to loosen your body but also a restless mind to sleep well.
sleep soundslisten on Spotify
Calvin Harris ft. Charlie Puth & Shenseea ~ Obsessed
summer specialfor your entertainment

*Flavored* butters for a fast and fancy way to bring your late night popcorn to your morning toast alive 🧈🌿
via Eat This, Not That!
under the coverscommunity corner
Last time we asked how do you recover from burnout? Here are a few of our favorite responses ✨:

🥰 "I have a mandatory hour of me time everyday to do something that makes me happy." ~ Ava C.

🥰 "Setting boundaries before burnout happens. I realized that mine was caused by taking on too much and literally trying to do everything. Thankfully I've gotten better at saying no :)" ~ Ali W.

This week we want to know: Which classic ice cream truck treat reigns supreme? 🍦
☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder this week to: 
Take the leap and don't look back.
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