49th Ward Update
April 29, 2023
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Good Afternoon,

It's been a very busy week and one of the issues dominating my time has been the migrant crisis. Just in the last week and half, we've seen a surge of newly arriving asylum seekers in Chicago. We went from an average of 10-15 new arrivals a day over the previous months to nearly 100 people arriving a day in the last week. As the City works to adapt to an evolving situation, please know that myself and my office are working to coordinate efforts in our ward to ensure safety and care for the arriving migrants as well as coordinating with the 24th District on helping relocate families from the station. Leone Beach Park field house was reopened this past Wednesday as a respite center for families with children to more comfortably wait for shelter space to open up. There is capacity for 100 people and it is currently full.

Thank you to the neighbors who have reached out to check in on what needs people may have. At this time we're not accepting donations but as we coordinate a more organized rapid response that may change. For a more in depth understanding of what the City has been doing to receive and help resettle the asylum seekers and what the human and budgetary costs are to this complex issues, you can watch the Public Hearing on Migrant Crisis that was held in a Joint Committee meeting of the Committee on Budget and the Committee on Immigration this past Friday, April 28.

Check out the rest of the newsletter for a decision on Perception Cannabis, upcoming meetings, a chance to share your opinions on the Howard/Paulina housing proposal, and news on property tax appeals!

Take care and have a wonderful week,

Alderwoman Maria Hadden
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Celebrations & Appreciations
Let's celebrate and appreciate what's wonderful about our ward, the people, the places, and accomplishments. We need this more than ever, so please, send us the people, organizations, and actions you want the ward to know about next week! Email us at
Gale Community Academy Teacher Brittany Smoot Selected as Back2School America Contest Winner
Gale Community Academy's first-grade teacher, Brittany Smoot, was selected as one of twenty-five winners of Back2School America's annual We Appreciate Teachers Contest. The contest recognizes the hard work of Illinois educators and recognizes the important role they play in our society. 

Ms. Smoot was selected for her passion and commitment to her role as an educator. Her dedication to her students extends beyond the classroom, however. When Ms. Smoot saw some of her students arriving at school without coats in the winter, she organized a school-wide coat drive to make sure students had the clothing they needed to get through Chicago's tough winters. 

As a winner of this contest, Ms. Smoot's classroom will receive Back2School kits and a gift basket full of goodies. Ms. Smoot will also join the twenty-four other winners for a champagne reception in their honor in early May.

Thank you, Ms. Smoot, for your dedication to the Gale community, and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and honor! 
Kilmer Community Gathers to Celebrate Principal Papagianis
This week, the Kilmer community gathered to celebrate Jean Papagianis's ten years of service as Principal of Kilmer. Jean led Kilmer through an amazing transformation and was vital to making it the wonderful neighborhood school it is today. 

During the event, Jean's jersey was retired and she was presented with an honorary resolution that passed during April's City Council meeting. The resolution was a collaborative effort, with Betsy Vandercook engaging teachers and staff at Kilmer to commemorate Jean's tenure. A full copy of the resolution is available on the City's legistar website

Thank you to Assistant Principal Natalie Aguilar Rodriguez for organizing the special event, Betsy Vandercook for putting together the honorary resolution, and everyone at Kilmer Elementary who helped ensure Principal Papagianis had a proper send-off. While she will be missed, we know she laid a strong foundation that her successor will be able to continue to build upon.
Smack Dab Joins NBC's Chicago Today
Local Rogers Park favorite Smack Dab joined NBC's Chicago Today to discuss how they launched the business, how they found a thriving community in Rogers Park, and, of course, the delectable options you can find at their location at 6730 N. Clark, including the "bestest" seller cheesy biscuit.

You can watch the full segment on NBC's website by clicking here. To view Smack Dab's hours and menu, visit its website at
Ward Updates
49th Ward Town Hall May 10
Join Alderwoman Hadden and the 49th Ward team for the next monthly virtual town hall on Wednesday, May 10, at 6 pm. During the town hall, attendees will hear important updates for the ward and the city, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions.

Register to attend the meeting by visiting Spanish translation will be available. 
Share Your Feedback on the
Affordable Housing Proposal at Howard & Paulina
On April 26, our office hosted a community meeting to discuss Housing For All's proposal to develop a mixed-use, 100% affordable workforce housing development at the corner of Howard and Paulina. The proposal is required to go through the Planned Development process due to the size and scope of the project. 

The proposal includes plans to construct 104 units, 82 of which would be set aside for households earning at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The remaining 22 would be set aside for households earning at or below 30% AMI. 10% of the units would be set aside as type A fully accessible units, with another 20% set aside as easily adaptable to fully accessible. 

There will be a total of 14,968 square feet of rentable retail space upon completion of the project. The developer will work closely with the existing businesses so as not to displace them, including the post office on Paulina. They will also explore new market tax credits, which could help them pass cost savings to potential commercial tenants to keep prices affordable and encourage economic development in the area.

We would like to hear residents' feedback on the proposal. Please take a moment to complete the online feedback form at Feedback will be accepted through May 14, 2023.

