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49th Ward Update
December 18, 2020

Hello neighbors,

Last Friday, I met with principals, teachers, staff and the Chicago Teachers Union reps from our RP neighborhood school to hear directly from them about whether they were ready to receive students back to school in January. This week, CPS held briefings for Alderpeople and our staff about their preparations for the January return and why they think it’s the right time.

After hearing from the people actually running our schools and caring for our students, I don’t think we’re ready. To be clear, all of our educators made it clear that they want whatever is best for the kids. They want to do whatever it takes to get kids back in classrooms - and they’re trying. I think CPS is also trying, but it’s my opinion that they haven’t yet met the standards that they’ve set for safe reopening to happen. 

In our RP neighborhood schools, about 50% of our students plan to return to in-person learning. But it’s unclear whether our schools will have the safety equipment, staffing and financial resources to be able to have half their students back while also teaching the 50% of students learning remotely from home. 

These are some of the questions I’ve heard from educators that I need CPS to answer:

  • How will teachers simultaneously teach in person and remote classrooms?

  • Resources devoted to sanitation were inadequate before COVID; what is being done to ensure all necessary cleaning is done?

  • Will schools be given additional funds to pay for substitutes?

  • When will our schools all have the filters and other necessary equipment?

  • Are the schools equipped with necessary bandwidth for all of the new online device demands?

  • Which person or persons in CPS does the final check or inspection to make sure a school is ready to receive students?

  • What happened to using the percent positivity and average daily rates as guidelines for when it is safe to reopen? 

  • What public health data supports a return to the classroom when we are in the midst of a peak and predicted to be seeing another one after the winter holidays?

In a week when we’re again forced to reckon with our city’s record of betraying the public trust, I think that CPS owes it to our families and our educators to answer these questions. I also think they owe it to us to listen to our administrators, staff and teachers. They know our students and their families. They know our facilities. Leaving their voices and expertise out of the reopening planning is foolhardy and possibly negligent.

I know that our families had high participation in the CPS survey, but I’d also like to hear from you directly. If you live in the ward and have a student in a CPS school, please take a moment to let me know what you think by completing this short survey.

Please take some time to check out the rest of the newsletter. There’s a lot happening this weekend, some City Council updates, and important COVID-19 information.

Have a safe and restful weekend,

Maria Hadden
Alderwoman, 49th Ward

Celebrations & Appreciations
You didn't think we were going to allow a pandemic to make us stop celebrating and appreciating our community did you? Of course not! We need this more than ever, so please, send us the people, orgs and actions that you want the ward to know about next week! Email us at
Charmers Cafe Innovates to Serve Customers
Photo Credit: Block Club Chicago
Flynn and Cathcart purchased Charmers Cafe on the northwest corner of Greenview and Jarvis in early 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic closed many businesses to curtail the spread of the virus. However, Flynn and Cathcart have remained resilient in the face of the crisis, finding new and innovative ways to serve residents of the Rogers Park community at every turn. This summer, they switched up their menu to offer locally-made ice cream and installed a walk-up window. They also partnered with R Public House and Taste Food and Wine to participate in the city's expanded outdoor dining program. 

Now that winter is here, they are innovating once again to provide neighbors with a local option for boutique items. Charmers Cafe now has transformed their seating area into retail space, offering a selection of unique locally-made gifts sure to please anyone. Their tenacity and innovation have allowed them to retain all ten of their employees.

Block Club Chicago wrote a nice article covering Charmers Cafe that is available to read online
Northpoint Rehabilitation Underway
This past summer, Related closed on financing to support a $19.5M renovation at Northpoint Apartments. With its main location at 7717 N Paulina Street, Northpoint Apartments is a 304-unit affordable housing complex made up of 12 low-rise classic Chicago courtyard buildings that were originally built in the 1920s.
The scope of the construction project at Northpoint includes a full renovation of all the units and common areas. This also includes making sure 31 units meet current ADA requirements. The project also includes significant restoration of the masonry, a full roof replacement, and new high-efficiency hot water heaters.

In the new year, Related will complete the renovation of the remaining units. This will include installing new weather-efficient windows, the renovation of interior common areas, upgrades to its security system, landscape and hardscape improvements, and the full renovation of the Northpoint Apartments Management Office and Community Room.
City Council Updates
Statement on Police Misconduct Lawsuit Cases
Dnigma Howard was dragged down the stairs by two Chicago police officers on assignment as SROs. She was beaten and then tased three times by those SROs. The reason for her assault at the hands of police: refusal to put her cell phone away in class.

I don't think Ms. Howard should have to settle. I think she should be given her day in court or the full amount requested by her lawsuit. I think the City of Chicago owes her that and to approve this settlement is to encourage the silencing of Black women by our City.

Black women are continually disrespected and humiliated by our government. Yesterday, thanks to her courage and willingness to call out the egregious harm done to her, we learned about the unbelievable humiliation of Anjanette Young.

Chicago Police used a no-knock warrant (what was used in the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor) to enter Ms. Young's apartment and search her home. They left her naked and afraid and they disrespected, traumatized her, and violated her rights.

In response to Ms. Young and the media trying to bring this egregious case to the public, Chicago officials tried to use the legal system to prevent the airing of the video footage and to sanction Ms. Young for allegedly breaking a confidentiality agreement.

This is wrong. This behavior is unconscionable. The normalization of terrorizing residents of our city using public employees sworn to keep the peace and to then use the legal power and skill meant to serve that same public to intimidate and silence us is tearing this city apart.

As a Black woman and the Alderwoman of the 49th Ward, I condemn these actions and demand answers. To Ms. Young, I offer my sincerest apologies as well as any support you need in backing you up as you show us all what it looks like to do what's right.
Resolution on Immigration Policy Introduced to City Council
During Wednesday's City Council meeting, Alderman Michael Rodgriguez and I introduced a resolution calling on the Biden Administration to take immediate steps to undo the harmful policies of the Trump Administration. The resolution also calls on Congress to enact legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. It also calls on Congress to introduce legislation that correct other provisions in existing immigration laws that exclude or harm immigrants. 

A full copy of the resolution is available on the city's Legistar website.
ADU Ordinance Passes City Council
Photo Credit: Chicago Agent Magazine
On Wednesday, City Council passed the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance. The ordinance allows for basements and attics to be converted to dwelling units. It also allows for the establishment of coach houses on residential properties. 

Chicago banned the construction of coach houses and granny flats in 1957 as concerns about population increase and overcrowding began to rise. The ban was introduced to try to mitigate Chicago's growth and maintain a suburban appeal. 

Chicago never reached the expected population growth of the '50s, though, and ADUs have popped up unpermitted all over the city since being banned in the '50s, especially in areas experiencing displacement of long-term residents. They are often priced lower than other units in the building due to their smaller size. The passage of the ADU ordinance is a step towards increasing Chicago's naturally-occurring moderate and affordable housing and allowing a path for unpermitted units to come into compliance. 

