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Welcome to the second edition of my newsletter Onwords & Upwords, your gateway to the Wonderful World of Rae Stonehouse.

You might be wondering why I’m promoting myself as the Wonderful World of Rae Stonehouse. Well, even if you aren’t I’ll act as if you are so I’ll have something to write about!

Having worked in psychiatry and mental health for over forty years, I am curious about most things of the psychological nature.

When I hear people utter ‘welcome to the real world’ I realize that I am talking to someone who has a narrow world view.

There is no such thing as reality. My reality is different from yours and anyone else’s for that matter. We create our own reality. Our personal reality is like a story playing out in our mind. We may not be the hero of our story, but it is definitely scripted from our perspective or point of view.

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Name Dropping for Fun & Profit: Power Networking Tips & Techniques

Does this sound familiar? You are at a business networking session and you are captivated by a speaker who wants to regale you with a litany of important people that they have supposedly recently spent time with. “Oh, the other day I had coffee with the Mayor …” “I was just saying the very same thing to my good friend XXX, you know that he owns half the town.” “Yeah, my best friend is the Crown Attorney and she was telling me …”

To coin a phrase … “blah, blah, blah, yaddey, yaddey, yaddey!”

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If you served time for something you didn't do, would you mention that in any job interviews?

Yes, no, maybe … it depends!

If you have served time i.e. you were charged for a criminal offence in a court of law and were incarcerated for a period of time it is fact of life … your life. You can’t hide it. The important aspect of it is that you have hopefully come out a better person and you learned from the experience.

I don’t think that you should necessarily be volunteering this information in a job interview but on the other hand neither should you be ignoring it. 

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PROtect Yourself! Calley’s Story: A Bullying in the Workplace Case Study

This chapter is an excerpt from PROtect Yourself!PROtect Yourself! Empowering Tips & Techniques for Personal Safety: a Practical Violence Prevention Manual for Healthcare Workersand is intended to raise your awareness and leave you with a sense of hope. We don't have to put up with bullies anymore.

As I sit here at the keyboard writing this chapter I'm finding it interesting, if not somewhat depressing, reflecting on the number of incidents throughout my career where I have come up against a bully. There always seems to be another around the corner!

Calley provides an enlightening story of the pressures she experienced in starting to work in a dysfunctional workplace. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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