More information on the proposal and Housing for All's plans are available on the 49th Ward website at A recording of the community meeting is available to view by clicking here
Update on Perception Cannabis Dispensary Proposal
After a long search for a suitable space to open its dispensary, Perception Cannabis settled on the former currency exchange located at 7000 N. Clark. While the proposal doesn't require a zoning change, Perception Cannabis would be required to obtain a Special Use Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals in order to operate. 

As the community input process for this proposal progressed, many constituents expressed concern about Lunt Auto & Tire having to close and relocate. The plans include demolishing the building at the site to provide parking for the retail space. Many of our constituents, understandably, expressed concern that this proposal would displace a long-term, minority-owned local business in the ward. 

In learning about the situation with Lunt Auto & Tire, I began conversations with the business owner and the property owner leasing him the space. In those conversations, I learned that Lunt Auto & Tire had inadvertently let their lease lapse in December and have been on a month-to-month lease since January. The landlord had initiated conversations with them beginning in January to let them know that they were having issues finding a tenant for the retail space without offering parking. They let the tenant know that if they found a viable tenant, they would look to transform the space Lunt Auto & Tire occupies into a parking lot as they could not afford to keep the large retail space on Clark vacant. Those conversations pre-dated Perception Cannabis expressing interest in the storefront, meaning that the plans to create parking for the retail space were not tied to any specific business or tenant.

I've been working with all parties to see if we could come to an amicable solution to help meet everyone's needs. In conversations I had with the owner of Lunt Auto & Tire, he expressed that he needed time and some financial breaks in order to find a new location for his business. The property owner has indicated she is willing to grant some financial relief in the form of two months of rent reimbursement for Lunt Auto & Tire to help them with costs associated with relocating. Lunt Auto & Tire has also already found a new location for their business to continue and I've reached out to the Alderman of that ward to ask for his support in some permitting approvals they'll need; those requests have been granted.

The location that Perception Cannabis selected for its dispensary is in the heart of a critical commercial corridor in the 49th Ward. The dispensary, coupled with the opening of the Wild Onion Market, creates the potential to anchor the area and encourage additional economic development throughout the corridor. Additionally, Perception Cannabis is a social equity license holder with roots already in the Rogers Park community. Its CEO, Charles Cherqui, is a long-term 49th Ward resident who wants to grow his business in his own backyard and provide employment opportunities within his community. 

Based on the community response to the proposal and the concessions the landlord is willing to offer the owner of Lunt Auto & Tire, I am supporting Perception Cannabis' request for a Special Use Permit. 

To learn more about the proposal, visit the 49th Ward website at To view the granular breakdown of all community feedback, visit
ZenLeaf Dispensary Proposal Update
The decision for ZenLeaf's request to open a dispensary at 7541 N. Clark is pending at this time. After ZenLeaf joined the 49th Ward Office on March 8 to share their plans to relocate to a vacant storefront in the Gateway Center, we learned that a social equity applicant, OKAY Cannabis, was further along in the approval process to open just one block north at Chicago and Howard in Evanston. A decision will be made on May 8 on whether or not OKAY Cannabis will be given the green light to open at this location.

In Illinois, State law generally prohibits cannabis dispensaries from locating within 1,500 feet of another dispensary. There are some exceptions in the law that allow social equity dispensaries to open within 1,500 feet of non-social equity adult-use cannabis dispensaries. With OKAY Cannabis farther along in the process, however, that could prevent ZenLeaf from being able to open at this location since it is not a social equity license holder and it is within 1,500 feet of another dispensary. 

Additionally, in reviewing the feedback results for ZenLeaf's proposal, we saw some common themes of concern about this particular location. Neighbors expressed concern that there were three dispensary proposals in close proximity to each other (all three proposals fall within one mile of each other). Another common theme that came up in the survey were concerns about a multi-state conglomerate operating and how that could impact the viability of social equity operators. We have heard anecdotal experiences from social equity license holders about the challenges they have faced in opening up while continuing to see multi-billion dollar multi-state conglomerates proliferate throughout the state.

After a decision is made on OKAY Cannabis on May 8, we will revisit ZenLeaf's proposal to open in the Gateway Center. Should OKAY Cannabis be given the proper approvals, ZenLeaf would need to find an alternative location since it would fall within 1,500 feet of another adult-use dispensary.  

To learn more about the proposal, visit the 49th Ward website at To view the granular breakdown of all community feedback, visit
File a Property Tax Appeal by May 25 for the Rogers Park Township 
The Rogers Park Township is now open for property tax appeals through the Cook County Assessor's Office. Filing an appeal is one way that property owners can lower their property tax bill.

When a property owner files an appeal, they are not appealing the taxing bodies' levies; rather, they are appealing the assessed value of their property. Filing an appeal will never result in a higher assessed value of the property, and property owners should file an appeal every year. If a property owner's appeal is accepted, the changes to the property's assessed value will be reflected in the second installment property tax bill received in 2024. 

Property owners have until Thursday, May 25, to file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor. The Assessor's Office has created a user-friendly online portal to help property owners file an appeal. You can access more information and file an appeal online by clicking here

For any questions, please contact my office at 773-338-5796, or contact Cook County Commissioner Josina Morita's Office at 312-603-6383.
Loyola University Move-Out Days Scheduled for May 5-8
Loyola University has scheduled its student move-out days for May 5-8. In preparing for the move-out, Loyola has worked closely with the Department of Transportation and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications to try and make the process easier for neighbors living in the Loyola area. 