In addition to increasing Chicago's housing stock, some affordability provisions are included in the ADU ordinance. Buildings that comprise six or more units and are looking to add two or more ADUs will be required to restrict half of the ADUs as affordable at 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). Additionally, the Department of Housing has worked with the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund to secure subsidies that can be placed in ADUs to support tenants making 30% of AMI or below. Finally, a new grant program will provide financial assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners to bring ADUs into code compliance, as well as provide additional funds if the work creates an accessible ADU. 

With the passage of the ordinance, the city will introduce five pilot areas for the program across Chicago's north, south, southeast, and west sides. The pilot program will begin on May 1, 2021, and run through May 24, 2024. 
Expanded Business Relief Passes City Council
During Wednesday's City Council meeting, an ordinance passed to expands regulatory relief for businesses that continue to be impacted by COVID-19. The legislation extends a number of different measures, outlined below, that were implemented this year in order to support businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
Under this new ordinance, the following relief measures are now in place:
  • Extension of License Expiration Dates: All licenses that expire between March 15, 2020 and June 15, 2021 will be considered active until July 15, 2021 and those businesses can operate during that time without renewing their license.
  • Extension of Sidewalk Café Permit Expiration Date and Extension of Reforms: All current Sidewalk Café Permits will be considered active through May 31, 2021 and businesses with a Sidewalk Café Permit can operate their current Sidewalk Cafes until that date without renewing. Additionally, all Sidewalk Café Permits issued for the 2021 season will benefit from the temporary reforms implemented earlier this year: permit fee reduction of 75%, the ability to extend in front of neighboring property, and an expedited permit issuance process.
  • Extension of Expanded Outdoor Dining Program: The Expanded Outdoor Dining Program, through which bars and restaurants can operate outside on private property or closed streets, has been extended to last through the end of 2021. Businesses that are interested in extending their permit past the end of 2020 must submit a request including the DOT number of their Permit and submit insurance covering the extended dates. Additionally, businesses that are operating their Expanded Outdoor Dining area during winter months need to submit an updated permit plan that includes any winterization plans and equipment.
Ward Updates
Share Feedback on CPS's Reopening Plan
Last week, our office met with representatives from the Chicago Teachers Union and teachers and staff from our neighborhood schools to hear their feedback on CPS's plan to reopen to in-person learning in January. We would also like to hear directly from our 49th Ward school families any feedback, concerns, or insight they can share on the reopening plan and their remote learning experience. Please take a moment to complete the online survey.
Share Feedback on the
Proposed Development at 1233 W. Pratt
On Thursday, our office hosted a community meeting to discuss a proposed development for the vacant lot located at 1233 W. Pratt. We would like to hear from residents their feedback on the proposal.

Details of the proposal are available on the 49th Ward website at You may complete a feedback form online by visiting The feedback form will remain open through January 10. 
Holiday Pop-Up Events in Jarvis Square
Charmers Cafe and R Public House have partnered to host holiday pop-up events in Jarvis Square ahead of the Christmas holiday. Swing by between 9 am and 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday to buy unique gifts from local artisans. 
Solstice Dance Party December 20
Sol Cafe, 1615 W. Howard, isn't letting the pandemic get in the way of celebrating the Winter Solstice. On Sunday, January 20, you can connect with neighbors virtually to have a morning dance party. 

Sol Cafe is selling pastry and drink bundles to help you celebrate the occasion. They've also created a playlist so you can sync up your music with others.  
  • Order a classic box ($25-$35) online by clicking here
  • Order a deluxe box ($45-$55) online by clicking here
  • Order the Solstice Dance Party playlist ($5) online by clicking here
  • Donate to Sol Cafe to help staff & the business during the holiday season online by clicking here
Shop Local this Holiday Season

The Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA)  has compiled all the information you need this holiday season to celebrate all things Rogers Park. With an unprecedented public health crisis devastating small businesses disproportionately this year, we ask that you shop local this holiday season. 

You can find a variety of unique and thoughtful gifts right here in our community without having to travel. Furthermore, when you spend money in our neighborhood, every dollar stays in the community. This helps us build stronger businesses, provide more employment opportunities, and help create a more sustainable and vibrant neighborhood. 

Plus, when you collect $150 or more in receipts from at least 4 different independently owned Rogers Park businesses through December 31, you can receive a $50 rebate. If you collect $200 or more in receipts, you can be eligible to receive a $75 rebate. For more information on the Live Love Shop Rogers Park campaign, visit RPBA's website

Last Chance to get
“I Survived the Rogers Park Tornado” Merchandise!
The fundraiser to help repopulate the Rogers Park trees will close on December 31, 2020.

Rogers Park lost hundreds of mature trees in an unprecedented tornado on August 10, 2020. The trees of RP are an important natural resource that not only give the neighborhood much of its natural character but also provide clean, fresh air and wildlife habitats.

Tee Shirts, Hoodies, and Mugs from T-Mart make great holiday gifts. There are a variety of designs, colors, and products to choose from. A portion of every sale is donated to the Rogers Park Business Alliance for the purpose of tree repopulation. And who doesn’t need a new hoodie or mask for dining al fresco at an RP restaurant in the Winter? Please support a local business while supporting the cause. All purchases made in December qualify for the Live, Love, Shop rebate too!

Neighbors came together in the days and weeks following the tornado to raise money that will help repopulate our trees as soon as possible. Three local artists generously donated the graphics. As we all understand, the City budget during a pandemic and economic crisis is not going to be enough to rebuild our neighborhood’s natural infrastructure. Together we can help the City not only plant trees but also maintain them and ensure that they reach healthy maturity.

Since August, more than $3,000 has been raised through merchandise sales and individual contributions. Additionally, tree planting measures are being considered as possible participatory budget priorities. These efforts have helped Rogers Park gain the attention of a potential private grant.  

Let’s not stop yet! The cost to maintain a parkway tree to healthy maturity can be triple the original cost of purchase. We will need funding and volunteers from across Rogers Park to make this happen.

Tee Shirts, Hoodies, and Mugs from T-Mart make great holiday gifts. There are a variety of designs, colors, and products to choose from. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Rogers Park Business Alliance for the purpose of tree repopulation. And who doesn’t need a new hoodie or mask for dining al fresco at an RP restaurant in the Winter? Please support a local business while supporting the cause. All purchases made in December qualify for the Live, Love, Shop rebate too!
Community Alert: Scams and Ruses

Please be aware of some recent activity in our area that involve scams using well know companies (like Amazon or a utility) and someone trying to sell you a service or gain access to your home and then, robbing you or stealing private information. There's some more info from Sheriff Dart below.

