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Don't Confuse Brand Purpose with Cause Marketing!

By Andrew Southwood

On the 24th of November, The Produce News online edition ran an article entitled Cause Marketing …doing well by doing good. The main idea behind this is that an increasing number of shoppers are wanting the brands they purchase to stand for something they care about. As the Havas Media 2017 Meaningful Brands Report points out, a staggering 74% of brands are considered irrelevant in the lives of most people. They simply do not care if they continue to exist or not!!

This search for brands with purpose or meaning is set to increase as Millennials continue to enter the workforce at the rate of 4 million new job seekers a year with disposable incomes set to rise to $1.2 trillion by 2020.  The Produce News article ‘How will Millennials’ impact produce sales?’ (Published April 2014) highlights key millennial values like transparency, authenticity, collaboration and being valued as individuals which is what they look for in the brands they purchase and value.

Millennials make up 25% of the US population, so those brands that ignore this trend will become irrelevant and the businesses supplying them will simply disappear over time.

So where does cause marketing fit into this new reality?

 Modern brands need to stand out and be relevant

For the latter part of the 20th century, strong brands were characterized by their brand personality or brand essence. This personality was communicated to the public through various forms of advertising and public relations initiatives to develop strong recognition and likeability but was in large part never linked to public causes. That was mostly done through corporate social responsibility programs where these existed.

With the arrival of the Fair-Trade movement and new business models such as TOM’s Shoes, shoppers have been exposed to the idea that a brand can provide more than functional and emotional benefits. By way of example, they have seen that the standard of living of banana farmers in poor countries can be raised and that those who cannot afford a pair of shoes in a developing country can be blessed by our shopping choices. Shoppers now realize that each buying decision has the power to make a positive difference in the world and that the brands they support need to be agents of positive change.

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by Ron Pelger

What's Your Post-Holiday Selling Attitude?

When the Christmas and New Year holidays come to a close, we usually hear this common phrase, “This is a slow period.”

Be aware that 42% of consumers hold back some money for January and February after the holidays. This should be comforting for growers, shippers and retailers who think that consumer spending dries up at the start of a new year.

The traditional post-holiday season attitude is that consumers have had their fill in eating and spending and thus it is futile to pursue business aggressively. Instead, most produce operations are too busy counting the holiday money and cutting back on selling aggressively. This tends to result in even more severe sales slumps.

Losers play defensively. Due to past after-the-holiday habits, they usually slice labor to shreds, pull back on selling, cut down displays, downsize ad promotions and go hide in the cellar. The fact is that the worse time to operate defensively is when everyone else does.

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In Season: Avocados

Avocado Update 12-3-18
The fresh avocado market has started to decline after the shortage the industry experienced in mid-November.  Supplies were very limited two weeks ago as there was little to no harvest out of Mexico.  As of November 14th Mexico started production again and supplies have increased.  We are now seeing record amounts of fresh avocados in all sizes.  The industry is reporting 45 million pounds of available fruit coming into the U.S.  This has brought on lower pricing as large fruit is trading around $34 per case and smaller sizes are around $24.  We expect supplies to keep increasing and pricing to remain in these levels.  Demand has been relatively flat but will pick up once the Holiday Bowl games start.  We will keep you posted if there are any changes in the market.

~Paul Grothe

How to Eat Well and Stay Within a Budget

Consuming the news these past weeks, I was served up a ration of New Year’s food columns that all revolve around saving money. The titles lazy-Susan through my newsfeed: “5 Ways to Stop Blowing your Budget on Food” or “How to Save Money on Groceries every Month.”

While I digest their content on saving coupons and planning meals around what’s in flyers, it leads me to ponder…Should we not instead be asking how to eat well in 2018 and stay within our means?

Is saving money the ultimate goal to eating? 

Organic Trails

by Melody Meyer
A monthly segment regarding all things Organic.

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Xpert Update

Anthony Totta
FX Co-Founder, CEO
Anthony has worked in the produce and fresh food industry for over 35 years in a wide variety of positions which has given him experience in all areas related to the industry.
Anthony works to come alongside his clients to assist them in finding solutions, opportunities, and ways to enhance how they present themselves within the industry and to their customers. His focus is strategy and brand development.
Anthony and his wife, Debbie, live in the Kansas City area and enjoy spending time with their 19 grandchildren.

The Leader Cause of Confusion

Communication problems plague our teams and companies. Getting to clarity and providing direction are two denominations in the currency of leaders.

Remarkably, the language of leadership and strategy is so broadly confused that leaders and team members alike are confused. This effect is amplified throughout the team, customer experience, and brand. The cost of such confusion rips the bottom line to shreds.
The words Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values are the foundational terms of leadership and strategy; yet, until now, no standard for their meaning and use has ever been available and broadly used. The video below featuring, Kevin W. McCarthy, the Chief Leadership Officer of the Orlando-based consultancy On-Purpose Partners, introduces a fresh, fun and memorable way to distinguish yourself as a leader.
Better yet, after watching the video, go to and for a modest charge, you can know your 2-word purpose in less time than it takes to drink a glass of water. This tool is as promised: ingeniously fast and forever meaningful. Plus, you receive an email course called Poured Wisdom to help you take greater advantage of your purpose in your life and work.

Kevin W. McCarthy 
is a personal friend of Anthony Totta, CEO of Fresh Experts, and the bestselling author of The On-Purpose Person, Making Your Life Make Sense; The On-Purpose Business Person, Doing More of What You Do Best More Profitably; Chief Leadership Officer, Increasing Wealth so Everyone Profits. All are available on

Click to view VIDEO or play video shown below.
Recommended by Anthony Totta, this video featuring, Kevin W. McCarthy, the Chief Leadership Officer of the Orlando-based consultancy On-Purpose Partners, introduces a fresh, fun and memorable way to distinguish yourself as a leader.
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