During the move-out dates, you will see "No Parking" signs posted in the following areas from 8 am to 5 pm:
  • 1000-1150 W Loyola Avenue from Sheridan to the lake (north side only) 
  • 1201-1220 W Northshore, from Sheridan to the Alley (both sides)  
  • 6201-6259 N Kenmore from Rosemont to Granville (East side only) 
  • 6200-6259 N. Winthrop from Rosemont to Granville (Both sides) 
  • 6300-6359 N Winthrop from Sheridan to Rosemont (Both sides) 
Please be advised that upper-class students rent apartments in the area that are not operated by the university. While Loyola does not make special arrangements for those moves, they have requested special attention to no-parking areas around Loyola with Streets and Sanitation. This means that students who park in the tow zones, block fire hydrants, or block driveways and alleys will face the same consequences as residents living in the Loyola area. 

Loyola University has made itself available to discuss Loyola students and their presence in the neighborhood to try and foster a positive relationship between the school and its neighbors. They can be contacted during business hours at 773-508-8840 or via email at If it is after business hours and you need to report an issue, their Campus Safety office can be reached at 773-508-6039.
One Howard Street Community Survey
What’s your big idea for Howard Street? The One Howard Street Community Survey will help the One Howard Street team understand how the community currently uses the street and develop a shared vision for its future. Take the survey to share your vision for Howard Street and enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card! The survey is open until Monday, May 15, 2023.

Take the online survey here
49th Ward Public Safety Update
The Chicago Police Department shares weekly CompStat reports to track crime trends throughout the city. These reports are issued on a weekly basis and available on CPD's website by clicking here. In the 24th District - which encompasses the 49th Ward as well as parts of the 40th, 48th, and 50th wards - we have seen a spike in shootings, aggravated battery, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft in 2023. 

Our office is alarmed by the spike in shootings we've seen in our neighborhood this year. Alderwoman Hadden consistently communicates with Commander Brennan at the 24th District and has met with him to discuss public safety as we look towards warmer months. Additionally, as our new District Council members are sworn in, we will work with them on how we can address the issue of public safety in our community. Finally, we are sharing our experiences with the new mayoral administration to advocate for improved public safety measures through our legislative processes. 
Order Your Official 2023 Artists of the Wall Poster
The Loyola Park Advisory Council has unveiled this year's 30th-anniversary poster, designed by teen artist Maude Hovey-Bradshaw!  You'll see this poster promoting the 30th annual Artists of the Wall Festival.  Pre-order posters and t-shirts here! 

REGISTRATION Registration will open on May 1, 3, and 5 at 8 AM at this link.  Please only purchase one space per household.  This year's event will be on June 17 and 18, 2023, from 9 AM-3 PM, with music from 12-3 each day.

VOLUNTEER - Volunteer for AOTW and the Loyola Park Advisory Council by filing out this form.

SPONSOR - Join as a sponsor before May 15 to be on promotional materials.  Information here.
Rogers Park Business Alliance Mural RFP
Rogers Park Business Alliance, a service provider for Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area #24, is seeking proposals for a single artist or artist team to paint a mural on Clark St. in Rogers Park.

Proposals must be emailed to Ana Bermudez, no later than Friday, May 12, 2023. Proposals received after this date will not be accepted. Preference will be given to artists from Rogers Park and with bicultural backgrounds.

Vision Mural RFP 2023
Temporary Reroute for CTA Bus #147
Due to ongoing work in the Rogers/Howard area, the CTA has rerouted the #147 bus route until work in the area is complete (which is anticipated to occur in mid-May). The route will now be the following: 

NB) #147 Outer Drive Express
Operate regular route to Sheridan/Touhy, (turn left) West on Touhy to Clark, (turn right) North on Clark to Rogers, (turn right) Northeast on Rogers to Paulina, (turn left) North on Paulina into Howard Terminal. Exit Howard Terminal onto Howard, (turn left) West on Howard to Clark, (turn left) South on Clark to Touhy, (turn left) East on Touhy to Sheridan, (turn right) South on Sheridan over the regular route.

SB) #147 OuterDriveExpress
Exit Howard Terminal onto Howard, (turn left)
West on Howard to Clark, (turn left)
South on Clark to Touhy, (turn left)
East on Touhy to Sheridan, (turn right)
South on Sheridan over the regular route.
Operate regular route to Sheridan/Touhy, (turn left) West on Touhy to Clark, (turn right) North on Clark to Rogers, (turn right) Northeast on Rogers to Paulina, (turn left) North on Paulina into Howard Terminal. Exit Howard Terminal onto Howard, (turn left) West on Howard to Clark, (turn left) South on Clark to Touhy, (turn left) East on Touhy to Sheridan, (turn right) South on Sheridan over the regular route.SB)
Infrastructure Updates
Sewer Main Replacement Project (PN7439):

ComEd is working at the intersection of Rogers, Greenview, and Howard to restore its conduit ducts. This has caused a delay in the reopening of the intersection, and it will remain closed beyond May 1. As soon as ComEd finished up its work, crews will be able to pour a concrete base to reopen the intersection. Please continue to plan your commute around the closure of this major intersection.

