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The Qualities All Successful Entrepreneurs Have

Have you been considering starting your own business, but are worried that you don’t have what it takes?  The Inspiration Coach, Josephine Paris, works with entrepreneurs to help take their businesses to the next level.  She shares which qualities she thinks all successful business owners have, and how you can work on developing these during your entrepreneurial journey.

Coach Spotlight

Meet your Inspiration Coach - Josephine Paris

A Business Coach based in Hong Kong. Josephine has an international career spanning over 11 years in Marketing and Communications in the retail industry in both the USA and the UK including 7 years being an entrepreneur in Business Coaching & Marketing in Asia.

Connect with Josephine

Boost Your Confidence After Getting Criticism

Whether your an entrepreneur or working in a company, getting criticism can sting.  But often feedback is a gift, so let's see if we can discover the lesson within the criticism rather than focus on the perceived 'punishment'.  

Career Coaching Taster Session

FREE Webinar - 21 November, 7pm
How to Stand Out: Defining & Refining Your Personal Pitch

Join this online interactive session if you're thinking about a career or job change and having trouble articulating your strengths. It's perfect timing for anyone who is thinking about joining the online Career Coaching Pack ‘Know Yourself, Know Your Strengths’ and would like to meet their coach Lily Ting and check out the digital classroom!

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