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Insurance Tidbits
March 2019

Happy Spring!

Sorry for the lateness, and brevity, of this newsletter. A stomach flu took my household hostage for two full weeks. Enough said about that, right?

I hope you're enjoying the crocuses and daffodils, and whatever other green and growing things are sprouting in your neck of the woods. I'm looking forward to trading in my corduroy and wool for sandals and short sleeves!

I'd like to send out a heartfelt thanks to those of you who signed up for my newsletter since last month. WOW! I truly appreciate the interest and support of so many great people.


Insurance topics:
  1. What IS Concurrent Causation?
  2. Did You Know...? ( these insurance facts)
  3. You Can't Insure Grey Market Vehicles
Other information from me:

What Exactly IS Concurrent Causation?

One of the most frustrating things about some claims is that it seems to take FOREVER to get a decision about whether the insurer is going to pay it or not. This is especially true during events such as hurricanes and other weather events.

Most insurance professionals understand that for an insurance policy to cover a claim, the event that caused the loss must be included as a covered peril (or cause of loss) in the policy. The concept of concurrent causation involves losses that are caused by multiple perils--but not all of them are covered.

One of the examples I always cite when teaching has to do with a home damaged in a hurricane. The hurricane winds cause a tree to crash onto a house, the collapsing house falls in on the furnace, and the house explodes. Is this loss covered? Sure. Why? Because the first event in the chain of events that led to the loss--without interference from any other source--was the peril of wind. And wind, the proximate cause of the loss, is covered by most homeowners' policies--unless it's excluded, as it may be in one of the coastal states that is besieged by hurricanes (e.g., Texas).

But what happens when the falling tree is felled simultaneously by hurricane winds AND flooding? Is the loss still covered? Probably not ... but maybe.

Here's a great article that appeared in Property Casualty 360 recently that explains concurrent causation much better than I can.

Did You Know...

  1. Record number of robots were installed in U.S. businesses in 2018. Have your business clients told you about their robots? Have YOU asked them if they have robots? Are they insured properly ... or at all?
  2. States considered at high risk of earthquake include California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming. Here's a slideshow to help clients protect their assets.
  3. Sometime this year, certain employers will be required to report to the federal government data about wages broken down by sex, race, and ethnicity. While employers already file annual reports to the EEOC, this a new requirement.
  4. People change their vocabulary when they are doing something they know is wrong. This is a great article about people who lie, cheat, or commit insurance fraud--learn from these clues!
  5. Per J.D. Power & Associates, these are the insurers who ranked the highest for customer claim satisfaction re: property claims.

You Can't Insure Grey Market Vehicles

Have you ever run across a client who wants to insure a vehicle that was manufactured in another country? Maybe it was a Honda, or a Toyota, or a Mercedes. The make and model doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that the vehicle hasn't yet been titled in the U.S. AND it was produced with the intention of being sold in a country other than the United States.

Before a vehicle can be legally imported into the U.S. it has to meet certain requirements of the federal government. If a vehicle hasn't been imported legally, it can't be insured.

A grey market vehicle is one that doesn't meet requirements of the U.S. DOT and EPA with respect to standards for safety and emissions. Because of these deficiencies, it is illegal for grey market vehicles to be imported into the U.S. It's also illegal to have a grey market vehicle in one's possession.

If a client wants to import a grey market vehicle, it must be modified before importation. Federal regulations are issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on its website; they are called the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Clients can also find all kinds of laws, regulations, and guidance for importation and modification on the EPA's website.

My Latest News

My book Taking the Mystery Out of Business went out of print a few years ago and I'm in the process of republishing it in both eBook and paperback. I'm hoping to have a publication date within the next couple of weeks.

I still have about 2 dozen autographed copies of the original paperback on hand and they are available for sale on my website.

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