Water crews are continuing to install the sewer pipe on Greenview toward Birchwood. After the sewer pipe is installed in this area, crews will shift to begin working on Greenview just north of Rogers.

Continue to keep your eye on this space for updates on this project. Chicagoans may also visit to register for notifications. You will need to enter your name, email address, and project identification number (7439) to sign up. 
Use the Army Corps of Engineers Crowdsource Interactive Map to Submit Feedback on its Shoreline Study through April 30
The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has launched an interactive Crowdsource map for the public to leave comments on its Chicago Shoreline Study. The map is available on the Army Corps' website by clicking here. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome to open the site. 

On the map, users can pinpoint a specific location along the shoreline and submit a comment for consideration. Comments must be submitted by April 30, 2023.

The USACE will be preparing a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document on the impacts associated with a Coastal Storm Risk Management study in the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District partnered with the Corps to study ongoing shoreline erosion and coastal storm due to variable lake levels and storm-driven waves that impact our shoreline. 

The proposed study area includes Chicago's entire shoreline, from our border with Evanston to our border with Indiana. 

As a part of the study, the Army Corps will explore various measures that could be implemented along our shoreline to reduce coastal storm risks. These measures include the following:
  • Structural (e.g., breakwaters, seawalls, revetments, and groins)
  • Natural and Nature-based features (e.g., beach nourishment, submerged reefs, vegetation, ecologically enhanced structures)
  • Non-structural (e.g., floodproofing, flood warning plans, emergency evacuation plans)
As part of the NEPA scoping process, the Army Corps is seeking comments or concerns stakeholders have about potential impacts from the various measures that could be implemented. This could include impacts to various habitats, threatened and endangered species, or cultural, historical, and social resources. 

Our office has submitted preliminary feedback to the Army Corps for this critical study and has called for the following as they embark on this process: 
  • Commit to a robust community engagement process to allow Chicagoans to provide insight and feedback
    The 49th Ward was excluded from the 1994 Chicago Shoreline Storm Damage Reduction Project, which provided infrastructure and protections for just 8 miles of the City’s shoreline. In Rogers Park, private properties are located directly adjacent to the lake, which means they feel the impact of high lake levels and wave action on a much more intimate basis than other parts of the city that have public land barriers and other infrastructure (such as sea walls) to absorb or deflect wave impact. Residents are owed the opportunity to share their personal experiences and ideas to help inform the future of the shoreline.

  • Restore beach access to Juneway, Rogers, and Howard beaches and repurpose emergency revetments as breakwaters
    As Lake Michigan reached historically high levels in 2019, the Department of Transportation was able to secure emergency funding from FEMA to install armor rock revetments at Juneway, Howard, and Rogers beaches. The revetments were critical in curtailing further erosion of public property and keeping park property safe. However, the installation of revetments restricted access to what had previously been beaches. Rogers Park has a unique history of being the last affordable neighborhood on the north side with access to the lakefront. Roger Park residents have enjoyed this access for generations, offering a more quiet opportunity to enjoy our greatest natural asset. As USACE studies potential solutions for Chicago’s shoreline, I ask that you look at restoring beach access and repurposing the armor rocks to act as breakwaters.

  • Implement sustainable native, deep-rooted vegetation on the lakefront to combat erosion
    With a unique opportunity to shape the future of Chicago’s shoreline, we would like the Army Corps to explore sustainable options to combat erosion, such as planting marram grass or other native deep-rooted plants that have a track record of withstanding wave impact and mitigating the impacts of erosion. In the 49th Ward, a group of volunteers acts as stewards to the Loyola Park Sand Dunes. The natural vegetation abutting the lake proved resilient at the peak of Lake Michigan’s lake levels, with less damage at Loyola Park than at other parks to its north. In addition to providing a natural barrier to wave action, the plants help the ecosystem along Lake Michigan, allowing natural wildlife and insects to thrive. 

Individuals, organizations, and groups may also submit written comments to Ms. Samantha Belcik. Comments and questions will be accepted through the end of April and can be directed via email to Ms. Belcik at

More on the Shoreline Study and its current status is available on the USACE website here.
Community Engagement
Register for Chicago Park District Summer Programs
The Chicago Park District is looking forward to providing Chicagoans with a fun-filled summer through its summer programs, including Summer Day Camp. You can start planning your summer by viewing all of its summer programs, which are now available to browse online. 

Registration opens online at 9 am on Monday, May 1, for parks west of California, and at 9 am on Tuesday, May 2, for parks east of California. In-person registration will start on May 6 for most parks with openings. Visit the Chicago Park District's day camp page for more information!
Pottawattomie Park Spring Plant Sale May 6
The Pottawattomie Park Advisory Council is hosting its annual Spring Plant Sale. Annuals, perennials, and houseplants will be for sale; all proceeds will support programs and landscape improvements in the park. 

The sale be held at the park, 7340 N. Rogers, the weekend before Mother's Day on Saturday, May 6th, from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.
Senior Film Series Presents: Iron Jawed Angels
The 24th District's Senior Film Series will present Iron Jawed Angels in May. This will be the last film in the Senior Film Series until September.

