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How was your September? Mine was honestly really exciting, because my daughter is officially in FULL TODDLER MODE, so every day is a constant whirlwind.

I love how she is delighted by everything, and moves so FAST, and yet... she is also an expert at slowing down to appreciate fine details, truly absorbing herself in the flow of the world.

Isn’t that what we all want, after all?
To seize the day, but also remember to pause?
Toddlers are just so wise and full of life!
I love this stage!
Photo by my husband, Jacob Meyer!
September Blog Posts
Indulge Yourself Already (AKA: Permission to Wear Hand Knit Socks)
This month, journaling taught me that I can indulge myself in simple ways as an act of self care. So often, we deny ourselves simple pleasures without even realizing it! I’m working on recognizing and changing these patterns in my day-to-day rituals, starting with wearing "the good socks." ;)
7 Things I Do Every Morning as a Non-Morning Person
Did you see my new blog post about waking up EARLY? It's a fun one: like a day-in-the-life glimpse into my morning routine. I thought it might be helpful to share what my morning looks like. Maybe it'll inspire others to try waking early, or at least, maybe it'll help other have a realistic view of what a successful early morning routine looks like (for me).
Painting and Stringing a Magnolia Garland
Next, I've been trying something new by sharing some “fluff” pieces. Short little posts that are cheerful - just for fun! Like these:
Violet's Strawberry Chocolate Oatmeal Recipe
What’s on Violet’s Toyshelf: 12-15 Months (Part One)
And finally, I also published the first post in a new series about Violet's learning materials! This is so fun for me to share because I used to teach Preschool and LOVE managing Violet's toy rotation!
September Shop Launch!
Some of you may have seen that I opened a shop this month!! This is exciting for me, but it's honestly also kind of scary.

I've worked so hard to ensure that my creative side-hustle is inclusive of my SAHM and Homemaking passions.
I don't ever want Swift and Bloom to feel like "work" that takes away from my family.

BUT... like, I'm also an artist who loves the thrill of designing usable items! So I have officially opened up shop and will continue to fill it with things I make that bring me joy.
Visit My Shop
Personal Projects
K, and at this point I feel like I'm getting dangerously close to "tooting my own horn" but... I did manage to squeeze in some just-for-fun projects over the past month! Here's a highlight of my favorites :D
I finished knitting this dress for Violet, using yarn that I dyed! In case you're interested, the pattern is Rio Dress by Taiga Hillard Designs ;) 
A cute portrait I drew of my husband, Jacob, and our daughter, Violet!
I knitted this hat for Violet, and discovered that huge pompoms and toddlers are just meant-to-be!! The pattern is Glow by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir. Here is a link to my pattern notes (with errata) in case any of you knitters want to make this one!
Family, Friends, and Community
My husband, Jacob, is taking an intro Photography course! He's a natural, and I've just been delighted watching him learn something totally new this month.  Here's a shot he took to practice in low light conditions. I just think it's so warm and pretty. I wanted to share it!
I've been inspired by the "Fresh Squeezed Parenting" blog recently (which I actually discovered because the author is my neighbor's daughter)! The content focuses heavily on respectful parenting and personal growth: two things which are on my mind like 99% of of the time, haha.

This post in particular resonated with me, as I'm currently navigating the new and exciting world of toddler meltdowns ;)
My friend Ashley of Loom Denim is doing some REALLY inspiring things over on her Instagram feed! Not only is she learning punch needling (how gorgeous are those flowers?!), she's also transitioning more into process art over product art. This is SUCH a bold transition in our consumerist society. One I relate to SO strongly. And I encourage you all to go follow her progress - she's amazing!
Oh, and I can't forget FibreShare! For those of you who may not know, I am the Creative Director of FibreShare: an international yarn swap. We're in the midst of an epic round of sharing right now, (we have almost 3,000 participants!!!). I'm really proud of the new merch I've designed for our Etsy shop. It all went live this month! Here's a shot of me sporting our new #teamfibreshare shirt around the block with our two girls :D
That's It!
Well, I'm gonna wrap up here. Because I'm pretty sure this email is wayyyy too long. Haha! ...But those of you who do read my blog (or know me in real life) ... well, you already know that I'm a long-winded person. Thank you kindly for listening, and for encouraging me on this new blogging endeavor!

Wishing you all a glorious October!!!
Until next month:
xx, Beth
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