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Welcome to the inaugural edition of my newsletter Onwords & Upwords, your gateway to the Wonderful World of Rae Stonehouse.

My website at has undergone multiple incarnations since its inception. It started out as a way to market my services as a local speaker and presenter.

Then I focused on my multiple entrepreneurial pursuits, my ‘madly off in all directions’ phase if you will. That iteration morphed into a ‘scrapbook’ style of website where I wanted to record for posterity anything related to my life. My legacy if you will. Lately I have adapted it to be part of my Author’s platform. If you have stumbled across this newsletter by chance or you are merely curious as to why somebody would have the audacity to claim their website ‘the Wonderful World of …’ well let me thank you for reading at least this far in the newsletter. I will try to explain.

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Close Encounters of the Networking Kind: Power Networking Tips & Techniques

Have you ever wondered how close to stand to another person when conversing in a 1 to 1 at a business networking session? Okay, maybe I do have too much spare time as they say but I am sure that this is a question that many people have asked.

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Should I be honest on LinkedIn about being jobless or should I hide it? 

In my observation, if you are honest on Linkedin about being jobless, the recruiters don’t contact you and that feels very unfair. What is the best way to be honest but not punish yourself at the same time?

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Canadian Thistle or Klingon Death Plant: A Gardener’s Approach to Managing Workplace Conflict

As an avid gardener throughout my adult life I have enjoyed the anticipation of watching a plant progress through its yearly life cycle. Most of our cultivated garden plants have a characteristic or trait that endears itself to us. The fragrance and vivid colours of the rose and lavender families, the first signs of life every spring as the croci break their heads through the sun heated soil and even the pesky dandelion have a beauty of their own. We desire them in our gardens for the sense of beauty of Mother Nature that they bring and to fuel our desire to feel good about the good things in life. But what about those plants that have a rugged, dangerous beauty to them? Do they also have a revered place in our garden?

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