The screening will take place on Wednesday, May 10, at 1 pm. Free parking is available on Schreiber Avenue just south of the station, and parking restrictions will temporarily be lifted during the event. Pre-registration is required to attend this film due to a 30-person limit. Please email Officer DeWinter in the 24th District Community Policing Office to RSVP at
Adolescents Can Get Paid to Sleep!
The Promoting Urban Adolescent Sleep Health (PUSH) Study aims to better understand individual, family, and neighborhood factors that impact adolescent sleep health-- with an emphasis on stress and discrimination experiences. The study involves one in-person session where an adolescent and parent will each complete a 1-hour survey. Adolescents will be given a watch to track their sleep and will then answer short surveys twice a day for a week regarding their sleep. After successfully completing the entire study, parents can be compensated up to $55 and adolescents up to $180.

You can learn more about the research study and sign up at
Celebrate Lifeline Theatre's 40th Anniversary May 18!
Celebrate the past 40 Years of Big Stories, Up Close, and help support a bright future for Lifeline at the theatre company's annual benefit that marks its 40th Anniversary, a significant milestone in Chicago Theater history. The event will feature music, food and drink, entertainment, an auction, and the fellowship of others who appreciate this valued asset in our community.

The anniversary benefit will take place on Thursday, May 18, at 6:30 pm at Venue West, 221 N. Paulina. For more information and tickets, click here
Lifeline Theatre Presents: From the Mississippi Delta
Lifeline Theatre presents From the Mississippi Delta. A compelling tale of tenacity and resilience, this Pulitzer Prize-nominated drama explores the incredible journey of a young woman from her hardscrabble Mississippi origins through the civil rights era and beyond. Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland's self-described journey is told through the lens of only three actresses.

The show runs April 27 through June 18 at Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here
Theatre Above the Law Presents: The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People

Theatre Above the Law reimagines The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People by Oscar Wilde by leaning into the author’s own description of “trivial”. Edited to come in at 90 minutes, this production will feature clown work, main characters as non-binary and, of course, plenty of cucumber sandwiches and muffins."

April 21-May 21 Jarvis Square Theatre 1439 W. Jarvis

Rogers Park and Ward 49 coupon code for online pre-sales only. Use the code C-PinkRose for $15 tickets. A limited amount are available for each performance. 

This production is sponsored by R Public House, The Jarvis Square Tavern, The Howard Street and Jarvis Square SSA, and Taste Food and Wine.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Theatre Above the Law's website

Events at the Rogers Park Branch Library
The Rogers Park Branch Library, 6907 N. Clark, offers a variety of events and programming for people of all ages. Make sure to check out a list of their upcoming events and register to attend one. More information is available on its website here
Community Aid
24th District Baby Wipe Drive
The 24th District is hosting a baby wipes and disinfectant wipes drive through April 30. All donations will benefit the Maryville Crisis Nursery. Donations can be dropped off at the 24th District station at 6464 N. Clark. For more information, email
Volunteer for Animal Care and Control
Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) is seeking volunteers to help connect families with pets, walk and play with dogs, care for cats, provide one-on-one enrichment, and assist at special events. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old and attend an orientation. For more information, click here
Volunteer at Howard Area Community Center
Howard Area Community Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities to help give back to our community. Their volunteer opportunities include food pantry shifts, adult education tutoring, reading programs, and with the youth. 

For more information and to sign up, call 773-262-6622 ext 106, email, or click here
Sponsor Refugees through Welcome Corps
The Welcome Corps is a new service opportunity for Americans to welcome refugees seeking freedom and safety and, in turn, make a difference in their own communities. Together, sponsor groups welcome refugee newcomers by securing and preparing initial housing, greeting refugee newcomers at the airport, enrolling children in school, and helping adults to find employment. You already have the most important skill you need to succeed—knowledge about daily life in your community. Experts will be there to guide you each step of the way.

Learn more at
Government Connect
Connect with Your Elected Officials
Want to get connected with your other elected officials? Find links to sign up to their newsletters and website information below!
Cook County:
Call Cook County Commissioner Josina Morita:

State of Illinois:
Rep. Cassidy Newsletter
Rep. Cassidy Website
Sen. Simmons Newsletter
Sen. Simmons Website

Federal Government:
Congresswoman Schakowsky's website

Senator Durbin's website
Senator Duckworth's website
Neighborhood Access Program Accepting Idea Submissions
DCASE is now accepting idea submissions for the 2023 Neighborhood Access Program. This program provides grants for all types of neighborhood-based arts and cultural activities taking place in Chicago between October 1, 2023, and December 31, 2024. Individuals and nonprofit organizations may apply. The deadline to submit an idea is Friday, May 19th, at 5 pm Central. For eligibility criteria and other details, visit
Applications for 2022 Property Tax Exemptions Now Open
Mark your calendar! The Cook County Assessor tax year 2022 exemption applicaitons will open on Monday, April 10! Exemptions are savings that contribute to lowering a homeowner’s property tax bill. The most common is the Homeowner Exemption, which saves a Cook County property owner an average of $973 dollars each year.

Before existing and new homeowners apply, there are a few things to know that will save them time and effort.

First, existing homeowners should determine which exemptions they received last year (tax year 2021) and determine if they will automatically renew this year (tax year 2022). The Assessor’s Office will continue the automatic renewal of the Homeowner, Senior, Senior Freeze, Veterans with Disabilities, and Persons with Disabilities Exemptions. Homeowners can check their exemptions by visiting the Cook County Portal and reviewing the Exemption History section.

