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Fixed or Growth Mindset - Which One Are You?

What do the most successful people have in common?  They all demonstrate a growth mindset: they are constantly looking to learn, improve and take risks.  

Embracing a growth mindset is to accept that you’re never finished - you’re always a Work In Progress.  Find out if you have a growth mindset approach - and how to cultivate it.  

Coach Spotlight

Genevieve is The Focus Coach. 
Starting off as a Human Performance Consultant at Accenture in Melbourne,  Genevieve has had a truly global career spanning Asia and Europe.  As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, she uses this positive coaching approach to help individuals recognise a deeper understanding of what their strengths are, and how to use these in the workplace

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8 Tips For Managing Stress Effectively in a Busy Life

Balancing life and work is a constant juggling act, with the added pressure of wanting to appear at the top your game in all aspects.  Take a look at some of these tips to manage stress and see if any could work for you.  

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