Global CE COVID Day
In response to WHO's request, we are organizing a special global event to share clinical engineering experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a rapidly changing situation and our colleagues on the front line are experiencing many current challenges.

The event is driven by conversations with IFMBE CED, WHO, and international colleagues who are searching for practical solutions during these times.

What: Global live zoom event GLOBAL CE COVID-19 DAY of one (1) hour duration.


When: April 9th, 2020 (no not the 19th) at 9 am New York time USA.
Dear colleague,
Here are some resources you might find helpful. As always, your professional judgement and regulatory compliance should be incorporated:

We encourage you to use the following resource repositories as official sources for recommendations and good practices on how to handle COVID-19:

This update will be also distributed through the Hacking Coronavirus social media platforms, you can follow us and contribute using the following channels:

Proud Recognition and Thanks to our Colleagues!
Very important that our community of medical device servicers -- around the globe -- receive recognition and support for their hard work.

Like the men and women who keep our military fleet of fighters, ships, tanks, and every last piece of electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical devices safe, reliable, and service-ready, the massive community of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), Clinical Engineers (CEs), and Field Service Professionals (FEPs) are often working quietly on the front lines 24x7 in hospitals ensuring patients, physicians, and nurses have as many devices as possible saving lives, not sitting on shelves or in closets.

THANK YOU all for your hard and skillful work in the midst of this crisis.

Elliot Sloane & The IFMBE CED Board
Thank you, 
Hacking Coronavirus Team

IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division's mission statement: To promote global communication, networking, and understanding of challenges related to healthcare technology management.

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