Hello. This week, we talked with your local elected officials, community board leaders and advocate groups to share where we're at with the revised approach to the L Project. The headlines: construction is still progressing right now on all the non-tunnel rehabilitation pieces, and we've created a whole new service plan to go with the revised scenario (in which L train service will continue running normally for the majority of customers).

We'll be updating our website soon with the new information, including the presentation that was shared this week. In the meantime, other updates are below. Have a great weekend.
The moving walkway, on the right side of the photo, was removed last summer.

About that moving walkway at Court Sq Station...

We’ve gotten this question a few times now, so we’re dedicating more space to it. As you know, we removed a moving walkway last summer to create more space in the Court Sq Station passageway, and we aren’t planning to bring it back. Here’s why: We did an analysis and found that the 350-ft moving walkway was actually hurting pedestrian flow. It could only move in one direction and shaved just 9 seconds if you used it in the most efficient way possible. It also cost more than $200,000 a year to maintain.


But we also put some new improvements in, too, to help you speed up your commute. As you may have noticed, we added two new sets of stairs, put in new turnstiles and widened two existing stairs at the G platform. We even added railings on the narrow part of the platform to increase safety.

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Non-L Project update: Select Bus Service is coming to 14th Street in Manhattan

It's not the L Project. Or the L. But it partially would run right above where the L is, so we thought you'd be interested to get the news that we've committed to operating a permanent Select Bus Service on 14th Street in Manhattan.

We'll be partnering with NYC DOT on the planning, design and implementation of bus priority along the route including bus lanes on 14th Street. Our next step is to do a proper community input process on our initial proposed route (see above photo), so more to come.

L Project, IRL

This newsletter is great. But some situations call for a good face-to-face meet-up. With the proposed changes to the L Project's tunnel rehabilitation, and our new draft service plan, we're going to be taking our show on the road to talk about it with you in-person.
Next week, we'll be at Manhattan Community Board 4's Transportation Committee Meeting to start, and we'll continue to be at other community board meetings as requested.

We're also going to be doing our own open houses. Look for save the dates on posters and screens in your local stations and online soon!

Send us your questions and "what's this all about?" photos

We didn't get any questions or photos from you last week to feature, and we know it's not because you aren't curious. For the newbies, just a reminder on the two ways to ask your question (and potentially get it answered and featured) in the newsletter:
1. Have a thoughtful question about the L Project. We like all questions, but especially the ones that can help your fellow customers, too. Submit it here.
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Don't forget: Weekend service changes on the L extend to Monday for Presidents’ Day

Our overnight and weekend work continues on the L during the weeknights and all-day on the weekends between 8 Av and Broadway Junction in February and March, and so do the service changes. Don't forget that Monday is a holiday, so service changes will extend for an extra day this week.

Thanks for bearing with us as we make long-term reliability improvements to track, switches and signaling so that our track will be safer and trains will run faster and smoother, and that we’ll have the right signals to run the one-track operation come April. 
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