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How Good Produce Companies Go Bad

By Ron Pelger
There are many produce companies that were once leaders in the industry but have suddenly discovered themselves struggling to keep their heads above water. Some of those companies have already bitten the dust.
  • 20% of businesses are doing the right things
  • 30% are in a struggle to survive
  • 50% are in various stages of going out of business
Every day, some produce operation goes bad. It could be a grower who loses an account due to poor service or a retailer who allows its competition to steal their business simply because they are hesitant to protect their marketing grounds.
Some produce operations are in worse shape than they realize.
They are stuck in the past with old traditions while rapidly changing business conditions pass them by. Many of their produce methods have long become obsolete. Left ignored and unchecked, a produce operation can develop into an enormous expense.
We hate bad news as much as anybody in this business. However, for some, the worse is yet to come. Many produce companies are dazed and confused as to which avenue to take in the way of making ends meet. Some company executives just do not know what they can tackle right now.
How could all the highly paid executives keep on stumbling so badly? What steps can CEO’s and corporate officers take to avoid unfavorable consequences for their companies? What are some causes of running a bad operation, especially in the produce industry?
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