One thing I missed this summer was flyin’ the W at Wrigley Field with my kids, big Cubs fans all! #maybenextyear

In October, I added a post called Fixed Fee v. Cost-Plus GMP: Which is Best? to my website. When I was a young construction lawyer, the distinction between Fixed Fee and Cost-Plus GMP contracts confused me. The post – also known as To GMP or Not to GMP? That is the Question – describes their differences,  pros and cons.

Joint Ventures were on my mind in October, so I shot three new videos: #1: What Should Design Firms Consider Before Entering Into Project-Specific Joint Ventures? #2: How Can Joint Ventures Get Past Mid-Project Disagreement Among Their Members? #3: What Are Key Accounting Considerations for Project-Specific Joint Ventures? A few dozen similar construction law videos are on my website’s Video Library and YouTube Channel.

I achieved a HUGE professional goal in October when I was inducted into the prestigious Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys (SOICA)! Not since I was elected partner at Schiff Hardin LLP, in 2011, have I received such an important honor.

If you hire Interior Design work using AIA Contract Documents, take note: the familiar B152-2007 will be retired on November 30, 2020. I describe the new B152-2019 and its — considerable — differences from its B152-2007 predecessor in this post: The B152-2019 Interior Design Agreement: Important FF&E Changes.

Mechanics Liens continue to be hot as cool weather foreshadows COVID-19 impacts to more projects. I help project owners and developers defeat lien claims. I also help architects, engineers, and contractors use liens to get paid. I would much rather negotiate contracts than resolve disputes, but I am handling more liens than usual these days.

You know what’s exciting? Designer-Led Design Build (3100+views)! Entrepreneurial design professionals can stay busy through COVID-19, and build what they design, without undue risk. I’ve taught it for the ACEC, Association of Licensed Architects, in webinars, and to clients, for years. My mentor is the #1 authority on the subject. 

My mission is to help Architects and Engineers, Real Estate Developers, Property Owners and Contractors enter into good contracts, avoid disputes, and have their expectations met with ‘win-win’ outcomes. I price legal services based on value provided, not just hourly billing, to further that mission – and to make legal advice available to more people in design and construction.

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Video of the Month
What Are Key Accounting Considerations for Project Specific Joint Ventures?
There are good reasons for real estate developers and project owners to prefer a “Fixed Fee” approach over a “Cost-Plus-Fee-up-to-Guaranteed-Maximum-Price (GMP)” approach to paying for construction work. But Cost-Plus GMP Contract Agreements have many virtues as well.

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