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Danielle Miceli

🌸April 30th, 2019🌸


What’s New?

My little Sunrise Son is 8 weeks old! 😍
Baby Caleb at 8 weeks old.
Caleb is adorable, but also terrifying, because, well, his survival depends on me. I (with my husband) am entirely responsible for the health, happiness, and general well-being of another human. There’s something both surreally beautiful and existentially exhausting about that fact. I don’t suspect that will ever change.

Some things about motherhood have gotten easier, and some have not. Some days I can manage a decent night’s sleep (hubby to the rescue), and others, like last night, I sleep a grand total of zero hours. I wish I could say that was an exaggeration. And then I have to spend the entire day caring for a sometimes smiling but sometimes screaming infant. 😩 And as of this week, my husband is back at work.

So, uh, where does my book fit into the picture?
  1. Writing with a Newborn: Last month, as you all know, it didn’t. But honestly? I’m proud of the strides I’ve made this April, tiny though they are in relativity. Caleb may completely control my schedule, but I’m finding little ways to squeeze in some work.

    His daytime naps (when they happen) are my new writing time. For now, that means I’m editing my book in 1 or 2 hour increments, once or twice a day. But this time also needs to be split between reviewing my new critique partners’ awesome work and my various author platform duties (such as this newsletter).

    I’ve been doing most of my beta-reading around 1 AM and 4 AM, when the baby wakes me up to feed him (and then spend twenty minutes rocking him back to sleep). It gives me something to look forward to when I’m cranky in the middle of the night, and it’s productive!

    When my baby is awake, he usually requires my full attention, sharing it briefly with necessary things like feeding myself. 😅 When my husband is home, I have to decide between using his reprieve to catch up on work or sleep, or to, you know, actually spend time with him. Which is equally important.

    There’s nothing glamorous about my current schedule, but I’m making it work, and I’m told that at least this bit will get easier as Caleb gets older. 💙

Novel Update

The first half of April was about as productive and hectic as March. However, during the second half, I managed to edit two long chapters, bringing this draft’s word count down a total of 28k words (so far). I’m feeling more and more confident that by the end of this draft, I’ll have a 300k WIP (if you’re new here, that’s down from a starting point of 355k) 😊.

  1. New Critique Partners: One of the goals I made for April was to start exchanging work with two CPs. Well, I’m an idiot, and somehow totally missed the offer one of my favorite writer friends ever also made to look at my manuscript, so I ended up with three amazing CPs, and a healthy understanding of how easily I misunderstand people when they’re trying to be nice to me. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Two CPs have already given me feedback on my first chapter (they are superstars), and it was so positive and encouraging that I actually cried with relief. My dream of becoming a novelist felt, in those moments, tangible. My CPs are people who have no obligation to like my work, but they did. Plus, the beginning few chapters are the ones I am most self-conscious of, since they were originally composed over seven years ago, so I am over-the-moon with their reactions.

    Keeping up with my CPs is going to be a major focus of mine this May. I only chose people whose work I genuinely admire, so I cannot wait to dive into their stories, and to return the favor of providing constructive feedback and well-deserved praise! 💞

April Reads

  1. I don’t know if this has come up before, but I frequently tell my husband that if I had to choose another genre, outside of fantasy, to write in, it would be some sort of supernatural Victorian thriller. Oddly specific, right? Well this month, I had the extreme pleasure of beta reading the exact type of story I’m talking about--a Victorian horror novel by Lauren Woods.

    I’m quite satisfied to live vicariously through Lauren’s brilliant handling of the genre. Even though what I’ve read is an early draft, there is so much about it that feels publication-ready. I don’t want to give away any of the many mysteries there are to unfold within the pages of this magical story, but I will say that Lauren nails the setting right from the first chapter. Every atmospheric detail sucks you in, to the point where I’m convinced Lauren has a time machine that allowed her to grow up in Victorian England and fraternize with genuine witch covens.

    I truly cannot wait to read this book again in its finished form. I will absolutely want a copy on my bookshelf.

    You can (and should) follow Lauren on Instagram @apocalypsycho for updates, teasers, and evocative aesthetics inspired by her upcoming novel. She’s also a lovely and supportive person with a fabulous personality. 


Thank you, as always, for supporting me on this crazy journey of mine. I know I’ve slowed down a bit, being a new mom and all, but I promise (to you and to myself) that I’ll find my stride again. I hope to have more exciting things to share with you as we get further into the year!




Upcoming fantasy author, D&D addict, Gemini, lover of raw dough, new mom, Slytherclaw, wants to be your friend. 💗

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