Next, new homeowners, first-time applicants, or those that need to reapply can now do so online using a new form that consolidates the five most common exemptions into a single application. This allows homeowners to simply check mark the exemptions they want to apply for, only having to submit required documents once. 

Homeowners are strongly encouraged to apply online. Not only will they save trees, but they will also have a digital record that allows Assessor staff to provide a status update.

More information is available on the Assessor's website

Public Health Updates
Complete the Tapestry360 Health Equity Survey
Tapestry360 has launched a Holistic Needs Assessment Questionnaire as part of a Health Equity project for the city of Chicago. They are collaborating with community members and organizations to identify and dismantle barriers that would improve social and physical health in our community. 

Please take a moment to complete the community needs survey to help inform recommendations and solutions. 

English survey:
Spanish survey:
Order Free COVID Tests
The federal government is reopened its program to offer free COVID-19 tests. People can visit to request four tests for free. 

Public health officials recommend people test themselves when they have symptoms and before visiting family. 
Updated Bivalent Boosters Now Available!
The City of Chicago received the free updated bivalent COVID boosters this week.

The new boosters offer greater protection against common COVID-19 variants than the original shots and are available to anyone aged 12 and older who have already received their initial vaccine shots. People age 12 and up who have completed a primary vaccine series should receive a bivalent booster two months after the second dose of their last booster shot. 

The updated booster is widely available throughout the city, including at doctors' offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and community health centers. To find a location where you can receive the bivalent booster shot, visit the Chicago Department of Public Health's website.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, click here
Latest Information on COVID-19 from the
Chicago Department of Public Health

For the latest information on COVID-19 in Chicago, visit the Chicago Department of Health's (CDPH) website at For the latest information on COVID-19 in Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health's (IDPH) website

Need to Know Info
Chicago Early Learning Preschool Application Now Open
The Chicago Early Learning preschool application will open on Tuesday, April 11. There are no-cost and low-cost early education options for every child from birth through 5 years old. Full-day and half-day options are available.

For more information, visit or call 312-229-1690.
Chore Services Program for Seniors
The Chore Services Program supports older adults 60 years old and older recently released from the hospital, experiencing illness, and/or experiencing difficulty with completing household tasks due to physical or cognitive limitations. Short-term in-home support (assistance with cleaning, laundry, and self-care) and heavy-duty cleaning, including the removal of excessive clutter, is offered. This year, the program is expanding services to also include extermination, lawn care, and snow removal services to older adults that are homeowners and that meet existing Chore program eligibility requirements. Rental apartment units are not included under the newly expanded services, given that rental property maintenance is the responsibility of landlord property owners.

For referral and a scheduled eligibility assessment, older adults or their caregivers may contact the Senior Services Division Information and Assistance call center at 312-744-4016 or email
IHDA Mortgage Assistance Program
The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) has extended its mortgage assistance program designed to assist homeowners financially impacted by the pandemic. The Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) provides up to $60,000 in mortgage assistance to eligible homeowners—paid directly to the servicer, taxing body, or other approved entity—while homeowners work to regain their financial footing. Whether homeowners have a mortgage, a reverse mortgage, or are mortgage-free, the program can fund past due housing payments and up to three months of prospective mortgage payments.

The program is free, and funds do not need to be repaid. Application, program information, and updates can be found at or by calling the ILHAF hotline at 1-866-IL-HELP (866-454-3571).

The HANA Center can also assist homeowners with their application. To contact the HANA Center, call 773-583-5501 or email
ComEd Launches New Assistance Programs
ComEd recently issued the attached news release to announce new and enhanced customer assistance options that will make more customers aware of the help available, provide more grants to help with electric bills, and remove barriers customers sometimes face when accessing assistance options.
ComEd’s new assistance offerings include:
  • Catch Up and Save: A two-part program that first provides monthly credits to a customer’s bill to eliminate past-due balances. To help families save on future energy bills, the program also provides a free energy savings kit while supplies last. Each kit includes home products designed to help lower home energy use while improving the efficiency of the home.
  • Fresh Start Services: To help customers become aware of and navigate the options available to manage bills and energy use, ComEd offers both online and person-to-person help. This service also offers customers tools that will alert them when their energy use is trending higher than usual and help them be aware of financial assistance programs they may be eligible for.
  • Your Neighbor Fund: To be funded by donations from ComEd’s 6,000 employees who proudly work and live in the communities the energy company serves. This fund, managed in collaboration with Neighborhood Housing Services, provides another needed source of grant money to help limited-income families pay their ComEd bill.
For more information and to enroll, visit
Business Updates
Back to Business (B2B) Grants for Creative Arts, Hotels & Restaurants

The Back to Business (B2B) grant program provides recovery grants for businesses in the hardest-hit industries.  Through the state’s B2B and Business Interruption Grant (BIG) Programs, DCEO has provided more than $535 million to more than 15,000 businesses since the start of the pandemic.

Eligible restaurants, hotels, and creative arts businesses are eligible to apply for $175 million in available grant funding as part of our efforts to support ongoing recovery in hard-hit industries. All applicants will receive a grant as long as they meet eligibility requirements, and submit proper documentation and attestations required by the program. 

