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June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month!

What a great time to promote fresh produce in our stores, businesses, community, and homes. The American Heart Association's Healthy for Good program has prepared a poster and Guide with practical tips on adding more fruits and vegetables into your family's diet without making big changes.
This month, look for ways to promote fresh fruits and vegetables. Bring fruit/veggie-rich snacks to share in the office, post recipes and tips showcasing fruits/veggies on your social media platforms, include recipe cards and posters by your displays, try new recipes at home, visit a farmer's market or you-pick farm, and most of all be adventurous--try a new-to-you or specialty fruit or veggie.

Risk & Fidelity

By David Benjamin
Practice Lead, Rising Tide Digital
In our personal and professional lives, we learn that relationships always involve Risk, Disruption, and on tough occasions, Loss.  We also realize that in every case, when things go sideways, there is an opportunity for resolution.  Research suggests that when we effectively work through adversity and unexpected challenges, we grow.  That’s not only true of people but also teams.
Risk:  Ok, so let’s be honest, not all risks result in damages, and of course, not all losses are the result of obvious or manageable risks.  Sometimes things seem to go bump in the night.  How our teams deal with those “bumps” is a measure of maturity.  Handle things the right way, and our customers become friends and not just clients.  Experience shows that we tend to trust and buy from supportive friends rather than the “low-cost bidder.”  It’s safer and smarter in the long run.
So, how do we find and measure risks that aren’t obvious?  The ones that aren’t staring us in the face and always seem to bite the hardest? Like they say, “there’s an app for that.”  For the last couple of months, I’ve been advising a new “startup” called Resilience360.  R360 was born several years ago in the famous DHL Innovation Center.  What the team developed was a new way to look at supply chain disruptions and how they might be spotted ahead of time.  Find the obvious and the hidden dangers before they happen and with timely insight turning pain into a potential for advantage in the market.  Imagine getting a heads up an hour, a day, maybe a week before the rest of your competition.  Can you turn chaos into an advantage?
“In the midst of chaosthere is also opportunity.” - Sun Tzu
Disruptions (and Resilience):  We know that when old Mr. Murphy drops by risk is likely to turn into a disruption.  Boom - things go sideways, and the first challenge is to mitigate the impact.  How do you respond quickly with an appropriate response? 
The smart money is on having a plan that won’t make things worse and puts us in a position to turn a challenge into an advantage.  This ability to is called Resilience, and it’s a cornerstone of business continuity planning.  Developing contingencies and actions over time brings maturity to a business but as importantly, maturity to our teams.
“Resilience is the ability to withstand, recover, and bounce back in the midst of stress and chaos.”
Loss:  It happens… and at times it’s going to be painful.  Whether we’re talking about loads being kicked, shortages on the retail floor or product left in the field, our world is dynamic and high-speed.  It’s especially tough when a loss impacts one or more of our customers but look at this way… your team now has a chance to step up and turn a negative to a positive.  Experience has taught us that the best way to do this is to manage the conversation openly and honestly.    Have one version of the facts, the truth, available to everyone in a secure platform.  Leaving a voicemail, sending emails, and shooting over texts means point-to-point contact, and we all know that means someone ends up out of the loop. That creates issues of its own and is a terrible resolution management style.  One way to manage the resolution process is to use a Supply Chain Collaboration tool? 
R360 recently an excellent example where everyone that’s working an issue gets to share facts, receives faster replies to time-sensitive questions, and retains the chronology of the process all the way through.  Maintaining the timeline may be essential.  Memories are short and sometimes open to interpretation.  If you stepped up, it’s all there for the record.  If you didn’t, then you’re exposed, and you’ll take a hit.  Keep and share a common set of facts, a single truth, and your teams will make lasting relationships built on trust.

You can grab more information on the Resilience360 platform by shooting an email to and I’ll get you to the right team members to support your request. 
FreshXpert Anthony Totta takes a look at produce placement in the May issue of Supermarket Perimeter.
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by Ron Pelger

The New Fast-Paced Food Industry

We all know that the food industry is a very high-velocity business with competition getting tougher and tougher. Whether you are a grower, shipper, wholesaler, broker or retailer, everybody’s customers are insisting on higher valued product along with more service today. And operating costs continue to outpace revenues. On top of this, our workloads are getting heavier each day.

Acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, centralized buying, computer program systems, category management, promotional allowances, contract partnerships, higher gross margins, cost squeezing, and other stressful demands

have made this a new food industry of strategies and challenges. This has become a customer-focused business like never before.
We are experiencing a new generation of food industry people. Everyone from the farmer working in the field to the shopper rushing through the supermarket, we’re living in a world of lightening speed transformation.
As everyone in the produce industry presses on with their daily duties working as hard as ever, there are many changes that are affecting business decisions. Some companies are simply coping with the earth-quaking shocks that keep rising to the surface while others fear the unexpected end results that could occur from not knowing what role they play in all these variable changes to the system.
What are some of the concerns among produce industry growers, shippers, wholesalers and retailers? I had conversations with some well-respected industry executives on the subject.

One industry individual told me their biggest concern is competition today. Both have a certain amount of budgeted money to spend. The concern takes place when they start outspending each other. But what can they do?

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In Season: Market Memo

June 2019
June will be a very challenging month for logistics.  We will see added pressure as the California Central Valley has an increase in crop production.  This brings on volume of tree fruit that needs to be shipped which pulls trucks away from the traditional coastal loading areas of California.  The first week of June we are also seeing the D.O.T. doing their announced logbook and weight enforcement. This drives up rates slightly, but it is short lived as this is standard protocol for most carriers. 

Bottom line is June and July are normal months when trucks are tighter.  We expect the rate increases to last all the way through the 4th of July.  Remember to pre-book your lanes early and contract if possible.  Fresh Xperts can assist, we will update you in July.
~Paul Grothe

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