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Using Empathy & Compassion In Tough Times

It wouldn’t be surprising if you, like many people, see the closing out of 2019 as the end to a relatively turbulent year, and Clarity Coach Amy Yeung believes that our modern feelings and experiences are complex issues.  

Amy shares why taking a more empathetic and compassionate approach towards ourselves and others may improve not only our world view but also situations much closer to home. 

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Meet the Clarity Coach!

Amy helps clients clear their confusion, bottlenecks and anxiety, while helping them to develop an increased and sustainable sense of well-being that supports them personally and professionally.  

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7 Habits of Highly Empathetic People

While people can be naturally empathetic to others, empathetic communication takes effort.  If you're thinking of choosing a new year resolution, practicing empathy isn't a bad one to try.  

Avoid These Distracting Phrases

In the WIP Community we talk a lot about the importance of communication, and understanding the impact of the language that you use is the foundation.  Take note of these phrases, to make sure people hear what you meant to say. 

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