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Hi there,
We get it. Bin stores are stinky, dingy places and this tempts us to swing rubbish from the door and get away quickly!
But what happens when you miss?  
Rubbish lands on the floor, attracting pests and creating more nasty smells.
And what does this do?
It makes you and others want to avoid stepping on the rubbish and increases the temptation to keep throwing your waste from the door – adding to the problem.
We have received several complaints that your bin store is not being used correctly, so we’re writing to you to ask for your help. Please:
  • keep the floor clear of any rubbish bags
  • put rubbish in the correct bins 
  • let us know if the bins are overflowing 
  • only put household waste in the bins 
  • take large items to the tip
If rubbish is not placed in a bin, it’s considered fly-tipping which is a criminal offence and a breach of your tenancy.

Listening to your feedback, we know the bin store lock has had some issues. We have discovered that when the code is entered incorrectly too many times, it locks permanently until we release it. This is an anti-tamper mechanism, designed to ensure only those living in the block can use the bin store.
This may explain why rubbish has been left outside of the bin store occasionally, so we’d like to remind you of the code and ask that you keep a personal note of this to prevent locking anyone out of the store.
Your bin store code is: C3678
Your feedback is always useful, so if you have any suggestions to help improve your bin store, please leave us a comment by clicking here and we'll respond to you with any actions we plan to take.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Thrive Homes
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