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Hey <<First Name>>,

I know, I know: a newsletter from someone who hasn't posted anything in 5 months. But wait before you hit unsubscribe, I have something new.

The last 5 months have been upsetting considering our new way of life. Hence, I took a little break from social media. A 5-month break. This made me rethink a couple things that I had been doing, including this newsletter.

I'm trying out a new format that I'm really excited about. Hopefully, this way, I can contribute and give you something more. If you hate it, that's fine too, just hit reply and let me know what you think should be changed. And whatever you think of this, thanks for signing up — you are in great company.

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💡 Quick Tip of the Week

In Photoshop, if you right click on the canvas (not the image), you can change its color.

Go into Select Custom Color… and change that to white. This will help you when you are tinkering with the contrast of your images. Flipping through different canvas colors (white, black, and dark gray) will let you perceive your tones differently.

Well, that's it. I'm hoping that this felt less like a nagging newsletter and more like something that we can stick with. Like, something useful. And if not, maybe you'll send me some words detailing how I could improve this. Either way, I'll see you next week, and stay safe out there!