Weekly Brief
September 22, 2019


Sanctions and US Foreign Policy in the Trump Era, Ville Sinkkonen, FIIA
Trump Poised to Hit EU with Billions in Tariffs After Victory in Airbus Case, Jakob Hanke, Politico
EU Trade Policy Amid the China-US Clash: Caught in the Crossfire? Anabel Gonzalez, Nicolas Veron, Breugel

Middle East

Iran Might Be America's Enemy, but Saudi Arabia Is No Friend, Andrew Bacevich, New York Times
Trump Is in Danger of Giving the Taliban Exactly What They Want, David Tafuri, The Hill
Everyone Is Getting Sucked into the Iran Morass, Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Tunisia's Protest Vote Puts Populists in Driver's Seat, Oussama Romdhani, Ellen Laipson, The Hill

European Commission

A Free-for-all, Mehreen Khan, Financial Times
Toward a New EU, Ken Godfrey, Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe
A Commission of Concrete Steps Rather Than Grand Strategy, Daniel Gros, Steven Blockmans, CEPS

US Foreign Policy

Trump Weighs Retaliation Against Iran and Names National Security Adviser, Peter Baker, Eric Schmitt, New York Times
The Only Way to End 'Endless War', Stephen Wertheim, New York Times
Trump's New World Disorder: Competitive, Chaotic, Conflicted, Simon Tisdall, The Guardian


Foreign Policy Fatigue, Denis Volkov, Riddle
Russians Tune out Vladimir Putin, Joseph Dresen, The Hill
For Saudi Arabia, an Oil Field Attack Was a Disaster. For Russia, It’s a Weapons Sales Pitch. Adam Taylor, Washington Post
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