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Issue #9 (June 2020)


The latest from MJ

  • Despite COVID-19's lingering global impact, we continue our commitment to making medical learning more engaging and effective. And as part of our 10 year jubilee, this month we're adding a new segment to our newsletter: Meet an IMB Member
  • Every month, Meet an IMB Member will introduce one or more of our International Medical Board (IMB) members through a short interview. Our IMB members are medical professionals who are passionate about learning, volunteering their time and expertise to peer-review all of our publications. The segment begins now, here!
  • If you've ever wondered what it takes to create a lean, mean, content creation machine, check out this article by Miguel, our COO. The piece is the first in a 2-part series exploring how MJ delivers high-quality, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed medical content at lightning speeds. It's published by our sister brand, Monsoon Yeti, tasked with helping knowledge-professionals across other industries create microlearning tools similar to those made by MJ. 
  • Finally, we're excited to share a recent interview given by Nayana, our Co-Founder and CEO to the Medical Mnemonist Show, a podcast hosted by medical studies specialist and enthusiast, Dr. Chase DiMarco. In this 30 min talk, Nayana shares his story on how he created Medical Joyworks, the secret behind its most famous product - Prognosis: Your Diagnosis, and how gamification is changing the medical learning paradigm. The podcast is free, and available at
  • That's it for now. Stay healthy, and curious!


Q&As from our user community

Clinical Sense: Reactive - Updated (Celiac disease)

Q:  Can someone please explain the difference between celiac disease and gluten hypersensitivity? I thought the two to be same.
A: Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where an abnormal response to gluten results in the production of autoantibodies that affect the small intestine. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity refers to a range of symptoms that are triggered by gluten exposure, in patients in whom celiac disease and wheat allergy has been ruled out; this is an emerging and hotly debated clinical entity. For more details, please see:
If you would like to play this scenario or join the conversation, go to the Clinical Sense app in your mobile device.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: Extending (Hepatorenal syndrome)

Q: This patient should still receive antibiotics. At least prophylactically for SBP no? Ascites protein <1, Child Pugh >9, elevated BUN and Creatinine.
A: There is no evidence for empirical antibiotics in hepatorenal syndrome. Please see:
If you would like to play this scenario or join the conversation, go to the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app in your mobile device.


International Medical Board Members

Name: Prof. Dr. Geethanjali Bhas MBBS, MD, DNB, Associate RCPath(UK), MBA (Healthcare management)

Speciality: Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Laboratory Medicine, Healthcare Management

Designation: Professor of Pathology, Director 

Work institute: Tagore Medical College and Research Center, Cancer Research Updates, Bangalore, India

Graduated from: Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India and  Royal College of Pathologists ( UK)
What attracted you to your specialty?
The field of Pathology essentially bridges the microscopic world of disease and its clinical manifestations encompassing medical education, cutting edge research, and diagnostics. What attracted me was the interconnectedness of medical experiences and in being a doctor of the science behind the cure for diseases.

What have you learned about your specialty solely from experience?
I’ve learned to keep an open mind, think critically, understand multiple perspectives, and most importantly, embrace lifelong learning. This is my philosophy toward healthcare, diagnostics, academics, and research.

What is a common misconception associated with your field of study?
A widely spread misconception is that Pathology involves minimal value in patient care when it’s the fundamental science behind a patient’s cure. It covers all aspects of health and disease through specialties such as clinical pathology, digital pathology, histopathology, cytopathology, molecular pathology, etc.

What is your biggest research interest today?
I’m currently working on innovations in digital pathology, digital health resources, and virtual medical education through social media. 

What publication/research are you most proud of?
My publication A patient-centered journey, ( in Clinical Chemistry, received the International Writers Award 2019 for creative writing in health and medicine. I'm very proud of that! 

In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge in your field today?
I believe research funding is a significant challenge today, particularly in experimental pathology when its primary focus is on pathogenesis. Usually, such research takes long durations and may not provide immediate translational results. Constraints in obtaining open access funding for publication further compounds this challenge. 

What will be a game-changer innovation in your field?
I think innovations in computational pathology, artificial intelligence, digital pathology and telepathology will usher in a new era of patient centered medicine.

How has MJ helped advance your professional objectives (in terms of teaching, research, management, personal development, etc.)?
MJ lets me empower my students as they learn medicine, by utilizing a versatile, engaging, innovative and interactive digital resource for teaching and learning. I also like that the apps inspire critical thinking and decision making in a real world setting, which enhances my students’ intrinsic motivation and sets the stage for lifelong learning and reflection. Personally, MJ’s products enable me to broaden the scope of my research in virtual medical education and its impact on academic performance. They’re an excellent digital resource for updating my own knowledge in a wide variety of medical disciplines.
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