Applications will be open from April 5 to May 10, 2023, and there are informational webinars scheduled for March 24, March 30, and April 6, 2023. For more information and to apply, click here

Host an Event in an Alfresco Space!
Spring is here, which means it's a great time to start thinking about events for our community alfresco spaces! In Rogers Park, we have two public spaces available for community use. Both spaces, one on Glenwood between Morse & Lunt and the other at Jarvis Square (Jarvis Red Line) are available for anyone in the community, including businesses in the area, to use.

Because both spaces are open to the public and are located in the public way, admission to any events must be free. Food, drinks, or merchandise can be sold with proper permitting and licensing.

Request event approval a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Learn more about hosting an event here
Sign-Up to be a Vendor at Chalk Howard Street Festival

Are you a vendor interested in participating at Chalk Howard Street? The Rogers Park Business Alliance just launched the vendor sign-up forms. These are available for artists, merchants, and food vendors. The deadline to apply is July 14th; priority will be given to Rogers Park vendors.

Learn more and apply by clicking here.

ARPA Funding Opportunities
Information about all active city, county, and state ARPA RFPs and grant opportunities can be found at Information on City programs can be by clicking here.
Park District Seeking Youth Lifeguards
Get paid $375 stipend for lifeguard training 🛟! New this year, swimmers 🏊 will receive the necessary training to become a Chicago Park District lifeguard during Sunday classes, starting April 16, at 5 park pools.
Registration is open NOW. 👉
One Summer Chicago Now Accepting Applications
The Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) welcomes Chicago youth with new summer opportunities as we reopen the application portal for One Summer Chicago (OSC) at
This year, there are thousands of opportunities available for young people ages 14-24, with opportunities in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Young people can apply at up until the June 2nd deadline.
  • Summer Youth Employment Program provides employment and internship opportunities for 16 to 24 year-olds, earning $15.40 an hour while working with partners like the Chicago Park District, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.
  • For our 14–15-year-olds who are not quite old enough to work, our Chicagobility program helps young people explore career pathways, participate in project-based learning and field trips, and earn a $450 stipend for the summer.
Apply here!
Free English and GED Classes at Howard Area Community Center
Howard Area Community Center is offering free English and GED classes. Online, in-person, and one-on-one options are available. For more information, contact Moon Parker at or Katherine Erickson at 
Chicago Youth Service Corps Program
Are you between the ages of 16-24 and interested in youth-led public service? Apply to the Chicago Youth Service Corps, a year-round program that provides paid opportunities for youth to engage in community services, project-based learning, and leadership development. 

For more information and to apply, click here
Employment Opportunities
Apply for a Summer Job with the Chicago Park District
This summer, have fun, help others, and make your community a better place while earning money! Job openings for Lifeguard, Recreation Leader, and Junior Laborer positions are now available for qualified candidates, ages 16 and older, to apply. The District’s summer jobs offer competitive wages, life-skill-building opportunities, flexible work schedules, and pathways to careers and full-time employment. Apply now for your perfect summer job at the Chicago Park District! 
Chicago Urban League Workforce Development Center Information Sessions
The Chicago Urban League has launched a workforce development program, which aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to secure employment opportunities in various fields. Every Thursday at 10 am, they are hosting information sessions where prospective employees can learn how to elevate their careers in a range of fields. 

To register to attend an information session, visit
Swissport Chicago is Hiring
Swissport Chicago is looking to hire key passenger services positions at O'Hare airport. They are especially in need of representatives that speak Spanish. To learn more about openings, visit its website here
Heartland Alliance Medical Interpreter Program

Heartland Alliance has launched a medical interpreter training program. As one of the services of the RICS College and Career Pathways program, participants can complete this independent medical interpreting course with support provided by Heartland Alliance.  This course is free to eligible participants and is a first step to prepare for work as an interpreter.  

Heartland Alliance is now enrolling new participants. 

Some important notes:
  • Enrollees need to be completely fluent in both languages they will use for interpreting. 
  • The course materials are in English.
  • The course is completely online and independent.
  • Basic computer skills are necessary as participants will need to navigate through the online materials independently
  • No medical experience is needed.
  • The College and Career Pathways program covers the cost of the course for eligible participants
For more information, contact Dionn McDonald at 708-943-8664 or 
Free Online English Classes at Howard Area Community Center
Howard Area Community Center, 7648 N. Paulina, is offering free online English classes to help individuals in the workforce. The classes will help participants with their communication skills for the workplace and provide support in job training and searches. 

The classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 pm. To sign up, click here. For more information, contact Moon Parker at or 312-768-8046. 
Free Culinary Arts Training Program 
Howard Area Community Center is opening registration for the Spring cohort of its Culinary Arts Program. The program provides a free, paid 12-week job training program to prepare students for success in Chicagoland's vibrant food service industry.

The training dates are April 10 - June 30. Individuals who may be interested can sign up for one of two information sessions (Feb 20 or Mar 6) by scanning the QR code on the attached flyer or by clicking here.
Trilogy Behavioral Health is Hiring!
Trilogy Behavioral Health is looking to hire key mental health positions in its organization. Trilogy offers generous benefits and training opportunities. To learn more about openings, visit its website here
Greencorps is Recruiting
Interested in landscaping, construction, or ecological restoration? Greencorps Chicago is the City of Chicago’s green-industry employment program with on-the-job training for individuals with barriers to employment. Apply to their 10-month green industry employment opportunity, where you will receive training, earn licenses, certifications, and more! 