From Cook County Sheriff Thomas J Dart

Ruse Burglaries
Ruse burglaries are usually committed by offenders working in pairs.  One offender uses a distraction (Ruse) to keep the victim’s attention diverted while the second offender enters the home to steal valuables, typically cash or jewelry.  Ruse burglaries often are targeted towards senior citizens and people living alone.

Common Ruse Themes
Utility problems such as water, gas, or electric problems that must be addressed immediately

Property line issues i.e.: They are building a fence for the neighbor and need to check your property line with the victim thus leaving the residence unattended.

Unsolicited offer of work on your home or property (i.e.: They have extra blacktop and can seal the driveway, roof, gutters, etc.)

Asking questions about homes for sale in the area

Offenders may say they are friends of the previous owner or a family member       

Safety Tips
Do not let anyone into your home you do not know or did not schedule to be there

Ask for ID, no legitimate utility worker will object to providing ID

Never leave your door unlocked/ unattended

Safeguard valuables in a safe if possible

Note the vehicles being used as most public works vehicles are clearly marked

You can verify utility emergencies by calling your municipality or 911

Never confront any suspected offenders

If you suspect you are being targeted remain safe and call 911.  Getting pictures of vehicles, writing down license plates or descriptions of the offenders may be helpful to the police if it can be done safely.

Offenders are known to wear fluorescent safety vests and use walkie talkies which helps them look like public works employees (always verify the work request with your municipality before letting anyone inside the home)

If you have seen suspicious vehicles and/or subjects approaching neighbors, or you feel you were the victim of a ruse burglary, please call the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Investigation Section 708-865-4896 or call 911 if the incident is in progress.

Community Alert: Garage Burglaries
The 24th District reported a series of garage burglaries in the area. If you or anyone you know has any information, contact the Area Three Bureau of Detectives at 312-744-8263.
COVID-19 Updates
As cases continue to skyrocket across the city, state, and country, we are bringing back our section with the most up-to-date information on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and any changes that are being implemented to address it. Information on aid and relief programs will continue to be housed in the "Need to Know Info" section of this newsletter. 
City Prepares for Vaccine Rollout
Last week, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. And this week, the FDA authorized the Moderna vaccine for emergency use. With the news, Chicago is administering the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations to our frontline healthcare workers treating COVID patients. 

Vaccination Roll-Out

The inoculation of our city's residents will be rolled out in phases over several months. The first round of vaccines will be limited, so the city will prioritize healthcare workers (especially those treating COVID-19 patients) and people living and working in long-term care facilities.

Prioritization after the initial group will include workers in essential and critical industries, people at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness, and people 65 years or older. Who falls into the "essential worker" category and how members of this category (e.g. grocery store workers versus teachers) will be prioritized will be determined by a federal committee. 

After those groups are vaccinated, the Department of Public Health will then shift to inoculating the broader population by means of mass testing sites and partnering with doctors and pharmacies. The timeline for this stage of the vaccination process still remains uncertain at this time. It will be determined by the availability of vaccination doses in the coming months. 

CDPH is working with hospitals, health care providers, and community leaders on flexible COVID-19 vaccination programs that will accommodate different scenarios. At this time, there is not a public registration for the COVID vaccine. As more details become available on vaccine clinics throughout the city, CDPH will update its COVID vaccine website page

Dispelling Misinformation

There has been some misinformation circulating online about the COVID-19 vaccine. Leading up to the pandemic, there have been decades of research on coronaviruses broadly. In January 2020, the genetic sequence for COVID-19 was released, which allowed researchers worldwide to begin working on a vaccine immediately. 

Before a vaccine is introduced to the broad public, it goes through a rigorous trial process, including being tested in laboratories and on animals. These tests help scientists identify which candidate performs the best before introducing it to clinical trials on humans. 

Once a vaccination candidate is introduced to human trials, it goes through three phases. During these phases, scientists identify any short-term side effects and risks and any relationship that exists between the dosage size a participant receives and the immune response. Scientists then compare participants in the human trials receiving a vaccine to those who are receiving a placebo. 

At all stages, from the laboratory to the final third stage of human clinical trials, scientists are rigorously evaluating and documenting results. These results are then reviewed by Institutional Review Boards to ensure their scientific validity, the integrity of the trials, and to protect participants. The process is thorough to protect the greater public health from any adverse outcomes. 

What This Means for Right Now

The development and approval of the vaccination is an incredible milestone in our battle against this global pandemic. However, we are still several months away from achieving herd immunity. As we face the holiday season, it is more important than ever to continue social distance and wear a mask any time we leave our houses. Right now, those are the best tools we all have in our toolbox to combat this deadly virus. 
Stay Home Except for Essential Travel
The number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge across the city at an alarming rate. This week, our city hit a positivity rate of 12.0%, up from 13.3% last week and 11.6% the week of November 30.

As we enter the holiday season, please work with members outside of your family to reimagine your traditions this year to keep you and your loved ones safe. Instead of meeting for a family meal, schedule a Zoom call instead. Only celebrate the holidays with members of your household. The best gift we can give one another this holiday season is keeping each others' health a priority. 

The spread of COVID-19 is spreading across all demographics and all zip codes in the city. The main driver of the spread of COVID-19 appears to be from within households, where people let down their guards the most.

The number of available ICU beds in the Chicago region (region 11 for the state of Illinois) continues to shrink, as does the number of available ventilators. Deaths continue to increase as hospitals become overwhelmed and healthcare workers are spread thin. As of Thursday, at least 14,835 people have died from COVID-19. The number of deaths we're seeing now are surpassing those we saw in the spring.
In Rogers Park, we're seeing the number of positive cases increasing. As of Saturday, December 12, 1 in 18 people in our community have tested positive for COVID-19. 
Because the situation grows more dire by the day, the city implemented measures to bend the curve once again. 

Mayor Lightfoot announced a new Protect Chicago plan to curtail the spread of COVID-19. The plan includes a new stay-at-home advisory for the city that is currently in effect. The advisory includes additional restrictions, including:
  • No guests in private residences (except essential homeworkers such as healthcare workers or educators);
  • Avoid all social gatherings;
  • Avoid all non-essential travel; and
  • Create a COVID-19 protection plan for your family (available online).
The Department of Public Health is also asking that social events and meetings do not take place in-person unless absolutely necessary. Only when absolutely necessary, those meetings should be limited to ten people who should be socially distanced and wearing masks. These restrictions also apply to houses of worship for funerals and other ceremonial events. 

Workers who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, have a positive COVID-19 test, are awaiting COVID-19 test results, or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 should stay home. Employers cannot retaliate against workers who stay home because they are positive with COVID-19. Any violations of the anti-retaliation ordinance can be reported to 311, by filling out an online complaint form, or contacting our office ( or 773-338-5796). 

