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FreshXpertise: A spinning business can cause unproductive stress results
Dan the Produce Man: Cooking Pumpkins
Market Memo: Market & Logistics
Thanksgiving Greeting: Autumn Harvest Pear Salad recipe
FreshXperts Quoted: "Supermarket sales 'vibrant' in the Heartland"
Xpert Update: Interactive Meeting: Effective M&A Strategies in the Produce Industry
Upcoming Events: West Coast Produce Expo
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In Season: Market Memo

November 9, 2020
Produce Markets and Promotion Activity:
All markets are highly active as we enter the heart of transition and the beginning of the Thanksgiving pull. Look for all product markets including both fruits and vegetables to be active through the next two weeks. Growers are short on volume as they transition to winter growing regions. Most growers will not have good production until around the 1st of December. Demand exceeds supply as retailers gear up for a large retail pull for the Thanksgiving Holiday. If you need help sourcing, please contact your FreshXpert. Quality is good for the most part, so the most challenging aspect of the markets is supply.

Logistics Update:
The truck market is extremely active. Supplies are short as demand picks up for Thanksgiving. Due to the Holidays, more drivers are taking more time off, in addition to some being unavailable due to the pandemic. We are looking at continually active truck markets all the way through Jan. 1. If you need help sourcing good logistics partners, please contact your FreshXpert.

~Paul Grothe

by Ron Pelger

A spinning business can cause unproductive stress results

Perhaps you've seen this act on TV or at an event somewhere.

An entertainer and his assistant enter a stage and begin spinning plates on sticks.

The first man puts the stick in a hole on a table while the other man starts another plate spinning on another stick. Then they get a third and fourth plate spinning until they finally have 15 rotating in a group.

By this time, the entertainers have to go back to the first few plates to spin them some more to keep them going. They follow down the line and continue to keep all the plates spinning. After spinning 15 plates on sticks, the audience applauds, and the entertainers take their bows.

One day, the two performers experienced some financial difficulties with their income. In order to keep the act going, the lead entertainer decided to cut out his assistant and perform the act alone to save money.

At the next show, the lone entertainer began to spin a series of plates on sticks on a table. He had eight plates spinning together and was running around the table barely getting to the first and second to keep them rotating. The pressure was building up on him. He was now doing the work of two people.

After getting 10 plates spinning, the audience suddenly witnessed a crash. The first plate fell off the stick followed by others. A plate here, a plate there and before you knew it, there were a lot of broken pieces on the stage floor. The once artistic plate spinning performer also crashed to the floor from exhaustion.

This was the entertainer's last act. He went out of business after suffering from "unproductive stress."

Are you fighting time trying to meet challenging deadlines in your job? Are excessive performance demands putting the pressure on you? Are you alone trying to do the work that was once accomplished by three people? Are you frustrated, irritable, and angry?

If you answered yes to these questions, you could be suffering from work-spinning overload and hyper-stress.

Work life today is not what it was a year ago. According to a survey, 71 percent of business managers claim that operating a company today is far more stressful than it was last year. This hyper-stress is causing irritability, anger, absenteeism, tardiness, complaining, and many costly errors for companies.

The causes of job stress include a COVID pandemic economy in a different work environment. The demand on individuals to do more and to do it differently is taking its toll by putting everyone under a great deal of burnout.

Stress in the produce workplace will always add to the cost of doing business. Companies that experienced a dramatic adjustment in their operations caused by the pandemic has turned the functions of their workers upside down.

The need to hire people to handle the cleaning and sanitizing chores increased the cost of operating expenses. Much of the assignments doubled or tripled the workload onto the remaining staff. High stress on front line workers is causing lost productivity and heavy absenteeism.

Modern technology also adds to the work overload. Cell phones, laptop computers, and hand-held computers play a big part in our daily lives. People take them home, keep them handy while traveling or on vacation to keep up with their work. The virtual home office has made its entry into the COVID world as another different way of doing business.

There’s no magic formula in dealing with the COVID business pressures these days. We’re all going through a phase that is dramatically changing the way we work. However, it’s all in how you understand the new changes and ways to handle it.

Stop spinning plates —— FreshXperts has an approach to several solutions that can help your company. Call us today.

Dan and Guido share tips on cooking their favorite pumpkin varieties.

Xpert Update

Interested readers can schedule a ½ hour time slot here.
As part of the West Coast Produce Expo this week, FreshXpert Eric Bosveld is offering industry participants an interactive “MS Teams” meeting on “Effective M&A Strategies in the Produce Industry”.  The 15-minute presentation highlights transaction data and current M&A trends followed by a brief Q&A to share our respective thoughts on consolidation trends, effective strategies, the current market environment, etc.
The Packer's Tom Burfield talks to FreshXpert Anthony Totta about supermarkets in the Kansas/Missouri region.
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Upcoming events

West Coast Produce Expo

November 9-13, Virtual
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