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Interview Like a Superhero

Being able to set yourself apart from the competition is important.  So what are you inherently good at?  That thing you do with little effort?  That's the superpower that you need to make clear to an interviewer. 

Check out these 4 tips on how to interview successfully, making your superpower known to your interviewer, without bragging or coming across as arrogant.

Know Yourself, Know Your Strengths
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Are Cover Letters Dead?

Some recruiters or hiring managers will tell you that a LinkedIn message is all you need as your introduction, while others won't give your resume the time of day without a cover letter.  So who's right?  Check out when a cover letter is essential and when you should try and take a different approach.


8 Phone Interview Tips To Nail That Conversation

Phone interviews are typically the first step in the recruitment process, and the first hurdle to fall at.  How can you explain your talents in such short conversation, and how can you tell if the interviewer is receptive when you can't see them? These tips can help you win over your potential employer.  

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