For the latest information on COVID-19, visit the city's Coronavirus Response Center website. For more information on the Restore Illinois plan, visit the State of Illinois' Coronavirus Response website
State Eviction Moratorium Extended to January 11
Governor Pritzker announced that the State's eviction moratorium will be extended to January 11, 2021 as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact our state and our country. 

On November 14, protections for Illinois tenants were changed under the latest eviction moratorium extension. Landlords can now file evictions unless tenants give them a written declaration that they should be protected by the COVID Eviction Moratorium. The Lawyers Committee for Better Housing. Tenants can use IDHA's declaration template to provide their landlord with written notice that they've been financially impacted due to COVID-19. That declaration is available online

The Department of Housing has put together a Know Your Rights website for tenants who are facing illegal lockouts during the eviction moratorium. The Lawyers Committee for Better Housing has also put together information for tenants facing an illegal lockout and may be able to provide legal assistance to income-eligible tenants. Learn more on their website here
Updates to the Emergency Travel Order

The Chicago Department of Public Health announced updates to the Chicago Emergency Travel Order.  A new Travel Order is effective as of Friday, November 13, 2020, at 12:01 a.m.

All states and territories will be categorized into three risk levels: Red, Orange, and Yellow. Anyone traveling from a state on the Orange list is directed to obtain a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Chicago or quarantine for a 14-day period (or the duration of their time in Chicago, whichever is shorter). Anyone traveling from a state on the Red list must quarantine for a 14-day period or the duration of their time in Chicago, whichever is shorter.

The lists are updated every two weeks based on state and Chicago case averages. There are no travel restrictions within Illinois. However, non-essential travel to the areas of high incidence is discouraged. If essential travel is needed, follow the prevention techniques such as using a face covering, frequent hand washing/sanitization, and maintaining social distancing.

Please visit for additional information.

Latest Information on COVID-19 from the
Chicago Department of Public Health

For the latest information on COVID-19 in Chicago, visit the Chicago Department of Health's (CDPH) website at For the latest information on COVID-19 in Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health's (IDPH) website

Community Aid
The Winter Wonderland Express is Coming to
Pottawattomie Park December 19
The Chicago Park District's Winter Wonderland Express will visit Pottawattomie Park, 7340 N. Rogers, from 10 am to 12 pm on Saturday, December 19. 

The Winter Wonderland Express will help families in need make the holiday season extra special this year by handing out new, unwrapped toys. To celebrate safely, the event will be grab and go and outdoors. 

For more information, call 312-742-7529. 
Local Holiday Drives and Resources

A Just Harvest

A Just Harvest, 7549 N. Paulina, is raising funds to buy/deliver holiday gifts to the families they serve. Donations will be used to purchase toys, hats, scarves, and gloves for children under 12. Donate at until December 20. 


C24/7 Father’s Arms Ministries 

C24/7 Father’s Arms Ministries, 1348 W. Howard, is hosting a special Christmas pantry open to all community members on 12/16 from 3-5 with fresh catered food from Urban Tables. 

They are accepting donations for the 12/16 event, looking especially for: Jewel gift cards, wipes, diapers, body soap, dish soap and laundry soap. 

Family Matters

The young women of TGP (That Goddess Power), the female-identifying, youth-centered group at Family Matters, are creating care packages for people experiencing homelessness, especially supplies for women. 

Donations can be dropped off at Family Matter, 7731 N. Marshfield, That Goddess Power's Winter Care Package Drive requested items (consider purchasing from a locally-owned business):⁠

  • Watertight gallon-size zipper-lock plastic bags⁠
  • Water bottle (reuseable)⁠
  • Socks, gloves, raincoats, blankets⁠
  • Tuna and crackers; granola bars or cereal bars; fruit snack or -applesauce cup; crackers with peanut butter or cheese⁠
  • CTA bus passes⁠
  • Gift certificate to fast food⁠
  • Hand wipes; packs of Kleenex; hand sanitizer, daily face masks⁠
  • Maxi pads⁠
  • Toothbrushes & toothpaste; hydrogen peroxide; deodorant⁠
  • Band-aids; Mints, cough drops, or gum; toilet paper⁠
  • Nail clippers; chapstick; comb or small brush⁠
  • Superglue, zip ties, duct tape, flashlights, bungee cords⁠

Gale Academy

Through December 17, Gale Community Academy, 1631 W. Jonquil, is accepting toy donations for their holiday drive. They kindly ask that gifts are not wrapped. Donated gifts can be dropped off at Gale between from 8-4, M-F. They are requesting coloring books, slime, toys, rollerskates, scooters, bikes, remote controllers, etc. All gifts are greatly appreciated! 

Good News Partners

 Good News Partners, 1600 W. Jonquil Terrace, is accepting donations for their annual Christmas Market for their residents, where people can donate new items that they markdown and sell to residents at very discounted prices. The Market will take place this Sat 12/12, and they are accepting donations up until this Thurs 12/10, which can be dropped off at the Jonquil Hotel (1600 W Jonquil Ave). 

Heartland Health Centers

Heartland Health Centers, 1300 W. Devon, is hosting their annual toy drive, accepting donations through Mon 12/14. They are accepting gifts via Amazon wishlist or financial donations. Check out the flyer for more information. 

Housing Opportunities for Women

Housing Opportunities for Women is accepting gift cards or gently used and new adult coats. Check out their holiday drive page for drop-off information or mailing address.

Mary Crane Center

The Mary Crane Center,1545 W. Morse, is hosting a holiday drive for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. Now through December 22, drop off donations from 10-5, Monday to Friday. Flyer attached.

The Night Ministry

The Night Ministry has a need for new or gently used coats in larger sizes, dark or neutral colors preferred. They also accept new winter gear such as hats, scarves, gloves and thermal socks, as well as new or gently used tents. Donations can be dropped off at 1735 N. Ashland Ave. The office isn't fully staffed due to COVID, so donors should schedule drop-offs ahead of time by emailing  

ONE Northside and Communities Partnering for Peace

ONE Northside and Communities Partnering for Peace are launching a toy drive. Goal is to collect items by December 15, to distribute the toys to children in the 49th Ward and Chicago's Northside who need our help.

Please consider helping families in need this holiday season by dropping off a gift on December 12 in person between 11 am and 1 pm at 4648 N. Racine, or ordering a present online and having it delivered by December 15. For a shipping address, please email Your donation will help brighten up a child's holiday season in an exceptionally difficult year. 

St. Ignatius Food Pantry / Parish

From Dec 9-23, St. Ignatius Food Pantry, 6559 N. Glenwood, will collect and distribute special holiday items and basic food items. Hours are Wednesday 2-4, Friday 10-12. Basic items that are always needed: 2 lbs. bags of rice, canned soup, mac & cheese, canned tuna or chicken, canned fruit.

