It's been a few months since I sent out a newsletter! Mostly because I've been doing some soul-searching and embracing home life.

But we've had some sunny days here, and I'm feeling in the mood to share and bloom again!

How about you? Do you feel that electric anticipation of spring?
I always feel like, in January and February, there's this static feeling around the whole Earth. Like pressure, bubbling up from the cold winter. It's a feeling of growth and potential. But being stuck indoors.. it can be frustrating.

Thankfully I have been able to use these cold months for quiet reflection. Which has led me to:

1. Close up shop! (Sometimes I feel like an expert at discovering what I need to let go of, haha.) It's been so good for me to streamline and lean into this season of Motherhood. I don't think I'll ever regret it!

2. Write a couple blog posts! All created in the pursuit of self-care and community and kindness. It just feels so good to write for the sake of sharing, as opposed to writing alongside selling something.

3. Knit and draw! I've been getting back to drawing flowers for fun :)

4. Work more on FibreShare, because the community always brings me such happiness!

5. Slow down our days so I can give all my attention and love to my little family. We've been doing a LOT of baking, reading, rearranging furniture, and just enjoying that toddler life!

I hope you've had a wonderful few months, too! I'll share what fun things I've been up to during naptime below :D

Thanks as always for listening and being interested in my life!

With love,
This year I started a side Instagram feed called @swiftandbloomers where I share day-to-day life with Violet! It's been so fun and low-key. Come say hi - I'd love to connect with you there!

My New Favorite Craft: Knit and Crochet Toys

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A humorous and heartfelt action plan for our annual "one little word": Attention.  Read the full blog post here.

My Grand Un-Opening: Intentionally Not Selling Art

Okay, admittedly this is not my best blog post ever, but that's kind of the point of the blog post, LOL! I chose to close shop to focus on family. Read more here.

Also, here's a link to my correlating Instagram post, where a LOT of awesome women shared their own feelings toward our "side hustle" consumer culture. That's a much better read, IMHO, haha!

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A reflection on all the emotion that goes into a hand-knit garment.  Read more here.

Here's a tulip drawing I made for my phone's wallpaper! If you'd like to use it, you're more than welcome! Just save the image and enjoy :)
Just for fun, I want to share this Valentine I drew for my daughter :)
Totally LOVED this sweet moon pattern!! Highly recommend! I used cotton yarn that I dyed naturally with hibiscus flowers while I was pregnant with her :)

Pattern: "Goodnight Moon" by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. 
This pattern was SO fiddly, I don't know that I can recommend it, unless you're a diehard Dr. Who fan, haha. I knit this for my husband's birthday, to keep him company at work. He loves it :D

Pattern: EXTERMIKNIT! by Penwiper
I am obsessed with Mochiland patterns!! This is another little desk-mate I made for my husband, and I definitely recommend it if you like knitting toys! It only took a couple hours to make :)

Pattern: "Tiny Computer" by Anna Hrachovec
I've been wanting to knit one of these for ages, and finally bought the pattern so I could make one for my FibreShare partner!! I'm so glad I did! The pattern is by Susan B. Anderson, who is absolutely brilliant. I've loved everything I've knit by her so far!

Pattern: Three French Hens by Susan B. Anderson
I adored this pattern for a crochet kiss. It's free + easy! I made this for my husband this Valentine's Day, haha. It's so cute!! 

Pattern: Hershey's Kiss by Heather Jarmusz
Another crochet pattern I can recommend is this hilarious toy taco!! I made it for a close friend and will probably make another to keep. It's a fun instant gratification project!

Pattern: Taco Kawaii Cuddler™ by Donna & Michaelene
Okay one more pattern to share: this little whimsical cat. Violet calls it "Lemony Cat" adorable is that?! I'd definitely recommend this for crochet newbies, like me!

Pattern: Dumpling Kitty by Sarah Sloyer
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