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TUESDAY  •  JUNE 23, 2020
sleep mantra
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"I have stood on a mountain of no’s for one yes."
~ B. Smith
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

🎙️ Finding our happy. The Happiness Lab is a podcast that uses scientific research and inspiring stories to alter the way you think about happiness and hopefully change your life.

Sipping on perfection.
Learn how to make iced coffee the right way with these insider tricks. Just a hint: it's all about the ice and the grind.

💇‍♀️ Bringing the salon to us. Self-style at home with
hair care tips from the pros. They've got you covered with at-home shine treatments, no-heat styles, and more!

💪 Feeling empowered.
Discover how to become more self-assured with fool-proof confidence tips like embracing difficulties, expressing gratitude, and challenging your negative thoughts. #yougotthis

Learn a new language: cat edition.
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when you wish your life were a video game ~ If only our work life could be more like our Animal Crossing life. Wouldn't that be grand? "Perhaps it would be WFH utopia if working remotely wasn’t, well, so ... terrible. A 2020 study found that remote workers struggled with collaboration and communication, as well as loneliness. Then there’s the self-complexity theory: we give ourselves roles (friend, mother, manager) that we separate cognitively. Now, they’re all occurring in the same space — our homes — and this dissonance makes us unhappier. But it doesn’t need to always be like this ... So what’s stopping us from working like we play? 'We create 3-D environments in video games. We walk around and visit people, open doors, walk up the stairs, whatever. There’s no reason we can’t use this technology to create environments that are basically representations of offices,' says del Castillo Lopez. Will the world’s businesses adapt? [Dr. Jose Luis García del Castillo Lopez] thinks so. In some ways, it’s already started. During the coronavirus pandemic, video games have already become substitutes for IRL social interaction prohibited by the pandemic."

 CULTURE  For when you feast your eyes on something good ~ Padma Lakshmi’s new show Taste the Nation brings politics, culture, and food together for a delicious and educational show you don't want to miss: "What makes Taste the Nation distinct from many other programs, however, is the context it provides. An episode about Gullah Geechee food in South Carolina is actually about jazz, hip-hop, Black ingenuity, and the history of how enslaved people from West Africa developed a unique cuisine in the United States that eventually influenced so many other cuisines in the South. It’s impossible to talk about food without addressing its history. That’s largely what Taste the Nation is trying to accomplish, a 10-episode series about what 'American' food actually is. Instead of profiling cooks who make burgers, sandwiches, and barbecue, the show centers immigrants (and the descendants of enslaved Black people), highlighting the difficult, often thankless work they do to make room for themselves and their families in the US. It’s part No Reservations, part Salt Fat Acid Heat, with an even more explicit political aim to give a much-needed history lesson."

 INTERESTING  For when communication is key ~ A well-written letter can change a life, which is what the prison abolitionist organization Black and Pink is trying to do with their pen pal program. Through this program, volunteers sign up to write letters and provide support to queer and trans people in prison: "The pen pal program is critical for individuals who are incarcerated because it 'reminds people of their inherent value' in a system that can be especially dehumanizing when you’re LGBTQ. According to the National Center for Trans Equality, trans women are more than twice as likely as the average person to have spent time behind bars, and 10 times more likely to have been sexually assaulted in jail or prison. According to Black and Pink, forming pen pal relationships with individuals on the outside is a means of harm reduction because it signals to guards and other prisoners that there are people paying attention to an inmate’s welfare. The end goal of the pen pal program is focused on transformative justice, a model that advocates for looking past criminal punishment as a solution and examining the root causes of why an individual might have ended up incarcerated."

 WELLNESS  For when you need relief ~ Try a new approach to reducing your anxiety and overwhelm with non-traditional remedies: "This year has brought new levels of anxiety and pressure. And while all people have their own methods of dealing — some healthy, some less so — a growing number are beginning to look beyond traditional remedies like talk therapy and exercise in favor of alternative approaches. Think of these practices not as a means of escape but rather as paths for connecting, or reconnecting, with yourself. With chronic stress becoming increasingly common, practices like restorative yoga, stretching-focused yin yoga, and intentional stretching feel that much more essential. While restorative fitness methods counterbalance the constant muscle and joint contraction of active workouts, they also rebuild mobility after too much time spent in static positions, like sitting at your desk or commuting. 'Your muscles and joints need to expand and lengthen to be fully optimized and to prevent or ease pain,' says Aimee Cho, cofounder of Outer Reach, a Manhattan stretching studio. 'We call it mindful movement.'"
sounds for sweet dreams
Bombay Bicycle Club ft. Rae Morris ~ Lose You To Love Me (Cover)
community board

Spreading stay home joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • 💤 "My tip is to block off 30 minutes on your calendar to take a nap or just lie down and rest your eyes. Seriously helps me get through the rest of the workday." ~ Ana C.

last stop to dreamland

If you have coupons that you don't want, leave them by the product in the store where the product is sold. The next person that needs it will be able to use the coupon and save some money too.

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

Reminder to: 
Take your vitamins.
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