For more information and to apply, click here
Work for the CTA
Are you looking for a career change, a new job, or know someone who is? Look to the CTA each Friday to see newly posted positions as you seek a new career opportunity! Visit to find a full list of jobs!
Misericordia is Now Hiring
Misericordia seeks to hire for several key positions within the organization. 

Misericordia is home to over 600 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It has a 31-acre campus that provides around-the-clock care to support its residents. They strive to find compassionate and hardworking individuals to join its team.  Misericordia offers competitive pay rates and excellent employee benefits. 

For more information on current job openings, visit Misericordia's Careers website.
Greater Chicago Food Depository Job Training Programs
The Greater Chicago Food Depository now offers free and paid hospitality and supply chain career path training programs. These programs are available to unemployed and underemployed adults living in Cook County. Programs are background friendly and welcoming to those without a high school diploma or GED.

More information on the program is available on the Greater Chicago Food Depository's website by clicking here.
CTA Second Chance Program
The CTA Second Chance Program allows individuals with a barrier to employment an opportunity for a fulfilling and stable career with the CTA. Those interested in the program should complete a survey of interest by clicking here. More information on the Second Chance Program is available on the CTA's website here
Join the Chicago Park District Team
The Chicago Park District is seeking to hire several key year-round and seasonal positions. To view all openings, visit
PACE Bus is Hiring

Pace Bus is hiring for bus operator and mechanic positions at its facilities across the suburbs to ensure that it can provide the level of bus service that our regional economy depends on. Working for Pace has many advantages:

  • Competitive starting pay
  • Paid on-the-job and ongoing training
  • Promotion from within
  • Working close to home
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid vacation and other paid time off
  • Safe, clean work environment (visit to see all of our COVID-related safety precautions in place to protect personnel)

Applications and a list of open positions can be found at

CPS is Hiring Substitute Teachers
Chicago Public Schools is seeking committed substitute teachers to ensure our students receive quality instruction in the absence of their teacher. To apply, visit
CPS is Hiring Board Custodians
CPS is hiring Board Custodians. To apply for the position, click here. To register for an interview, click here. For more information, call 773-553-2100 or email
Getir Chicago is Now Hiring
Getir Chicago is now hiring delivery drivers and order packers for its locations throughout the city. Learn more and apply on their website
Collective Resource is Hiring
Collective Resource Compost, a specialty waste hauler that collects food scraps for composting, is hiring. They work out of a site just over the border in Skokie (near McCormick, between Howard and Touhy). The Driver / Compost Service Specialist job starts at $16 per hour and goes to $17 after a 90-day review. They're looking for people who are reliable, hard-working, tech-capable, and committed to reducing environmental harm.

Learn more at:
CPS is Hiring Lunch Attendants
CPS is hiring lunch attendants across the district! Employees get to work a regular Monday to Friday schedule with holidays off. Positions include medical, dental, and pension benefits.

For more information and to apply, visit
Apply to be a Crossing Guard
Earlier this year, the City of Chicago transferred the crossing guard program from OEMC to Chicago Public Schools. During this transition, many crossing guards decided to retire or resign while school was not operating in person due to the pandemic.

As we have CPS has returned to in-person learning, they have been working hard to fill vacant positions. They are still seeking applicants to fill the positions to help families and children safely get to and from school. 

To apply to become a crossing guard, please follow the steps below:
  1. Please visit the CPS Careers Website at
  2. Click on "CPS Job Board" at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the top of the next page, click on "Basic Search."
  4. Type "Crossing Guard" into the "Keywords" field.
  5. Click on the Crossing Guard job posting for the location you want to apply to, and follow the instructions to fill out the applications.
If you have any questions, please contact
Greater West Town Training Programs
Greater West Town Community Development and Project has over 30 years of expanding economic opportunities in education, job training, and job placement for Chicagoans. Check out the academic and location opportunities available to Chicago residents now, then schedule your orientation today. For more information, please call 312-563-9044 or visit
Find a Career with S&C Electric Company
S&C Electric in Rogers Park is seeking to hire team members for several key positions in their organization. S&C Electric is a 100% employee-owned team seeking several team members in the Rogers Park community to keep the lights on across the globe.

To learn more and apply, visit
Heartland Alliance Job Openings
Heartland Alliance has several positions open across Chicago. These positions include a bilingual mental health clinical practitioner, a clinical supervisor, an LPN, case managers, and more. 

Heartland Alliance works to advance human rights and champion human dignity by providing services and promoting solutions to achieve a more just global society. Heartland Alliance's mission is to advance human rights and respond to the human needs of endangered populations—particularly the poor, the isolated, and the displaced—through the provision of comprehensive and respectful services and the promotion of permanent solutions leading to a more just global society. Its approach is multi-faceted and intentional and intersects through three focus areas: health and healing, safety and justice, and economic opportunity.

For more information on job openings, visit Heartland Alliance's Careers website by clicking here
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