United Church of Rogers Park 

The United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse, has an Angel Tree to give gifts to neighborhood children. This year they have 3 times as many children on the list as usual. Sign up to give a toy or gift card (especially good for older children) online.

Volunteer for Care for Real's Rogers Park's Food Pantry
Care for Real is seeking volunteers to help provide food to stock the pantry, prepare food for distribution, and distribute food to our neighbors. They're seeking volunteers for Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Register to volunteer online.

If you or someone you know needs fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, bread, grains, or canned food, visit the Care for Real food pantry located at the United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse, Tuesdays between 12 pm and 2 pm. 
Community Engagement Opportunities
Virtual Christmas Concert December 20
The United Church of Rogers Park and the combined choirs of the Northside Co-Op will host a "Glory of Christmas" virtual concert to help you get in the holiday spirit this season. Tune into the United Church of Rogers Park's Facebook page on Sunday, December 20, at 6 pm, and enjoy the show! 
Join Edgewater Village Virtually to Celebrate the Holidays
Put on your favorite holiday gear, pour yourself some holiday cheer and join Edgewater Village Chicago for fun parties to end the year!  All events are via Zoom and everyone is welcome.

The Edgewater Village Holiday Party
Wednesday, December 23
7 p.m.

Edgewater Village be sharing holiday memories, poetry, song, and lots of merriment!


Trivia for the Holidays  
Monday, December 28
7 p.m.

Whadaya know? Get together for some serious fun -- maybe even win a prize!

New Year’s Eve Party
Thursday, December 31
7 p.m.

Toast in the new year and make some new acquaintances. Edgewater Village will be sharing their funniest 2020 stories and kissing the year goodbye. Get ready to share some of your 2021 resolutions -- or the ones you're going to renew. 

Public Comment Period on the Chicago Police Department's
Use of Force Policies Open Through December 19
The Chicago Police Department has opened a public comment period on 10 draft use of force policies. 
Public Comment Period on the Chicago Police Department's
Community Policing Policies Open Through December 28
The Chicago Police Department has opened a public comment period on 10 draft community policing policies. 
Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? Sign-Up Here!
We are always looking for volunteers for the 49th Ward office to help with flyering, school supply distribution events, tabling events, data analysis, event facilitation, among other activities! If you're interested in helping out, we'd love to get your information. Sign-up online, and we'll reach out as opportunities come up!
Government Corner
With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of information and resources available to people at all levels of government. To make sure you're receiving all the information to help you through this time, please consider signing up for the following newsletters or keeping your eye on the following pages. See something that should be added to this section? Email it to the office at 

City of Chicago Resources:
City of Chicago Coronavirus Resource Center Website
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CPS COVID-19 Resources & Updates
Chicago Park District COVID-19 Response Page
BACP COVID-19 Resource Page

Cook County:
Cook County COVID-19 Response Website
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State of Illinois:
State of Illinois COVID-19 Response Website
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Rep. Cassidy Newsletter

Federal Government:
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Federal Government COVID-19 Response Website
Need to Know Info
Each week we've been updating this section with the rapid information coming down from all levels of government. This has resulted in a long email with the information running for several weeks. To shorten the length of the newsletter and provide the freshest content, we have archived all the COVID-19 newsletters on the 49th Ward website. You can also refer to the Rogers Park Community Response Team's website, where resources and information are abundantly available for our neighbors. 
Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Shares Utility Resources
Citizens Utility Board (CUB) has shared consumer protections available for people who are having a hard time paying their utility bills during the pandemic.

People only have to call their utilities and express financial hardship (no documentation is necessary) to take advantage of these consumer protections. The utilities involved are: 
  • Ameren Illinois – 1-800-755-5000
  • Aqua Illinois – 1-877-987-2782
  • ComEd – 1-800-334-7661
  • Illinois American Water – 1-800-422-2782
  • Nicor Gas – 1-888-642-6748
  • North Shore Gas – 1-866-556-6004
  • Peoples Gas – 1-866-556-6001
  • Utilities Inc. – 1-800-831-2359
The deadline to take advantage of these protections is December 26. For more information, view CUB's fact sheet online
Apply for Mortgage Relief by December 31, 2020
Under the CARES Act, homeowners with a federally-backed mortgage (around 70% of loans) can pause payments for up to one year, with no additional interest, late fees, or harm to their credit. The forbearance also freezes foreclosure activity. Consumers do not need a lawyer to request a forbearance; all they have to do is call their lender.
Homeowners must request this forbearance before December 31, 2020! They cannot get it once the deadline passes.
If property owners are in need of help, they can visit Chicago Volunteer Legal Services's website at Once online, you can use the website to check if you are eligible, review informative FAQs, and fill out form documents to request the forbearance. CVLS also runs a hotline with trained law students and attorneys ready to help. For more information, call the hotline at 312-332-8785 or email
Share Your Feedback on the City's E-Scooter Pilot by January 7

The 2020 e-scooter pilot concluded on Saturday, December 12. The Chicago Department of Transportation has now entered the evaluation phase and plans to release a summary report in early 2021. Their evaluation will include a rider survey, vendor survey, trip data analysis, injury analysis, and city staff and community stakeholders' interviews.

Additionally, CDOT has launched a public survey, and all Chicago residents are encouraged to share their feedback on e-scooters.  The survey will close on January 7. Take a moment to submit your feedback by clicking here.


Get a Free Flu Shot on December 19
Trilogy Behavioral Health has partnered with Heartland Health to provide free flu shots. If you haven't already yours, please swing by 1400 W. Greenleaf on Saturday, December 19, between 9 am and 1 pm to get yours. 
The CTA Will Still Deliver Holiday Cheer this Season
One of Chicago’s most beloved holiday traditions - the CTA Holiday Train & Bus - will continue in 2020, though with restrictions in place to keep everyone healthy for the holidays.

Santa and his elves will stay socially distanced this holiday season, meaning that customers won’t be able to board the CTA Holiday Train or the CTA Holiday Bus. Instead, the CTA Holiday Fleet will run along each rail line and multiple bus routes, spreading holiday cheer across the city.

As in previous years, when the CTA Holiday Train rolls through stations throughout the CTA system, riders will see an eye-catching, fantastically festive, six-car train decorated with holiday scenes, thousands of sparkling lights and bright LED signage displays. Santa and his reindeer, once again, will ride along outside, on a flatbed car in the middle of the train, traveling from line to line to wave to children and their families. The CTA Holiday Train begins service on Friday, November 27, the day after Thanksgiving, and goes dashing through the snow – and any other weather - on all CTA rail lines.

