Falling Back: Moving Forward

Hi Friends!

Wow, October was a dynamic month, wasn't it?! I conquered some MAJOR goals (and fears), made some lovely memories with our little family, and overall I feel optimistic about Autumn this year. ...Although honestly, the changing of seasons is hard for me. So I'm trying to keep self-care at the forefront of my mind.

Is this time of year challenging for you, too? ...The shortening sunlight, the flurry of plans for holiday season: it's a saucy little jig, isn't it? Hopping that fine line between excitement and burnout.

WELL, I have some new self-care strategies in the works for November, and am looking forward to sharing! For now, here's a little recap of my October. Thank you, as always, for following along with my artsy Motherhood journey!

xx, Beth


Zinnia Seed Sun-Catchers

A short + sweet post about saving our zinnia seeds and making some spontaneous nature-collages! Read more here.

Invisibility in Motherhood

A heart-on-my-sleeve confession about how it feels to be "behind the scenes" as a new Mom, plus healthy steps to reclaiming my spotlight. Read more here.

How To Streamline Your Yarn-Stash

A light-hearted guest post I wrote for the FibreShare blog about building your dream-stash by purging your yarn! Read more here.

Design Work
An Illustration I drew in celebration of my interview on the BHooked Podcast! It's all about "the role of community and craft in self-care." You can listen here!
A custom clothing tag I drew for my sewist friend Liz Hayes of Josephine's Lot! This was a barter, and she'll be sewing a little linen apron for Violet. So sweet!
A self-portrait I drew as an act of self-care! This is my new avatar for Swift and Bloom. I'm usually afraid to draw portraits of people because it doesn't come naturally to me. But.. it's something I've been practicing this year, and I'm enjoying the new challenge!
Knits and Personal Projects

Violet's Halloween Hat

I made Violet a simple chicken costume this year, and she pulled it off adorably!! It cost less than $10 to make. We bought a white feather boa, and a thrifted white shirt. And I made her a chicken hat with yarn from my stash. For any knitters reading this, I used the "bearly bonnet" pattern and improvised chicken embellishments. Easy-peasy!

The Pit.

If there's ONE THING I'll always remember about this October... it's this: Jacob and my Dad and I demolished an old greenhouse foundation in our backyard. And the next day... I got HORRIBLE poison ivy. It lasted all month. Was it worth the misery? *sigh* ...Hell yeah it was. I'm so proud of us all! The guys filled up this whole dumpster with cinderblocks and yard waste. (But it was so horrible we didn't even want to take a picture at the end, LOL!) I think eventually, we'll laugh about it. And at the end of the day, I'm just very thankful for the strong and generous men in my life. 

Christmas Knits

I might be crazy, but I've already started prepping for Christmas season! This is the first gift I knit so far: an owl toy for Violet. For any knitters reading this, the pattern is fabulous. It's "Tawny Owl" on Ravelry.


I participated in Inktober this year... kind of. Haha. I only managed to draw 7 out of 31 days. But you know what? I did my best! Each of my 7 drawings is an emerging interest of Violet's. We've been using these as flashcards. (And it definitely got the wheels turning for a future children's book!)

Thank You!
That's a wrap for my October! Thank you for reading!

You know, it's actually really helpful for me to use this newsletter as a tool. I can see what I'm really *doing* in a month. ...Motherhood is tricky like that. Everything moves so fast, it's easy to forget how much you're really accomplishing! I hope you'll also take a moment to reflect on YOUR month. Think of all you achieved! Think of all the smiles you inspired, the hugs you gave, the things you made with your hands. You're a superstar!

Cheers to a beautiful November :)
Thanks for reading, sweet friends.
xx, Beth
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