Thank you for helping to make our first meeting a success!

Any new group can have a learning curve, and we'll continue to improve as we grow, but our first meeting was a win in my book! 

A HUGE thank you to Katherine Melton from the Johnson County Mental Health Department. She provided a lot of information about resilience and even brought coloring pages for those who needed to doodle, essential oils for people to try, and candies. She went above and beyond volunteering to be our first speaker! 
It's a learning curve...

At our September meeting we learned that the meeting takes quite a bit of time to download after it's finished. It did not have time to complete the download before the library closed. Since it was interrupted when we left the wi fi area, it did not download correctly and is not available.

We will have games from 6-6:30 and start the talk at 6:30 in October. Hopefully it can complete the download prior to leaving the building if we start at this time. I apologize if you were counting on watching the recorded version last month.

Hopefully we'll work the kinks out this month!
Our Senior Teen Leaders, Connor and Sarah, started our September meeting off with important information followed by games.

As you probably noted in their intro to the September meeting, they are fun-loving and want everyone else to have fun with them ~ even when they have to discuss legal disclaimers and other typically boring information. 

They have many ideas for games to play each month to help everyone get to know one another. Their first choice made even the hesitant teens laugh at least a little as people got popped with a pool noodle when they tried to snag clothes pins off the cape. I'm sure the game during the October meeting will be just as lively!
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Membership Information

Most of you have registered to be a member. Only members and their parents will receive a copy of the recorded meetings when they're available. This is to limit the sharing only to people who have accepted the conditions of our group. 
Common Questions about Membership:
  • Why become a member? Our members will receive members-only information about the group as well as recorded presentations when they're available.
  • What is the cost of membership? It is free.
  • Who can be a member? Any middle or high school student. Professionals who are interested in membership should contact me directly at 
  • Do members have to have ADHD? No. We are a group to help all tweens and teens learn how to thrive in life. Anyone can benefit from the information shared at our meetings. 
  • Do parents have to be CHADD members? No. While it isn't required, we encourage parents to join CHADD because their membership supports our ADHDKC chapter as a whole and entitles them to all the benefits of CHADD membership. 
If you have not yet become a member, see our Membership page for more information. 

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