Santa still loves a good road trip too! So, beginning Tuesday, December 1, the CTA Holiday Bus will visit neighborhoods across the city to light up faces with love and laughter. On the exterior of the bus, customers will see “Ralphie the Reindeer” and his bright green nose. In addition to hundreds of twinkling lights outlining the bus, Santa will pop up through the roof to greet and wave to families.

Passengers hoping to catch a glimpse of these one-of-kind holiday attractions can find the CTA Holiday Fleet schedule by visiting:
Complete Ready for 100's #PowerUp Surveys

The Ready for 100 Collective, a coalition of local environmental and community organizations working to ensure Chicago’s transition to 100% clean and renewable energy is accessible to all, recently held a #PowerUp series. The series was comprised of 4 community conversations to learn what matters most to residents in a just transition to 100% renewable energy (information and recordings of those conversations can be found here).  From those conversations, the campaign built surveys to help prioritize issues and generate new ideas for crafting policy for the city.  

To ensure the residents' voices are heard and incorporated into the energy transition plan, Ready for 100 is asking that you take a moment to complete four surveys. There is one for each #PowerUp topic: jobs, health, saving money, and electric transportation.  

#PowerUp JOBS survey

#PowerUp SAVING MONEY survey

#PowerUp BETTER HEALTH survey


Please take a moment to complete the surveys by clicking on their respective links. 

Financing Available for Public Health Upgrades
Chicago PACE, a program of the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), is inviting building owners, developers, and energy service professionals to inquire about private funding for building infrastructure measures that increase public health and resiliency.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, PACE financing can help your office, industrial, residential, hospitality or healthcare facility with any of the following improvements:
  • Implementing ASHRAE safety standards (building air flush, increased filtration) that may stress existing HVAC infrastructure
  • Making significant changes to building automation to reduce touch points, such as elevators
  • Monitoring for airborne pathogens or other air quality data
  • Planned maintenance of HVAC systems
Each of these infrastructure improvements is an important component of adapting to the “new normal,” and because they typically save energy, they can qualify for Chicago PACE financing, which provides critical long-term non-recourse funding for energy saving and water conservation projects.

Please introduce your project on the PACE website, and a program representative will contact you to assess your funding needs and program eligibility. Thank you in advance for your interest.
Speak Up Hosts 8-Week Course on
How to Talk to Children about Race
Children are internalizing implicit messages about race every day. Research shows that children begin to adopt society’s harmful racial biases at an early age even when their parents and teachers don’t share those biases. Talking with children explicitly about race and racism is the only thing that has been proven to interrupt problematic comprehensive racial learning experiences. 

Join Speak Up's 8-week virtual course for Chicago area parents/caregivers on engaging in antiracist conversation and practice with children.

Learn more and sign up online
IDHS Expands Health Insurance Coverage for Immigrant Seniors
The State of Illinois has launched a new program that gives medical coverage to people of age 65 and older, regardless of their immigration status. For more information on the new policy, you can view the IDHS policy memo online.

Heartland Health has staff available for questions or referrals. FOr more information, contact Stephanie Castrejon, Community Outreach & Enrollment Supervisor, at

Heartland has assistance available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Tagalog. Interpretation is available in 200+ languages.
Shared Cost Sidewalk Program Opens January 11
Homeowners interested in splitting the cost of sidewalk replacement with the city can join the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program. The program allows homeowners to have new sidewalks installed at a significantly reduced cost over what they would pay a contractor.

The Chicago Department of Transportation will open the 2020 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program at 6:00 am on Tuesday, January 11, 2021. Those interested should call 311 or log onto the 311 website. When you call, make sure to specify that you are interested in the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program. Applications made prior to this date will not be accepted. 

This is a very popular program that fills up within hours. Do not delay enrollment on January 11 if you are interested. 

For more information on the Shared Cost Sidewalk program, visit the city's website.
First Installment Property Tax Bills Now Available Online
Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas announced this week that next year’s First Installment Cook County property tax bills are available at The Cook County Treasurer's office released the bills early so property owners can make payments before the end of this year or plan their finances for 2021.

In November, the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to waive late fees for two months on both property tax installments due in 2021, giving cash-strapped property owners more time to juggle their finances.
The Board unanimously waived for two months the 1.5 percent per month late fee on all Tax Year 2020 property taxes, according to a news release. Specifically:
  • The First Installment of 2020 taxes is due March 2, 2021, with application of late charges moved back to May 3, 2021.
  • The Second Installment of 2020 taxes is due August 2, 2021, with application of late charges moved back to October 1, 2021.
For more information, visit the Cook County Treasurer's website.
Peoples Gas Bill Assistance Available
Some residents may be eligible to receive financial assistance with their gas bill through Peoples Gas. To check your availability for assistance, call CEDA at 800-571-2332. 
ComEd Helping Hands Program

ComEd's Helping Hand program provides the most in-need customers a one-time grant of up to $300 towards a past due balance. The program is available until funds are exhausted.


Combined household income for the 30 days prior to application (gross income for all household members, before taxes are deducted) is at or below 250% of the federal poverty level, and one of the following concerns is expressed:

  • An unexpected loss of income or reduction in income (including job loss or furlough)
  • Sudden illness to you or family member
  • Other stated COVID-19 impacts

To apply for the one-time bill assistance, call 1-800-EDISON-1 (1-800-334-7661) and mention the Helping Hand program. To learn more, visit ComEd's website

ComEd Bill Assistance Program

ComEd is providing bill assistance for eligible, limited-income households earning up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. To verify if you meet the income criteria, visit

The ​Bill Payment Assistance program runs through December 31, 2020, or when program funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first.

Eligible customers can receive a one-time bill assistance of up to $500 for past due balances, up to the amount of the balance. Funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


  • LIHEAP qualified residential customers with a past due balance
  • Undocumented residential customers with a past due balance may also apply for LIHEAP

If you have not yet applied for LIHEAP, please visit or call 1-877-411-9276 to start your LIHEAP pre-application. Once approved for LIHEAP funds, please fill out your information below.

To apply for the one-time bill assistance or learn more, visit ComEd's website.

CEDA Utility Program
Cook County residents are qualified to get help paying their light and gas bills than Check out the new, expanded income guidelines to see if you qualify. To fill out the application click here. Open to residents of the City of Chicago and suburban Cook County. To get more information about other CEDA utility programs to help you through COVID-19 recovery click here.
SARFS Program
The SARFS program provides safety, security, and accessibility improvements and repairs that may include grab bars, lever faucets, door repairs, floor repairs, bathroom repairs, kitchen repairs, and carbon monoxide detectors.

To be eligible for this program, seniors must be a resident of the City of Chicago, live in Wards 38, 39, 40, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, be 60+ years old, be a homeowner in a single-family home or condo with 7 or less units, and have an income of less than 80% of Median Income.

