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Masonic Ritual, Greys, Anunnaki, The Dragon Under Johnston Atoll & Janet Lessin

From  DANCE OF SOULS-Pierce the Veil (Book 1): The story of her hero’s journey through consciousness. In this mind-blowing interview, Janet tells radio host Miesha Johnston how at eighteen months of age, Masons ritually evoked her spirit and how she stayed connected
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Miesha Johnston is a second-generational experiencer. She had her first experience at age three. She has, had numerous contacts and abductions and has been involved with at least 5 different alien types: grays, insectoids, mammalians, reptilians, and human-looking groups. She has had
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Scott & Melanie McClure

ScottieO is a best-selling author of “Passion: Living the Life You Love”, and featured in two films “The Answer to Everything” and “The Answer to Health”. Both were recently featured on the Learning Channel, Daily News, Men and Women’s Health and the
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Contactees Part 1: Walton, Hernandez, Wilde, Basiago, Crawford, Perala, Titor, Green, Cramer, Lessin, Johnson, Johnston & Jansen

Hear Travis Walton, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Ken Johnston, George Green, Sherry Wilde, Miesha Johnston, Cynthia Crawford, Robert Peralta, Janet Kira Lessin, John Titor II, Reinerio Hernandez, Hildregard Gmeiser, Olaf Jansen and others share their experiences. Aloha. I’m Dr. Sasha Lessin. Wife
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Stargate to the Cosmos Expo 2018 – Albuquerque, NM

Register Here: Reserve your hotel here: [/one_fourth_last]
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Richard Smith

Who is this white dude named Smith who came from the stars? Richard Smith is a Professional Life-Changing Speaker and Motivational Experiencer, Web Design Consultant and Visionary Author on the topic of Extraterrestrial Contact, the Moorish Legacy, Human Origins and related matters.
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ALIENS HELP US–Rienerio Hernandez’ & FREE’s scientific study of ET & Paranormal Contact

UFO ENCOUNTERS CAN HELP EXPERIENCER & HUMANKIND By Reinerio Hernandez Hernandez–a featured speaker, presenter, panelist and workshop leader at the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference, Oct 25-29, Albuquerque NM Over 3,300 participants from over 100 countries Surveys conducted in 4 languages: English,
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Basic Income for ET & Paranormal Experiencers’ Freedom of Speech–by Karen Christine Patrick

 THE BASIC INCOME FOR REAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH The Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.), also called the Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.), is the idea to combat poverty, wealth inequality, and to take humanity into a new future that works for everybody. One
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Barrie Gellis

Barrie Gellis has given many live and online presentations and interviews on Seth, UFOs, and The Secret, as well as other spiritual and metaphysical topics. He is a former member of Jane Roberts’ ESP class in Elmira (one of the New York
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Andy Lloyd Proves Anunnaki Got Orbit of Nibiru Right

      This material is expanded in the Lessins’ book, Anunnaki: False Gods.  Click my arrow and listen..   Lloyd, author of The Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence shares the latest findings on the huge planetary body, 20 astronomical units from
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