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TUESDAY  •  JUNE 9, 2020
sleep mantra
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"If you have a dream, make it a goal."
~ Unknown
tonight's pick-me-ups

Things we're doing to unwind and get cozy before bed tonight: 

💸 Talking money. Whether you're rolling in cash or feeling strapped, it's helpful to be open about your financial situation. Discover what others are doing to save and invest from tracking expenses through an app to creating budget rules.

🎧 Educating ourselves. From fiction to memoirs, books can teach us so much about the world and ourselves. These are some of the best made even better
by listening to them as audiobooks. On our list: 'Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered' by My Favorite Murder hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

🕯️ Lighting things up. Turns out there's a right and wrong way to burn your candle.
Learn how with tips like adding a pinch of salt and keeping them out of sunlight so that your relaxing rituals can last even longer.

🔢 Coping with COVID. If you're a 1, you probably miss control and routine while social 7's miss freedom and spontaneity. Leave it to the
Enneagram to guide you in coping and stress-management strategies based on your personality.

May you be the french fries to our mashed potato. 🥔
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bedtime stories

Reads when you're up late anyway. Here are tonight's round-up for every occasion:

For when you need a breather ~ With work stress spiking due to the uncertainty still looming, it's important to take care of your and your loved ones' mental state: "While we cannot rescue our partner, it is distressing to see the person we love consumed by stress. In my own research on working couples I found that most people, like Rachel, genuinely want to help their partners through tough times. They care, and they realize that how they react to and live with their partner’s stress influences their partner’s emotional well-being as well as their own — and their relationship, and both of their careers. Although many couples are now together all the time, I have found that a lot are feeling lonely in their relationships. By having to pack so much into each day — work, household chores and, for some, homeschooling — they end up neglecting each other. Yet having our loved ones’ undivided attention, a time in which we can openly share and vent our frustrations, is one of the best release valves for stress. Couples can help each other, and their relationship, by giving each other 15 minutes of undivided attention at the end of each day where they agree to simply listen openly and attentively — no suggestions, no advice."

 WELLNESS  For when you could use a dose of positivity ~ Microdosing is all the rage right now and we're intrigued to learn more, especially when it comes to caffeine: "Microdosing refers to the practice of taking tiny portions of a substance, usually around one-tenth or one-twentieth of a normal dose. The idea is to reap the positive benefits of a substance, without any of the negative. To achieve an optimal energy zone, you generally need to consume between 60 mg and 100 mg of caffeine. One way to optimize your intake is through microdosing, or consuming small amounts of caffeine throughout the day. This might look like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, and then only having green tea throughout the rest of the day. Or slowly sipping your coffee in the morning, which may help you drink around 10 mg or so of caffeine at a time. These techniques may give you enough stimulation to help you be as productive as possible without feeling jittery or anxious."

 FASHION  For when everyone's invited ~ Fashion has a lot to do when it comes to inclusivity and transparency. Thanks to forward-thinking designers, we can take steps toward a more sustainable and inclusive future: "Brands that are serious about making changes for the better should look to voices in the Black community for guidance, voices like Diarra Bousso’s. Born and raised in Senegal, she launched her line Diarrablu in 2015 with a unique mission: to merge her love of math and algorithms with her artisanal heritage. It’s grown to become a prime example of how a fashion brand can prioritize both sustainability and inclusivity ... Bousso believes the industry needs to do more to combat racism and inequality, starting with increased transparency. 'Every brand has a Black person on their team, even if it’s someone in the factory sewing buttons,' she says. 'Brands need to tell their stories, and ask themselves how they can do more for them.'"

 LIFESTYLE  For when you're feeling the heat ~ Help yourself on #TakeoutTuesday because tbh the pressure of pandemic cooking can be a little much for hopeless cooks in the kitchen: "Cooking, one of life’s most basic chores, has suddenly become a creative outlet and source of comfort for a whole new audience of the housebound. On social media, it can seem as if everyone is spending more time in the kitchen, whether to bake banana bread or to cultivate a sourdough starter with a cheeky name like Jane Dough. Traffic to cooking websites has exploded. Celebrities are broadcasting their culinary feats. As the website Grub Street recently noted, 'In quarantine, it turns out, everything becomes a cooking blog.' Yet for all the home cooks who are embracing the art as a therapeutic escape or mode of entertainment, there are as many others who are left cold, or confounded, by the sight of a stove. It’s hardly news that plenty of people don’t cook, or don’t like to. But driven by necessity or inspired by the new popularity of cooking, Ms. Hodges and others like her have tried their hand at it, often with discouraging results: smoke-filled kitchens, blackened pots, whipped-coffee explosions. Even when they succeed, satisfaction isn’t guaranteed."
sounds for sweet dreams
Sabrina Carpenter ~ Honeymoon Fades
community board

Spreading stay home joy with asks, gives, shout-outs, and suggestions from within our community. All submissions welcomed!

  • "I got into virtual volunteering during quarantine with Volunteer Match. They have so many good opportunities and organizations to help out if you still have extra time." ~ Erin M.

last stop to dreamland

If you find yourself rearranging items on your to-do list so it looks 'perfect,' refreshing your email, or emptying your inbox to zero, it's because of structured procrastination. It gives a dopamine boost that you feel productive, but you're actually not. Solution: catch yourself and ask, "What am I avoiding?"

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☁️🌛 Goodnight and go tuck yourself ☁️

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