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In honor of an "Art and Advocacy" project we're working on with the help of several local museums this semester, we thought we'd put together some museum-focused materials.


—The Good Sentences Team
1. Essay: The Forgotten Movement to Reclaim Africa's Stolen Art by Julian Lucas (2022)

Favorite Sentence: "Where the authors couldn’t prove ignorance, they were prepared to create it."

—Picked by Allie Brydell (Michigan Law JD Class of 2023, Favorite Museum: The Met in New York) 

2. Fiction: Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson (1995)

Favorite Sentence: "That walk took us through ancient streets so freighted with history that they can barely carry the burden."

—Picked by Priyanka Pokharel (Michigan Law LLM Class of 2023, Favorite Museum: Military Museum in Kathmandu)

3. Poetry: Monet by Howard Nemerov (1979)

Favorite Sentence: "We spent the Sunday morning at Bowl Pond
                                 A mile from the Museum, where no one was"

—Picked by Jacob Ladd (Michigan Law JD Class of 2023, Favorite Museum: The National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington, D.C.)
Michigan Sentences: Here's an article about a chalice housed at the University of Michigan Kelsey Museum of Archeology that is believed to be over 2500 years old. It was written by Kevin Dicus, who earned his PhD in Classical Archaeology Studies from Michigan in 2012. 
Syllabus Sentences: Here are few chapters I give students to help them understand the power of parallel structure.
Book Recommendations
Nuance Spotlight:
Giorgio Vasari
Here's the Italian artist Giorgio Vasarior at least his English translator, Gaston Du C. De Vereusing one of our Notes on Nuance moves all the way back in the 16th century. We learned about the move three years ago, in the the September 2019 edition of the Good Sentences email. It's the one where writers use the phrase "but not" to distinguish between two similar but not identical qualities.

"Having discoursed, in the Preface to the Lives, of certain buildings in a manner old but not ancient, and having been silent, for the reason that I did not know them, about the names of the architects who had charge of their construction, I will make mention, in the Preface to this Life of Arnolfo, of certain other edifices built in his time or a little before."
     —Giorgio Vasari, The Lives of the Artists (1550)
Additional Resources
Online Courses

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Good with Words: Speaking and Presenting
Good with Words: Writing and Editing  
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Poets and Painters
Why Are So Many Poets Also Artists? by Maggie Milner (2009)
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