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This is the first monthly update from the MTA's 42 St Connection Project.

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Welcome to the #42ndStreet team

This is the first issue of regular updates about the 42 St Connection Project—a reliability, capacity and accessibility project that will make journeys faster and accessible for people with all abilities—connecting more of New York for more New Yorkers under 42nd Street in Manhattan and beyond.

You'll get monthly updates and targeted news from time to time about major service changes and milestones. You can expect to get access to:

The latest construction schedule: How we're tracking and what's coming next.
Station and service changes: Closed stairs, elevators and escalators, along with minor service changes on the 42 St Shuttle. We'll help you navigate it.
Deep dives on different project elements: Each issue will focus on one part of this project, which spans three stations.
News about the project: Invites to check out newly opened areas and major milestones as the project progresses.

But we want to hear from you, too. If you have a question about the project that you'd like answered in a future newsletter, ask us here, and we'll answer one in each issue.

Focus on: 42 St Shuttle project

The 42 St Shuttle is part of the original subway system that opened in 1904. It has grown to a ridership of more than 100,000 daily customers, including up to 10,000 during peak hours, connecting Times Square and Grand Central Stations.

But the Shuttle isn't fully ADA-accessible. Large gaps between the platform and the trains mean that customers with certain mobility needs are unable to board or exit at either Times Square or Grand Central.

This construction project, which started in August 2019, will fix that, among other improvements

Here are some quick facts about the project:
The Shuttle has four tracks, and currently operates on three of them. We'll be removing Track 3 from operation (in addition to removing Track 2, which is no longer being used) and rehabilitating Tracks 1 and 4 (see above photo for the rehab underway).

We designed the project to keep service running as much as possible. In the current phase, the Shuttle is running on two tracks, Tracks 3 and 4. When we move to the next phase, Tracks 1 and 3 will be open for service.

Because we're removing Track 3, we'll have a very large platform area as a result. At Grand Central, the platform will become the largest in our entire system at nearly 22,000 square feet.
Keep reading about the Shuttle→

What's new: New mezzanine area at Grand Central is complete

On February 3, 2020, we opened a brand new mezzanine and fare control area at Grand Central Station. This included: 

1,500 new sq ft of mezzanine space
New fare control area
2 new stairways

The 42 St Connection Project has several capacity-increasing projects like this—projects designed to make it easier to navigate stations with more space, reducing overall commute time.
Read about all of our projects→

Plan ahead: Service + station changes

| 42 St Shuttle: We designed this project so we could keep Shuttle service running at most times. We're getting closer to finishing one phase of the project, and ahead of that, we have three weeks of weeknights when the Shuttle will end service before the normal midnight time. Get the full schedule here

Times Square: On the Shuttle platform, we're completely redesigning the exits to the street to create less crowding on platforms and more capacity on stairs. In the meantime, we're closing some of the existing ones permanently. Find out the latest changes and which exits are still open.

Bryant Park: Toward the end of February, we'll be starting to survey the area which will eventually become the corridor between Bryant Park and Times Square. A barricade will be placed on both uptown and downtown B/D/F/M platforms. No changes to station access will occur, but please use extra caution.

Grand Central: The elevator between the 7 train platform and the mezzanine remains under construction until April 2020. Get navigation tips for this and other changes.
Get more navigation tips→

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Stats on the 42 St transit corridor
Project renderings
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