For more information, visit the Northside Community Resources website
Need Help?
Call or email the Rogers Park Community Response Team!

The Rogers Park Community Response Team is an action-oriented group created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. RPCRT was created by 49th Ward Alderwoman Maria Hadden in coordination with local service providers and community organizations. Partners include IL State Representative Kelly Cassidy, Protect RP, Northside Community Resources, Loyola Community Nursing Center, and hundreds of deeply committed community volunteers.

We are working together to support each other. We will do so, to the best of our combined ability care for all of our RP family, with fierce love and compassion. We want every Rogers Park resident to know that you are cared for and not alone.

Contact us at or call our Support Hotline at 773-831-7668. Volunteers are available to answer your questions and direct you to resources now.

Please also take a moment to look at the Rogers Park Community Response Team's robust website, This website acts as a centralized location where a variety of resources can live to help residents in the wake of COVID-19. 

Business Updates
ComEd Bill Assistance Program for Small Businesses
ComEd introduced a new bill assistance program available to ComEd small business customers.

ComEd is offering one-time grants equal to 30% of the business's balance, up to $1,000. The assistance program is aimed to help small businesses who are struggling amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

For more information, eligibility requirements, and to apply, visit
Apply for an SBA Economic Disaster Loan
The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering small businesses impacted by civil unrest between May 36 and July 30 low-interest economic disaster loans (EIDLs). The loans are available to businesses of all sizes and small agricultural cooperates that suffered economic losses during this period. 

Businesses can apply online, receive additional disaster assistance information, and download applications at . Businesses may also call SBA’s Customer Service Center at (800) 659-2955.
PPP Loan Forgiveness for Small Loans
If your business borrowed $50,000 or less through the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you can be eligible for speedy loan forgiveness. To learn how you can qualify, click here. 

You can click here for the instructions and here for the form needed to apply.
BACP Issues Outdoor Dining Guidelines for Winter
As we enter the fall and winter months, BACP has issued guidance for safe and responsible outdoor dining and drinking. Please read this flyer for the latest information on structures, heating devices, and other safety considerations for outdoor service. Specifically, please note the following guidelines:
  • Temporary structures that fit multiple parties must have at least 50% of the sides open to be considered outdoors
  • Enclosed structures, such as plastic domes, may be used for individual parties and must have adequate ventilation to allow for air circulation
  • Temporary structures must be weighted, anchored or secured to the ground, but cannot be anchored with any method that requires screwing, cutting or drilling into the public way (i.e. on streets or sidewalks)
  • Electrically powered heating devices are permitted in open or enclosed areas
  • Natural gas heaters or any device fueled by propane are only permitted in open, uncovered areas 
Please read the full flyer for all relevant information to ensure safe operations.
Rogers Park Business Alliance COVID-19 Resources

The site maintains updated information on how we can support our small business community as well as resources for businesses in how they can adapt during this unique and challenging time. From their site:

Rogers Park Business Alliance is proud of the caring, work ethic, dedication and resiliency of our community. We firmly believe that, together, we will meet the challenge that we are all faced with today and going forward.  

Out of an abundance of love and concern for the health of our community we are closing our offices. Based on recommended precautionary measures and public health guidelines, team RPBA will be working remotely until given the all clear. We are available via phone and email. We appreciate your patience at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (773) 508-5885 or

You can view our growing list of Rogers Park businesses that are open and/or receiving donations. You can also checkout the Chicagoland Dining at a Distance list.

CPS Offers Meal Kits Over Winter Break
Chicago Public Schools will continue to provide families in need with meals over the winter break. Families can pick up meal kits Monday, December 21 through Wednesday, December 23 for next week. The following week, meal kits will be available for pick up from Monday, December 28 through Wednesday, December 30. Pick-up hours are 9 am to 11 am. 

To locate a meal kit pick up site, visit CPS's website, or call 773-553-KIDS (5437).
CircEsteem Offers After-School Programming
for Rogers Park CPS Students
CircEsteem's Rogers Park program is open to Chicago Public School students in grades 5-8 in the Rogers Park and West Ridge neighborhoods. Students are provided with props kits to give them to learn new circus skills throughout the session such as scarf juggling, feather balancing, ball juggling, flower sticks, clown, and more.

CircEsteem kicks off every session with a social circus game before working on skill-building. Tutors are available for academic help, and participants will transition to homework and reading by the end of the session to ensure peer-to-peer support and accountability. For those interested, act development is available to have a performance-ready routine by the end of the session.

For more information and to enroll, email 
CPS Expands its Chicago Connected Program

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced the expansion of eligibility criteria to all low-income students without wired internet for the Chicago Connected program that provides no-cost, high-speed internet service to CPS students in their households. With the eligibility expansion, ‘Chicago Connected’ can benefit as many as 53,000 additional students.

Chicago Connected outreach and eligibility was initially conducted using a tiered system, beginning with outreach to families most in need based on students who met the most priority indicators, which included students eligible for free lunch, students identified as having special needs, students experiencing homelessness, and students living in communities with the highest hardship based on the UIC hardship index. Chicago Connected has now expanded eligibility to any low-income student in need of high-speed internet who does not currently have wired internet, based on free and reduced lunch status.

Because the date for form submission that designates low-income status has been extended, if students were listed as low-income last school year they are still considered eligible and the eligibility will be updated again once the final metric is complete. Newly-eligible families will receive a letter notification and they can check eligibility status and access their activation code by entering their child’s student ID number and birthdate into CPS’ eligibility tool at

For more information, please visit

Girls in the Game Offering Virtual Programming

Girls in the Game provides sport, health, and leadership programs for girls of all ages. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, they've adapted their programs to a virtual setting to continue to offer girls a high-quality experience and opportunity to grow. 

Through their virtual programming, participants have had the opportunity to connect and have fun together. Girls in the Game have found that their participants especially enjoy having the opportunity to connect with girls from different neighborhoods and cities. 

I’m reaching out to inform you about our virtual programs and to invite you to pass the information along to the girls in your Ward.  We want to give girls from different schools and communities an opportunity to learn and have fun together.  We’ve found that girls love having the opportunity to connect with girls from different neighborhoods and cities. 

All sessions do require an RSVP and parent or guardian consent to participate. To learn more and sign up, visit the Girls in the Game website

Apply for the Future Founders Startup Sprints Program

Apply for a fun-filled day of creativity and entrepreneurship! In less than one day, you’ll get a crash course in startups, work with a team to build a creative business, and do it all with the guidance of your own startup coach (a real-life entrepreneur)! This free opportunity is open to high school students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Charter schools, and Big Shoulders schools. Accepted applicants are provided credit to a food delivery service as a lunch stipend and have the opportunity to compete for $125 cash among other exciting prizes!

The one-day experience will be offered twice (Monday, December 21, and Tuesday, December 22). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through Monday, December 14, and can be completed online by clicking here.

