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What To Do If You're Feeling Undervalued

"What am I doing all this for?”.  You might be feeling pressured to meet tight deadlines before the holidays, and are being asked to take on extra work commitments with no thanks.  Work environments like this can make you feel undervalued and easily lead to resentment.  Here are a few ways to tackle feeling undervalued, and to find motivation and strength in other avenues.

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At Work In Progress, we focus on actionable, practical guidance and we aim to bring mindfulness to you in the same way.  In this webinar, join WIP Global Coach Mohammed Sam Shoushi to gain practical takeaways about how mindfulness can help you manage the stresses of work and life.

4 Signs You've Out Grown Your Role

Sometimes you're just not feeling motivated at work, and the feeling passes.  At other times it's more important not to ignore these thoughts, as they might be indicative of something more troubling.  If you're not sure if you might be wasting your time at a job that no longer holds any enthusiasm for you, check out if any of these signs resonate with your current work situation.   

Why 60% Qualified Is Enough

A job description is a perfectionist's nightmare.  Rather than seeing a JD as a wish list, some people - especially women - will only apply if they can tick off all the necessary criteria.   But there are good reasons to pursue roles that you might not feel fully qualified for.  Learn why 60% qualified might be enough.  

Meet the Global Coach!
Sam left Google for yoga, mindfulness, coaching and a move toward wellness.  Sam especially enjoys coaching as he believes in its power to motivate individuals to change and take things to the next level in life and work.  
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