Weekly Brief
August 23, 2020

TLN Commentary

The West's Role in Belarus, Michael Haltzel, William Courtney, RealClearWorld
Sarraj's Dangerous Dance With Power, Sasha Toperich,

Eastern Mediterranean Energy

How Did the Eastern Mediterranean Become the Eye of a Geopolitical Storm? Micha'el Tanchum, Foreign Policy
Defusing tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, Editorial Board, Financial Times (soft paywall)
Chevron sees East Med value, Peter Ramsay, Petroleum Economist


Impossible, Unthinkable Change Is Happening in Belarus, Siarhei Antusevich, New York Times
What Belarus Stands to Lose, Vadim Nitkin, The Nation
“Belarusians Have Finally Emerged as a Nation”, Dan Peleschuk, Slate
Belarus's Protests Aren't Particularly Anti-Putin, Rajan Menon, Foreign Policy

US Foreign Policy

Blame it on the blob? How to evaluate American grand strategy, Francis Gavin, War on the Rocks
Trade Controls are a Limited Tool of Foreign Policy, William Reinsch, CNAS
The End of American Illusion, Nadia Schadlow, Foreign Affairs
Revitalizing American diplomacy: Why mediation support should be part of the foreign policy rebuild, Zach Vertin, Brookings

Middle East, North Africa

UN-supported Libya government and rival authority call ceasefire, The Guardian
Trump’s Accidental Diplomacy in the Middle East, Martin Indyk, Foreign Affairs
Lebanon Needs a New Start, Javier Solana, Project Syndicate
Why would our allies allow an enemy like Iran to rearm? Richard Grennell, The Hill


Mali Coup: Why the World Is Watching, Eric Nagourney, New York Times
The coup in Mali is an ominous sign for Francophone west Africa, Rahmane Idrissa, The Guardian
Why the Mali coup matters to Europe and the world, Simon Marks, Politico EU
The crisis in the Sahel, Phillip Carter III, John May, The Hill
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