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How To Make An Impact In 1 Minute

You may know your job inside out, but explaining what you do to others can still be a challenge.  When people's attention spans are fleeting, it's important to be impactful during an interview or when networking. 

Lily Ting, the WIP Strength Coach shared how to prepare and present the most important pitch you'll ever give - YOU.   

Coach Spotlight

Lily is The Strength Coach. 
After an extensive career as a recruiter and Deputy General Manager at the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Lily Ting’s goal is to help professionals when their future is completely unknown, and guide them to find a purpose that truly suits who they are and where they want to go. 

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How To Stand Out When Meeting Someone New

How you look really doesn't help you to stand out from the crowd.  Communication skills are key.  Check out these 9 hacks to help you be more memorable the next time you need to introduce yourself to someone new. 


4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Networking

So many people hate networking, yet it remains a tried and tested way of being introduced to opportunities that you otherwise wouldn't have found.  Here's how to be a smarter networker, and get the most out of these events.   

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Climate Crisis: A Conversation
with Craig Leeson

12 Sept, 7-8.30pm,
The Hive Sheung Wan
Speed Networking
for Business Professionals

19 Sept, 7-9.30pm,
The Hive Sheung Wan
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