CPS Modifies Timeline for Students to
Return to In-Person Learning
CPS announced that they are planning to begin opening school buildings for families who choose to return in 2021 following winter break. Students enrolled in pre-k and moderate and intensive cluster programs will have the option to return on Monday, January 11, 2021, and students in K-8 will be able to return on Monday, February 1. High school students who learn in general education settings will continue learning at home, and CPS will continue to evaluate options for a return to in-person learning for those students in 2021. 

To prepare for the safe return to school buildings, families of children who are eligible to return will be contacted later this month to understand their preferred learning setting following winter break.

Tentative timeline for returning to school based on public health conditions and guidance:
With the plans to bring students back after winter break, school buildings will look different in the new year. To support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s five key strategies for mitigating COVID-19 transmission, schools will take the following safety measures:
  1. Anyone entering a school building for more than 10 minutes will be required to complete a health screener before coming to school to ensure they are free of COVID-19 symptoms and to support the Chicago Department of Public Health’s contact tracing efforts.
  2. Students and staff who are symptomatic or have had close contact with someone who tested positive will not be allowed to enter the building. They will be provided access to free COVID-19 tests through either established primary care providers or city partners.
  3. Anyone entering a school building will also have their temperature checked and be required to wear a face covering, which the district will provide for every student and staff member.
  4. Signs have been installed throughout the building to help students socially distance, and desks and classroom furniture will be spaced further apart.
  5. Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the building to help everyone practice good hand hygiene.
  6. Classrooms have been cleaned from top to bottom, and facilities staff members will implement an enhanced cleaning routine. 
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, every classroom will have a HEPA air purifier to help capture particles, clean the air, and reduce the risk of indoor transmission of viruses and bacteria.

CPS has also hired independent state-certified environmental specialists to test schools for indoor air quality. Classrooms have been checked to ensure they are properly ventilated and meet ASHRAE’s standards. Families can check the status of their child’s classroom by visiting

The Chicago Teachers Union has expressed concerns about the proposal to have students, faculty, and staff return to school as the city continues to see a surge of COVID-19 cases wreak havoc across our city. Our office understands that there are no easy choices during this unprecedented crisis. Still, we believe that all our residents' health and safety should be prioritized while we continue to combat COVID-19. We will be working with the Chicago Teachers Union to see how we can support their members ahead of any re-openings in 2021. 
Go CPS Application Now Open
GoCPS is now open. GoCPS allows families to learn, research, explore, and apply to nearly every CPS school and program through one online platform. Parents can select the grade level for their student to get an overview of the application process and timeline by visiting The Round 1 application deadline has been extended to January 8.  
Employment Opportunities
Trilogy Behavioral Health Hiring a Chief Medical Officer
Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare is seeking a Chief Medical Officer.

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is responsible for all medical and psychiatric matters at Trilogy. The CMO will report to and work closely with the President and CEO; and will have partnerships with senior leadership to develop and implement strategies across the organization. They must be able to adapt to a continually evolving environment and thrive in an autonomous and deadline-oriented workplace.

For more information on qualifications and how to apply, visit Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare's website.
Communities Partnering 4 Peace Hiring Victims Advocates

Victim advocates support victims of crime as they deal with the financial, legal, medical, and emotional impact of their experiences. Working with investigators, lawyers, and other criminal justice professionals, victim advocates attempt to carry out the law so it serves those it protects.

You will help victims cope with stress and navigate the criminal justice system. This work involves counseling, social work, one-on-one services, and practical support for victims.

Victim advocates may also help advance state legislation to support victims’ rights.

They are looking to hire someone hopefully before the year ends. If you’re doing this line of work or have a passion to help others email Ralph Edwards -

Doctors Test Centers (DTC) Job Opportunities

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has long been an economic engine for the City and region at large. They recently announced that they will begin offering the most comprehensive COVID-19 testing of any airport in the country at O’Hare and Midway International Airports.

The program will require a workforce to fill the more than 100 available positions.  Doctors Test Centers (DTC) has been selected as the vendor to assist the CDA with the endeavor. They have a variety of employment opportunities open and are seeking applicants. For more information, visit DTC's website here

2020 Virtual Concessionaire, Small Business & Vendor Expo
The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) will host a Virtual Concessionaire, Small Business & Vendor Expo for local companies to learn about doing business with the CDA. Expo information will include - how to obtain ACDBE/DBE/MBE/WBE/Certification, as well as up-coming contracting opportunities.

To register for this event, please complete the 2020 CDA Expo Registration Form at
Chicago Park Concessions Application Now Open
The Chicago Park District has announced a Notice of Availability for the 2021 Concession Program Opportunities.  In order to learn more or complete an application, visit Once there, you will find step-by-step instructions on reviewing, completing, and submitting the application. 
Additionally, there is a non-mandatory pre-submittal meeting that will take place virtually on Monday, December 14, at 10 am C.S.T.  Meeting details are as follows:
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 891 4418 9093
Passcode: 058376
One tap mobile:
+13126266799,,89144189093#,,,,,,0#,,058376# US (Chicago)
The application should be submitted electronically via the website by Monday, January 18, 2021, by 3:00 pm C.S.T.
Find a Job with the CSBG Transitional Jobs Program
The Transitional Jobs Program helps those seeking employment gain work experience and get connected to quality jobs. The program offers participants up to 4 weeks of paid work experience and help with transitioning into permanent employment.
  • Age Requirement – Applicants for the program must be 18 years or older
    • Valid (not expired) Driver’s License OR State ID with City of Chicago address
  • Social Security Number
    • Social Security Card (signature required on it)
  • Authorization to Work in the United States/Citizenship
    • Original Birth Certificate OR Hospital Record of Birth
  • City of Chicago Residency (Applicants for the program must live in the City of Chicago).

    For Homeless Individuals:
    • A letter from the shelter stating:
      • Resident’s name and family members, if applicable
      • Date when their residency began at IHP location 
      • Signed by the referring case manager with a current date
          For Others:
    • Landlord Statement OR Current Leave OR Eviction Notice with Current Address
    • Valid (not expired) Driver’s License OR State ID with City of Chicago Address
  • Income Verification (For six months, prior to the date of signed program application)
    • Check Stubs
    • Unemployment Insurance Document OR Printout from IDES
    • Social Security Award Letter OR Form SSA-1099 OR Printout from Social Security
    • Child Support (Verification of payments made on behalf of child/children if applicable)
    • OR any combination of the above 
  • Other Required Documents:
    • Current Food Stamp Award Letter indicating TANF (cash payments) and/or SNAP amount
    • Program application completely filled out, signed, and dated by the client
    • Copy of resume, if applicable
Those interested in participating should call Glenisha at 708-996-1191 to get started.
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