June 5, 2019|  Volume 17, Issue 35

From the Directors

This week, we would like to share information and accolades about the essential role of our classroom teachers. They are, in many ways, at the heart of each child’s Parkside experience. Our classroom teachers are devoted to their students. They have a profound investment in each child and set out to build deep and meaningful connections with their students. These relationships allow teachers to be responsive to their students’ needs and anticipate, and support their students’ through times of challenge and triumph. In return, our students have an abiding trust in their teachers and feel heard, respected and loved. 

Our teachers spend countless hours on their students’ behalf, preparing thoughtful and engaging lessons, trouble-shooting and scaffolding areas that are more challenging, problem solving peer relationships and conflicts, and working closely with each child’s team to make the most of each life and learning opportunity as it arises. We are very fortunate that our teachers know their students so well and have the gift of being able to tailor their instruction to capitalize on each student’s motivation and engagement.
Along with daily planning and educating children in all academic subjects, our teachers work closely with each child’s therapists and specialty staff. They play a central role in developing children’s social-emotional skills, executive functioning, and self-confidence, demonstrating boundless creativity and imagination; they are tireless in seeking to help our students achieve their full potential.

In a notable Ted Talk Rita Pierson states that in school, “Every child needs a champion.” How lucky for our students that at Parkside, every child HAS a champion - someone who never gives up on them and insists that they become the best that they can be. They are the foundation of our program and make an enormous difference to our students with their compassionate and consistent care and understanding. We greatly appreciate, applaud, and are filled with admiration for their dedication to Parkside children. They are not only the ultimate professionals, they are also artists in every sense of the word. We are honored by them every single day.

Annual Fund Progress

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our appeals to support the Annual Fund. As of this morning, Parent participation has reached 86%, and we’ve received commitments totaling $615,814. With less than $135,000 and 11 families needed to reach our goal, we know we can get there with your help.
For those who have not yet made a donation, or who have an outstanding pledge, please take a moment to reach out to Anthony Kapp to let us know your plans! The end of the school year is a busy and celebratory time. Thank you for honoring the progress our students have made this year by supporting the Annual Fund as generously as you can.

Thank you!

Our very special thanks to Noemi Bitterman (parent of Jonathan in Room 3-3) and the entire Parents Association for, not only today's delicious "staff treats", but for all the pampering you did for us throughout the year. We have enjoyed the treats so much and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Great news!

Our school is developing a summer makerspace! For this to be a success, we need your help!  Please send any recycled materials you have lying around to school with your child (Please wash out containers such as yogurt containers, jam jars, and milk jugs before sending them).  This will be an ongoing project, so please, send often to the attention of Rachel Hoffman.

Thank you in advance! 

Please email Rachel Hoffman with any questions -

Can you Help With One More Play Prop

Thank you for your help in providing the props Ms. Ferraro needed for our school play. She needs just one more  -  an old looking leather bag.

If you can help - please let Ms. Ferraro know -

The Parkside Institute

Once again this summer Parkside will be offering several study programs on various dates in July for professionals from other schools, our own staff, and parents. The classes being offered are:
Stern Structural Arithmetic
The Joy of Learning Through Play
Altogether Social 
Best Graphic Organizers

For information about these classes and to register, please click on this link:

PA News

Please join the Parkside PA for Parents’ Karaoke Night, where everyone’s a rock star. No talent required!
THURSDAY, JUNE 6 from 6 PM till ???
BINY Karaoke Bar at 8 Thompson St.(Take the 1/2/A/C/E to Canal St.)

Suggested donation to Parkside: $20 per person, which can be paid via PayPal to or via Venmo to treasurer, Jon Mah, at jamah888

Happy Hour from 5-8 PM: $4 BEERS, $5 COCKTAILS
. ***NOTE: Once inside, karaoke is free, but the bar requires a $15 food/beverage minimum per person.

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, June 6
6:00 PM 
PA Karaoke Night

Tuesday, June 11
10:30 AM School Play
 Parents of Rooms 5-2 and 5-4

Wednesday, June 12
10:30 AM School Play
Parents of Rooms 4-4 and 4-3

Friday, June 14
9:00 AM Achievement Ceremony
Rooms 3-1, 3-2, and 3-4
11:00 AM - Achievement Ceremony  
Rooms 3-3, 4-1, and 4-2

Wednesday, June 19
Half Day  - 11:30 Dismissal
for 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4. 4-1, and 4-2

Graduation/Achievement Ceremony
for Rooms 4-3, 4-4, 5-2, and 5-4
12:00 Noon
New York Society for Ethical Culture 
Central Park West and West 64th Street

Thursday. June 20
Full Day
Mandatory for all Students
Last Day of Classes
Cast Party - Rooms 4-3, 4-4, 5-2, and 5-4 
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